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  1. Still bugged after the latest hotfix. Please do something about this. This time played on Wisp and had a Komorex equipped. Komorex mods left and right acted like they are there, then they are not. Then my reservoirs on a turbine acted like they have 0 ability strengths mods equipped, but they had the correct duration. Teleported back to railjack it was working correctly again. It's inconsistent and can't seem to do anything to avoid the bug.
  2. First my mods randomly went disappearing from my weapons and warframe when I boarded the crewship, then on the next crewship it was fine. Then at some point they all went missing for the rest of the mission. Noticed by ability durations not acting according to the mods I had on my warframe, and my weapons not doing the procs I had them modded to do. Not sure what triggered the bug. Possible reason might be that I was using a speargun and I threw it few times. Edit: and at some point my melee weapon took a vacation too. Edit2: Happened on the mission after again. It was fine when the railjack started up, the moment I entered a crewship it broke. I didn't even throw my speargun but it might be the weapon type. Edit3: It's not the speargun. Edit4: This game my kavat disappeared too.
  3. Are there any plans to add some source of endo into railjack missions?
  4. Your time is probably not so precious to waste if you had the leisure to fight against a constructive feed back that doesn't personally affect you in any sort of way, but could lead to a change that could rightly help many players' game progression. Yeah you proved you lack the ability to imagine yourself in someone else's place so there's literally no way I could convince you anyway, so indeed this conversation isn't going anywhere and I agree there's no meaning to exchange any more words between me and you. That's gonna be all from me to you in this topic, since I don't want the subject to derail any further. Ontopic: I feel like RJ could prove to be more fun in the future, most of the issues right now are the bugs which I assume are going to be fixed eventually. We're getting a lot of grineer enemies lately (first liches, now majority of RJ enemies are grineer), I hope there are plans for some corpus proxima too eventually. After playing more in the past few days, the intrinsics requirement kinda makes progression towards veil proxima feel very grindy and it feels more like gatekeeping than being actually required. Hopefully future proxima won't need rank 10, especially considering this gatekeeping completely ignores people spending rank ups in multiple ways. I also saw my intrinsics leveling show more development on the mission progression compared to the "xp" it actually got from the mission. It probably could use a fix because it makes people believe they leveled a lot, while when they go back to the dry dock, they have to face they didn't.
  5. It's normal for most content to drop endo. So by doing RJ you're doing an entire line of new content which for some unexplained reason doesn't, and it makes more sense to assume DE forgot, rather than they purposely cut players off from a very important currency needed in hundreds of thousands amount to make their arsenal stronger, and make different builds. No endo drop means the said content doesn't contribute to your mod progression, therefore directly affect your input in literally all content in the game if we exclude flappy zephyr and frame fighter so it actually makes a lot sense that RJ should drop some too. Not talking about there are probably many more RJ mission nodes to come. And we're expected to spend a lot time there. Yeah it's not your fault, however you could be more empathic towards people who play the same game as you, or for starters, other human beings in general, which is arguably may or may not be your fault, but this topic is feedback on railjack, not on your personality so I'm not going to get deeper into that. You don't need it, some other people do. Just because you don't need it, it doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't drop any. Would it hurt you if it dropped any? No, it wouldn't. You get literally no downsides from getting more endo than what you personally need, therefore there's no reason it should not drop endo in some sort of way for people who do in fact need more of it. I'll agree DE intended this when they'll literally say "Yes we purposely cut off players from a very important currency needed in hundreds of thousands amount to make their arsenal stronger, and make different builds, therefore directly hinder their input in all content in the game by doing this type of content opposed to any other" then I'll just shut up and deal with it. As for you, you're not DE, so if you have nothing constructive to contribute in response to my constructive feedback, then there's no reason you should have done so in the first place. "Screw people who have no endo. I personally have enough so I don't care" is not constructive feedback. It's a destructive feedback clearly showing the lack of objective judgement if anything.
  6. That doesn't change the fact some people still need endo. New players need endo who might have just pick up the game after hearing about the RJ update (and trust me by the time they'll reach RJ, they will still need endo for a bunch of things, even if they don't "rush" the game), and "ew you guys are not veterans playing since day 1" is not a band aid to RJ not dropping any. You don't need endo, some people who aren't you however do, and there would be ways to add some endo drops to RJ without even hurting the reward pools. Most content in the game yields endo, (even index does) so there's literally no reason for RJ to not do so. Especially considering DE intends us to spend a good amount of time doing this type of content. There's some obscene lack of objective thinking on these forums..
  7. I like Nyx's theme, but I personally feel like she could use some rework. (Mostly quoting myself from an other Nyx thread) Mind Control: it can neutralize a stronger enemy for longer time, and if used on some targets, they could help your squad too. Mind Freak can make them do more damage, but is it worth a mod slot? Arguable. Currently not affected by Ability Strength unless you replace some mod for the augment. Plus this. Putting Mind Control on an enemy puts you in the hassle of having to replace it, and the risk of it damaging you. It's just extra headache. Psychic Bolt: I don't find myself using this ability that often since I'm in negative ability strength. Its augment provides a stun, which probably would have been better off being baked into the ability itself. You can strip armor but so can corrosive procs. You can strip shields, but then again you can just use toxin and bypass them entirely. Currently there's not much initiative to use it. Especially when you use Overextended to have Chaos cover a bigger area, this ability simply doesn't provide enough to make Ability Strength desirable for it. I'd suggest it provide some more utility, eg: have stripped armor give you and your squad a temporary armor buff, have stripped shield provide overshields (or have armor strip do the same), and have Ancient Infested auras you strip stolen as a radial aura buff, opposed to it just being completely removed. Or/and have the ability restore some energy for you and your squad. Nyx is currently more about CC than support, and I feel like she has both the rights and space to improve on the latter in a rework. Chaos: The CC isn't immaculate which is a big fault when it comes to a warframe with such low armor. I don't like how affected targets still go after the interception consoles, but if they didn't, it would probably make the game mode too easy to cheese? I'm not sure. Also I don't like how lone enemies still can attack you while they are affected. Not affected by ability strength right now, which is fine. I could imagine it making enemies do more damage to each other while being affected by it, but it'd be maybe negligible. Absorb: I don't like lack of mobility without the augment, and with the augment on, you still feel pretty slow, but the invulnerability is cool. I really feel like it should be an exilus mod. Alternatively it could be a decoy for enemies to shoot on and not binding you in one spot. Questionable whether Ability Strength is desirable for this or not. I feel like people rather go for the invulnerability with assimilate rather than the absorbed damage, but assimilate doesn't feel satisfying to use to begin with due to its movement speed reduction. Space ninjas should be running, not taking a walk. Maybe it could be changed in a way to be more useful, or being used more conveniently? However it should also not turn into Vauban where you can't prioritize any stat because you need all of them for any build. The problem with CC frames are that they don't have many uses. People rather kill enemies than CC them, and there's not much content in the game where CC is required to survive either. Then there are also a bunch of niche game mechanics which are meant to make damage dealer frames' work harder, eg nullifiers or arbitration drones, but they also completely shut down CC frames' only means of defending themselves. Which let's be real, is a pretty awful design. Tank frames usually have high armor or health (or in case of Hildryn, shields) besides possible buffs to defend themselves. Even the majority of damage dealer frames are less squishy than Nyx, and kinda Vauban too, considering his only survival tool is the bastille armor buff which has a laughably short duration (suggested some changes for Vauban here and there, you could check them out, it doesn't fit in this topic though). The only time I use Nyx is some arbitration missions, and even there she doesn't quite shine because arbitration drones just shut down the only thing you're thematically meant to be good at. She's useful at toroid farms, but you can only imagine how much initiative there is to do that when you crafted pretty much everything you need toroids for, for a long time. Yeah you can avoid a nullifier bubble, but the enemies hiding inside it will not be suspect to crowd control. Same goes for arbitration drones. I feel like when a warframe's main theme is crowd control itself, it'd be a sensible design choice to make some ability whitelist that can override such things. For Nyx and maybe Vauban atleast (and maybe few more CC abilities). Because currently it punishes you far more than it punishes any other warframe, which have better kits to not get screwed over by such mechanics. You're not a damage dealer frame, you're not a tank frame. Your only defense and offense is crowd control, and it shouldn't be shut down just like that. It messes with dps and tanky frames too, but damage dealers can still wreck with things which aren't directly cast on the enemy, and tank frames still get to keep their survivability, unless they hit the nullifier, but even then they have more passive defenses, and so do dps frames. Tldr: These mechanics hit CC frames than anyone else, and they already have less purpose in a game than the others. Some change has to be done. Speaking of outshining, I was considering bringing Nyx to Railjack missions to invade enemy crewships and objectives. Then I figured why use her imperfect Chaos, when I can just have a perfect stealth on Loki? Some frames shine better at some things than the rest, but currently Nyx doesn't particularly shine at anything. She could shine by providing more survivability for her team on arbies with her CC, if it was a perfect CC, and if the drones didn't unfairly punish her more than they punish any other warframe. She could shine in interception missions, if it wasn't for the enemies still going for the consoles. She could shine at defense missions and mobile defense, but her CC is again imperfect, so she won't be more ideal than a warframe with abilities to defend an objective. Excavations? Same thing. For a second I wondered if Chaos blocks the cameras on corpus spy missions, so I went and tested it and it doesn't. Tested with Sensor Regulators too, first they didn't detect me at all, then they suddenly did with Chaos still being on them, the ability proving to be imperfect again. So she doesn't shine at Spy missions either, which is obviously meant for stealth frames anyway, but it would have been fun if she had some uses on one. Rescue missions? Guess what, instead the enemy thinking you're on their side thanks to Nyx's CC, they just alert instead. Her CC could make the operative less likely to die, but people will just bring speed frames anyway. Let's say Chaos was reworked to be more useful, defense frames would still be better at defending objectives which is fine, that's where they are meant to shine and Nyx shouldn't outshine them. And stealth frames would still be the go to frames to do Spy missions. However it'd be an alternative but less efficient or complementing frame for some tasks for people playing Nyx. And the other rework ideas would make her bring even more utility to her squad, therefore making her more desirable to have on a squad on various kinds of missions.
  8. Speak for yourself tbh, I still have plenty of mods to upgrade and I'm nonstop short on endo, and railjack is the only content right now probably that straight up gives 0 endo. But I guess Nano Spores, Plastids etc. we get from RJ is far more important than endo and we definitely not have millions of them sitting around. Obviously. Just because you don't need it, others shouldn't get any? How thoughtful and considerate. Plus DE doesn't necessarily have to put them on the strict reward pools where it'd dilute the pool in a way you'd get it over rewards you specifically want, which I never claimed it should be changed that way, but you instantly jumped to that conclusion. The RJ enemy targets could drop some endo too. That wouldn't hurt anyone now, would it? Or it could be an extra roll, therefore not diluting the loot table at all, still.
  9. So.. what's the reason endo is completely missing from railjack reward tables?
  10. This. Index is the major source of credits in the game, and some higher capacity mods cost millions to upgrade, especially primed and umbral mods, which are 2m credits each, riven mods exist, and now the railjack's build costs millions too. That's a lot of rounds of index even with a credit booster, and I don't think players want this agony of a tileset constantly shoved in their face just because they are in need of some credit. It's slower than the other two, it's less fun than the other two, it's less challenging than the other two (unless you count trying to find "where did the corpus hide this time" challenging), therefore there's no reason to keep the things the way they are. All this tileset does right is looking great, but then again it's not even matching Neptune, which kind of makes it feel like the only reason we got it is some recycling of Jupiter tileset materials for show off, while it does not provide more to the index from a gameplay standpoint. Shaving off the siderooms to make the tileset more viable might be too much effort, but putting 3 maps in rotation with the option of blacklisting one of them could be done by some code changes without even having someone working on tiles having to touch it.
  11. Seems like you have some problems with text comprehension. Nobody said it's difficult nor that the enemy scores. The real problem with the tileset that it's too slow paced due to its size and other problems which makes farming credit a more tedious task on the tileset. Index is easy to win on any map if you're well equipped, you don't really need a "too meta" setup even to win at it. It's just this tileset that trivializes speed and efficiency by its bad map design. You finish in this tileset slower and with less fun than you would in the previous tileset it replaced, or the snowy one.
  12. I'd like to apologize in advance if my tone comes off as angry and negative, but this is clearly something that has been frustrating the playerbase ever since it got into the game. So we all know when Jupiter got upgraded, its tilesets changed, had amalgams added, etc. But Neptune also got its previous map on the index replaced with a new one. And there are big issues with it. the map is gigantic which is very inconvenient for the game mode, and there are too many layers of walls obstructing the players from the enemy targets. As a result, you have to constantly run around to find the enemies like they were playing hide and seek, which does not provide a bigger challenge to the game mode, it just makes it inconveniently slow and clunky. If anything if the enemies showed up with more density on a smaller map, they'd have more chance to do more damage to you. Furthermore the spawns are incredibly inconsistent, and the tileset is overall very dark in some spots, which is cool from an artistic standpoint as it makes more contrast with the light parts, but for gameplay it's again just inconvenient. One last small problem, which might be a bit of a hyperbole on my part is that the tileset seems to clearly belong to Jupiter in theme with its orange clouds. Since Index is a Neptune mission, it'd make more sense if it was blue due to methane absorbing red light, opposed to the orange we'd see on Jupiter due to the ammonia crystals. Therefore it kinda feels like this was just slapped on as a replacement for the previous smaller tileset which was far more convenient for the game mode. Don't get me wrong though, the current big tileset has amazing graphics, shading, etc. it's a great piece of art undeniably. But it's a very bad map for Index. It takes around 2x more times to finish than any other tileset would, or 1.5x if the player runs around like crazy where did the enemy spawn in the gigantic map and hide after the last time they died. Too much time spent on finding the enemy opposed to fighting the enemy. I assume that's not what this game mode is supposed to be. Just my two cents. I'd suggest putting the old map back in rotation for all risk index missions, and let us blacklist atleast one of the 3 options, or shaving off the side rooms in the big tileset, though that'd require too much effort which is probably out of question right now, since I assume the team is more focused on Empyrean, New War and stuff, which might take priority and reasonably so.
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