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  1. So turns out Ash 4 didnt just get buffed at all, i mean yes sure his 4 got a nice change. But the cost for it is basically what makes him one of the funniest stealth frames to play:
    His Invisibility
    Let me explain it a lil bit. The most common approach for Ash with stealth is actually using the Arcane (Arcane Trickery: has 15% chance to proc on finishers and grants invisibility for 45secs[p.s. i also used it in combination with Arcane Ultimatum, which also procced on Finishers and grants bonus armor]), simply because the arcane is over 1.75x longer in duration than the Ash smoke screen ability (his 2) on 300% duration skill with its 24seconds. And even if one would go full duration, it would cost the strength wished for properly clearing rooms etc. So the question remain, why would the arcanes not work on the 4th ability Blade Storm anymore, even if you teleport with your 3 into the enemy masses and join the stabbing and slaughtering, it wont give a proc to either ultimatum (ultimatum has 100% on max lvl) or trickery (15% chance to proc).
    Some people would now try to argue its an exalted weapon and thus should not be directly benefitting from arcanes or smth.
    Its not an exalted weapon, because of several reasons.
    1. Exalted weapons provide an extra mod section for this particular weapon itself, (e.g. Valkyr 4  exalted Talons, or Excaliburs 4 exalted Blade)
    2. Ash 4 Bladestorm resembles more the shadow summoning of Nekros, and this ability isnt considered as exalted either.
    3 Ash 4 Bladestorm isnt a weapon to begin with, since he creates shadow clones of himself.
    So ye, would be nice to get some proper statement, on why the change hasnt been called out when the Frame tweaks that came with Deimos Arcana were announced
    and why this ability would be considered as exalted weapon type.

  2. So as i tired sortie today i found q quite special bug,
    unkillable enemies,
    the fact is crewman can spawn ratels as enemies, if the crewman dies, those will be permaently converted as allies, yet the system still regocnises them as  enemies,
    so our last enemy was a crewmann who had summoned those already, we killed him the ratels turned ally and got us stuck in the game

    we tried to find any maybe hidden last enemy, but there was nothing so we had to abort,
    total time in defense 40 minutes, 16mins actual defense, rest of the time searching a non existant enemy.

    Oh also the pic was taken after the 40 minutes of defense, afterwards i grew tired of this bug and left with the group host,
    mission progress justs howed us the previous completed sortie.


  3. Recently, I have been toying around with Panthera's alternate fire, and I couldn't help but notice its extremely low fire rate for a beam; 2 rounds per second versus the standard 12 for most other beams. After a bit more digging and asking friends, it would seem Panthera's secondary mode got completely skipped by the beam rework and still uses the old 1 status per second application, which makes the weapon utterly useless on any higher lvl.
    Would love some clarification as to whether or not this was intentional or simply an oversight!unknown.pngunknown.png

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