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  1. >>All Thank you for everyone very polite reply. And I'm sorry. I'm so rude. This made me dicide. I would like to design and enjoy Warframe freely without being restcted to the fixed form. Forgive me for asking strange questions in rustic and poor English. This exchange was a very good experience and reflection. So thank you everyone. Goodbaye.
  2. Hello, My name is Buyerhorizon. I'm a Japanese palaying WARFRAME. I enjoy playing very much. Well, Let me ask you a question. What is the meanings of that MAG PRIME that appeared in the trailers of "Fortuna" and "Empyrean"? Is it a Warframe used by someone in staff? Another Question. I have confirmed that the different headed MAG PRIME that appeared at TennnoCon 2018 was equipped with AKBOLTO on secondary weapons. But, The secondary weapons equipped with the correct headed MAG PRIME drawn on the wallpaper in this update could not be clearly identified. I want to know what secondary weapons she's equipped on the Riljack with "Empyrean" wallpaper.
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