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  1. Here: have a mod that's only for bows. Except for crossbows, which are considered bows by the game. And this one bow, 'cause of... reasons. Otherwise this mod is for bows. 😐
  2. Ya, maybe take risks with smaller content updates? So, y'know, you fix what doesn't work and do more of what does.
  3. Yes, stacking nullifier domes are annoying. Would be nice if they'd shrink eachother like the enviroment does (halls, doors etc.)
  4. Wisp; doubt that she's setinet based. Amalgam maybe, if you want to stretch it. But that would make her brand new, and that's impossible since all regular frames are cheap knockoffs of their prime variants. And when "Wisp Prime" was made there were no amalgams. But(t) yeah, she floats, should she float on water? Should she be affected by the magnetic water in PoE nighttime? Does it matter? Is this the beginning of the end of civilisation? No idea.
  5. I go for duration a bit so I don't have to recast 3 so often, plus my 4 lasts a bit longer (but doesn't really need it). The augment for her 2 is really needed, it plays with Rage to feed me energy, gotta be careful tho since you can easily overdo it and get downed. Has decent range, I don't really need more, but then again I hate camping/AFK playstyles.
  6. Only works for melee hits, which is nearly useless since you need to let enemies melee you just to get the effect of (what pretends to be) a defensive mod. Most enemies die long before they have the chance to melee me. Just make shields more resistant to damage or make them regenerate constantly (no delay), give frames different shield recharge rates. Give us more mods to effect shield behavior.
  7. Well, the first part of the curve is exponential, but then switches to logarithmic at around level 70. While in theory armor does (will) still scale infinitely, in practice you would (will) have to reach much much higher levels to have the enemies get that same amount of armor. I suppose they are going to compensate that somewhere else like: no complete armor stripping, damage nerfs/reworks, and so on. Good news IMHO.
  8. I can only echo what @schilds said. If you have Umbral mods, use them, no forma needed, you don't need to max them but it would be a shame to not use them (plus the set bonus is a nice boost). Don't focus on shields, except for frames that really really like them (Hyldrin, Mag, Harrow etc.) most other frames want health and armor. Don't use shield recharge mods. Corrupted mods are some of the most powerful mods in the game, you're missing out if you're not using them. Same as the comment above, most frames have a stat they use very sparingly (a stat you can sacrifice). You can also counteract negatives of corrupted mods, so they give you more build variety. If damage OUTPUT is your problem then you might look into how you mod your weapons. If you're referring to the TAB screen that shows damage dealt etc. however, then all I can tell you is to ignore it, it has no meaning whatsoever. Just ignore the stats and live a happier life.
  9. Hi. Hope you're having fun with the game. Sorry for the long-ish text. First off. If your problem is that you don't deal enough damage then you should definitely change your weapon AND pay attention to the mods applied to weapons. Level your Serration to at least rank 6 (or until it gets too expensive for you in endo and credits). After that put in some "90% mods" (Cryo Rounds, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Infected clip), I suggest infected clip or Strombringer first. Your primary focus should be damage output. Use the search function in the modding screen to make it easier to find mods you need. If you have mod capacity to spare but not enough for more 90% mods, you can go with "60/60 mods" (Thermite rounds, Malignant force, High voltage, Rime rounds) You should also probably rethink your choice of weapons. Grakata isn't that good if not built properly. If you like full auto weapons, I would stick with either the Braton or Karak, Soma is also a good choice if you can deal with a little bit of wind up time. For burst rifles you can go with Burston, Sybaris or Hind. Or you can take the Hek and kill most stuff on the starchart if you are open to shotguns, be mindful tho' as they have damage falloff. Compare the stats between the weapons, try them out and see what feels good for you. You play some pretty tanky frames (Rhino and Valkyr), those frames specialize in Armor so you should build for that as the benefit most from mods that increase Armor. Focus on Health first (Vitality) and rank the mod as high as you can. Then focus on Armor (Steel fiber) and also rank it as high as you can. No need to max those mods if you can't afford it, just go for the highest rank YOU can (6 - 8 is fine). DON'T focus on shields, remove mods that give you shields and add either mods that give you ability strength, efficiency, duration etc. Or mods that give you more health and armor. If you have problems with healing then Valkyr can save you, when low on health use her 4th ability and melee attack enemies until your health is full. Be careful though, kill all enemies that are close to you and then immediately deactivate your 4th, since if there are any enemies still near you when you deactivate it you will lose some health, the more enemies there are around you still standing the more health you're gonna lose. Learn her abilities and how they work, what the drawbacks are etc. You can ignore her 1st and 2nd abilities, her 3rd is for melee mostly but it also gives you some extra armor while its active. Her 4th is powerfull but costly, I suggest you use it primarily for healing. Rhino is more or less the same as Valkyr statswise (mostly armor and health) so thats what you should focus on. For Rhino you should keep his 2nd ability active at all times and be mindfull of nulifiers. Move A LOT, jump, slide, glide, whatever; just don't stand still. Get intimate with the frames you like playing so you know how their abilities work and when to use them. Some are better than others, some require more skill and so on. Hope that helped at least a little. Have fun man.
  10. Time to deal with that backlog; I'm on Shadow of the Tomb Raider now.
  11. TamePingu

    Nekros 1 and 2

    His 4th is now his 1st and should raise one fallen enemy per cast (up to a limit of enemies that scales with strength? duration?) has faster animation etc. If the summon limit is exceeded the minion with lowes health explodes based on max health (viral/blast damage?) His 2nd should be a party buff (health per kill? viral damage? dunno..), maybe as a toggle that drains energy per trigger or duration based. His 3rd is ok, maybe add more utility that synegizes with his new 1st a bit more. His 4th? Summon an exalted scythe? The scythe auto casts his new 1st on enemies killed.
  12. If they just added a way for exalted abilities to benefit from combo in some way (aside from heavy attacks) that could alleviate some of the issues.
  13. My 2c on this thread: Zephyr Rework Idea
  14. Well, the point of my exercise was to make minimal changes to the GUI while adding the functionality that was suggested here. Wether it is feasible or indeed needed is an altogether different thing. Why would you NOT use max ranked mods and instead use lower ranked ones? I dunno, but look at the pretty picture.
  15. With the New War we'll be getting Umbra versions of warframes, so Molecular Umbra then, but just for Nova, all the other frames get primed abilities. Excalibro will be ignored. So, Exalted mods confirmed.
  16. ^^ this. While it can be boring to stack up your 2-4-1 combo and then just mow enemies down by walking close to them, you could also protect your teammates and/or defense objectives. I used 2 mostly for damage reduction (DR), so 130-ish strength is enough I think to get to the 90% cap. The damage you get from the combo is just a bonus. You also get bonus damage if the mirrors from your 3 break as well; not just your 4. Her 3 is very rarely used from what I see in groups sadly; 'cause it can lock down a decent area and basically CC-ing a decent amout of enemies that you can then either ignore or kill to get a good chance to restore some energy from her augment. Her 4 can be used to defend oblectives (another defensive ability), CC a large group, or you can blast it out to stagger and damage enemies. You can cancel casting her 4 to reduce energy costs if you just wanna use it to buff your 2, that also reduces its range. If you hold her 1 on it the damage is SLASH, if you just press it without holding it's PUNCTURE. The type of damage transfers to your 2, so try to alternate between just pressing 1 and holding 1 when shattering your 4. I also use 4 only when I really need the damage on my 2 since it refreshes its duration and I need to combo my 1 immediately after so my 4 isnt bothering my teammates; otherwise I just refresh it manually (press 2 insted of 4-1 combo; reduces energy costs). Your 1 can be used for a quick stagger and knockdown. It also pierces enmies, so using it in hallways is a good idea. Its damage is also influenced by the mods you have equipped on your melee weapion (some, not all). ------------------------------------------ TL,DR; use your 3 more often but equip the augment first, no need to use your 4-1 combo all the time, refresh your 2 manually instead, use 1 for quick CC/damage. PS: She can be very fun if you diversify a bit more and use her whole kit, she synegizes very well and is a good allrounder. Read her wiki entry and read up on her abilities to squeeze more fun out of her 'cause IT IS THERE. Anyway, have fun man, that's what we're here for.
  17. All platforms would need to have parity in features, cosmetics and so on BEFORE any cross-save is implemented (imo), otherwise you have all sorts of issues like tennogen for example. I don't see it happening soon, if at all. But what do I know...
  18. "PRESTIGE" would be a MR30 weapon rivaling the mighty Stug in power. You get the Blueprint only. Crafting reqs are sensible: 30 million of everything ine the game; except Argon you need only 2 of those.
  19. Run low level nodes; Earth, Venus, Mars etc. Help new/low MR players, instead of bullet jumping through the whole mission, jog right alongside them. Dont kill the whole map alone, stand back and help if needed. Ask if they need help... Thats what I did at least.
  20. If we Tailwind into a wall, make us latch automagically and start a small combo timer (kinda like atlas and ember have) and if you tailwind again you get bonus speed/damage, if you Tailwind into a wall again you basically divebomb into a wall and can keep the combo going, range/damage/speed scale with combo. Tailwinding into a tornado makes it burst with an AOE (the tornado keeps going), combo affects this AOE too. Remove second ability and replace it with some sort of party/area buff (Tailwind would now interract with tornados so airburst is redundant). The shield is good, could make it interract with at least one other of her abilities in some meaningful way. Not sure about tornados, they fling enemies out too often. Passive - maybe make it wok sort of like Gauss' battery. Only hers would base on turbulence; it would make you want to be airborne and zip around alot. Scale her abilities of how much turbulence she's caused/accumulated.
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