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  1. I'm not saying that it was the only easy nuke ability out there. And yes, players have more efficient ways to get rid of every living soul that gets in our way. But "easy" doesn't always mean it's fun. At least for me it's getting boring pretty quickly, however, some of the abilities are quite enjoyable in long runs, like Mirage's Sleight Of Hand with Explosive Legerdemain augment, it adds 3-4 statuses upon explosion and it makes Condition Overload be worth putting on low-status melee. Not all of the abilities on some warframes are useless, few of them just need an adjustment.
  2. It's not as good as before but it still works for my playstyle. 20 meters is enough to kill everything in the room, it's not small. Plus it doesn't need duration, so 50 energy is not a big deal. Just slap 13% dur. with max efficiency on your build and it's fine.
  3. They didn't nerf it that much. But just made it a not-press-one-button-to-kill.
  4. But MfD isn't dead. Everyone just thinks it is. Good.
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