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  1. As someone who loves Warframe. And Wukong. I used him of course for his Defy which was his purpose. I have every single warframe and built each one for certain purposes depending on what mission I'm using. (Everyone should be doing that. Obviously) If DE wanted to make him more enjoyable to play they should have 1) Kept Defy and his passive the same. 2) Change his cloudwalk to him riding an actual cloud. Give him movement speed for the duration and ability to fly (obviously). But take away invisibility, he never needed it. But since they have already reworked him. DE should rework him again! And get rid of his Defy and change it to Shapeshifting/Transformation like in the lore. I would suggest at least 2 forms. Kavat for stealth, Kubrow for attack. Room for other transformations. This should be a toggle. And/Or, Change his cloudwalk to a toggle buff so he has speed while on a cloud but take invisibility and invulnerability away. This should be a toggle. And/Or Make his first skill a buff that summon clones that only uses his staff as he does damage. Each clone only lasts a certain amount of time but will attack nearby enemies. But max out at at least 5, he's meant to have an army of clones not just one. This makes it hard for spies or stealth missions but great for others. This will make Wukong's skills toggle buffs (first complete toggle warframe) causing the player to choose between which ones to activate or sustain along with his exalted. This gives him a higher degree of difficulty (or not since all his abilities are toggled, but possibly due to management of energy,) as well as making him more fun and suitable for different missions based on the build. On a side note: I've always wanted to fight side by side with my Kavat as a fellow Kavat and Khora doesn't count. And DE should allow players to customize their transformations XD.
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