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  1. This kinda made me laugh, but I'm not laughing at you. All comments I read point to that gun being too long to get out, having not tested yet myself, can't argue. The point that DID make me chuckle is the "where the heck that knockdown came from". THAT is my main issue with Fortuna, I think they went slightly overboard with amount of things that can push / pull you. As mostly a solo player ( and that might be MY issue ), when I get flocked by a batch of Terra trenchers and Moa's with their multiple AoE mini trampolines, and the others that latch onto you to pull themselves to you, you woudn't want to hear me.. I think I get out all swears I know, in the 2 languages I know, lol
  2. I think the bond idea was so people can buy moa / kitguns / conservation things and be able to "easier" level it back up.
  3. Agreed, and sorry if I sounded a bit cranky about it. Still morning, not all coffee kicked in yet. I do see your point tho, and them adding loot is already a step in good direction. As others said tho, maybe a little more added in the way of either a extra 25k stash of credits, or heck, why not give it the drop table of the rarest of containers found in missions ? By that I mean, very slight chance of a built forma / 30 mins booster and whatnot ( I dunno, alloy plate ? Nitain Extract ? Very very low chance of a potato blueprint ? )
  4. I think there's a bit of fun factor in there. I mean, some people might love running dozens of indexes in a row, some will prefer the Heist. It really depends on playstyle. In my point of view tho, index is mostly there for credits ( some mods and maybe affinity ), as the Orb has credits as part of a reward pool and was probably not intended to be a credit farm.
  5. I read a good part of comments and I'm not sure how I feel. To me, the game is amazing and each update blows me away, but I like grindy / rewarding games. I don't believe all should be easy and every new content available within 1st day of implementation. That said. I have yet to fight the orb, as I'm mostly a solo player and don't quite have the gear for it yet, but I seem to agree on some points. The new gun seems to come up a lot and I like the idea of having a "powerful thing you can only bring out each 5 mins" ( or remaining ammunition based ), can't really comment on it till I see myself how "akward" it sounds being. Rewards during the new bounties should indeed be added to each part, but something simple, small, not justifying enough to want to farm them over and over, but at least a little something. A bit in range of rewards from level 5-25 bounties, even if the Heist itself is 40+. Having Baruuk hidden behind standing, to me is fair. Want it now ? Buy him. Want him free ? Work for it. Even if it takes a month+ for people to get it, we have to do reverse thinking. See, in a month grinding/farming , how much more mats/credits/random stuff will you get over someone who simply buys him ? So yeah..fair. As for the rest, Orb Vallis having new music tracks , I Like. Being able to chose which one when you go out, would be neat. All in all, I'm happy and I hope my fellow Canadians keep up the good work !!!
  6. Weird bug when I logged back in.. tells me I'm ready for MR16, when I think I still had a few thousands to do.. I can't get in it tho, I can practice it at Cephalon, but can't actually Qualify.. ( neither from esc menu )
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