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  1. What accessories come with it? Hopefully, not disappointed like Mesa Prime access accessories.
  2. Can you post the image of that statue on this thread?
  3. I met so many AFK players during bounty mission and what they do is they do not 100% AFK but they will make a movement/couple a few shot and go AFK again. They don't get the affinity/resources drop reward instead they got stage rewards such a relic for example. It's could be annoyed sometimes but i will leave the squad if i see this kind of players. I wish i could report that person normally via in-game.
  4. Only syandana and companion attachments prime for accessories? 🧐
  5. I want Nekros Prime Accessories that it with that Syandana and Armor set!!! It's possible for Nekros Prime on the next prime vault as the Saryn relic giveaway earlier this year during Warframe anniversary (10 relic each tier) and this month also her prime vault too 😦😨?
  6. For me, i like to play supportive/buffer frames such as: 1) Wisp 2) Oberon 3) Nova 4) Octavia 5) Equinox 6) Trinity (I rarely used her)
  7. Only few frame that have 2 different type of colors such as equinox/prime and the ivara deluxe skin but you can try it on Wukong Prime/tennogen stuff with 2018 Tennocon Armor for the body, Atarvist Prime shoulder plates and Baro Kiteer Foros leg plates. This is just suggestion but you can try it on the frames you mostly used and try to fashion it. For example: I love this one because it's not only fashionable but the frame itself is so much fun to play!!!
  8. Indeed!!! you right😁. It could be W Rider if you changing the colors of it (female version) 😅. In the meantime, this skin also close to Build Rider color scheme if you take a closer look. 😄
  9. I think you can with up coming Ivara Deluxe skin. 😱😱
  10. My childhood would be Kuuga (Normal Belt), Agito (Normal Belt), Ryuki (Card), Blade (Card), W (Pendrive) and that always in my childhood memory. We all grow up and got a duty to work on. 😌
  11. Cross platform will available soon!! Year 2030
  12. This happened to me quite frequently but i ignore it even though the update that not pretty big around 10mb and usually stuck at 2-3mb. I don't know whether it doing optimization it the background before finish the download.
  13. I know it's annoying but it's put you in the situation yourself of awareness to the surrounding even. Although, it overpowered the other limitations. It 4th will disarm and do the damage (with his augment) to enemies. When it come to high-level enemy it's depend on strategy how you handle it. That how he build actually unless you want rework him.
  14. Should this in Warframe Feedback forum? This is general discussion 🙃. Only few frames that can remove shoulder attachment if i remember 🤨
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