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  1. I have no intention to make it about the founders. I personally have supported this game multiple times over the years, and brought probably dozens of players to this game who have continued supporting it. I respect the founders greatly as the first people to breathe life into the game. What I do not respect, is the elitist attitude that seems to follow a large portion of the higher ranked veteran players in my experience. Your first post indicated that you share in that attitude when the overall impression of the post was "Suck it up and get good". Your avatar cemented the idea that you are a
  2. I would have written a lot more, but never figured most people would read it. They may not be common to you, however I would also assume that you tend to trade from US to US. Try cross continent trading. In the last week I have given up multiple times on trying to do a trade due to one bug after another. They shouldn't have anything to do with ping, or connections, but if they indeed are related to such things, then obviously DE hasn't bug tested the trading system in a while. My connection is actually pretty good, I have optic fiber with a stable ping of 130 to US, and low
  3. I'm going to try and make this short and sweet. Warframe has the most horrendous and buggy player to player trading system I have ever seen in any game. Facts: 1: You have to drop literally everything, and go to literally a completely different zone in order to trade. 2: You have a limit of trades per day, which I accept may be a design decision, but it's quite annoying. 3: You are charged a tax on every single item traded. 4: You are UNABLE to trade mastery limited items. Imagine being a new player, desperately needing platinum, managing to get a blueprint to some rare weapo
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