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  1. #*!%ing murex Raid is still broken, i just tried to solo it 7 #*!%ing Times and not a single kill code were received, yea #*!% this event
  2. 10 minutes since my oplink in the murex Raid already deployed, not a single kill code is given even though there is 9 ground squad and just 1 railjack team. What's up with that DE?
  3. Happened to me too, 5 minutes and not a single kill code sended, even thought theres 9 ground squad and only 1 railjack squad
  4. Thx for the Update, hopefully not many stuff got bugged
  5. I want you to take a look at her base armor value, and you tell me if that is enough or not, maybe if youre actually moving you wont get killed so easily playing her
  6. I like how people keep saying that corrosive is getting a huge nerf since the strip is capped at 80%, completely ingoring the fact that enemy armor scaling is also getting balanced with it. As for viral, i suppose it is a nerf if you run a high lvl mission, but then again warframe doesnt really do high lvl mission so ehh whatever. Also why is my favorite frame that is [insert frame name] is not getting an armor buff? Well, maybe because that frame doesnt need an armor buff. take nidus for example, he doesnt need one because his stack and passive take care of that for him, your fault for being bad at playing him
  7. Do we have a date or something close to it of when is this update is dropping?
  8. Riiiiiiiight, just like how gauss killed volt?garuda killed Valkyr? And how does wisp killed alot of frame exactly? She can give buff, go invisibile, and cc but we don't see her Everytime we doing pub now dont we? No frame can kill other frame so stop with that bs
  9. It look like a tennogen, but you don't need to spend real money for it, so it's good enough for me
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