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  1. @Jithvan I might be busy this week so @PieperLolz will reach you out.
  2. Thank you and when will you online? Edit: Can I have all the drafts along with the final design?
  3. All clanmate approved it 🤗. Also, you still need to fix some area. Here the image I included: http://imgur.com/a/I8VT3Pa Thank in advance
  4. @JithvanMost of clanmate prefer the previous colour that you sent to me 🤗 and can you fix the gray line on the left and right side of pony tail also can you make eyes blue colour. Thank in advance Edit: Make it more polish. Sry, if this inconvenience
  5. Not that crazy amount of resources for solo clan. Now I'm at 4th phase of railjack to restore it.
  6. @Jithvan I forgot to ask, when you be able to make a draft? To save time
  7. @Jithvan hi, how long it took to make a draft? Also, my preferred payment method is platinum and do I need to pay in one go in the final product?
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