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  1. gukekeke

    Ivara skin process(update)

    Thank you both, which help me the most are not those negative things but those loves for my works.
  2. gukekeke

    Ivara skin concept

    Good idea,man!!!but it seems fortuna will get the chance now.
  3. 6 themes of Ivara,which one will goes to modelling?
  4. gukekeke

    So DE...

  5. gukekeke

    So DE...

    Sorry guys,I don‘t know you like my little S#&$ so much, I'll continue doing skin,some of them to follow the rules and some creepy thing which are not follow the rules for fun。Thank you so much for love my work,and thank you so much for give advise .and my next work will be ivana ,won't change the body mesh.
  6. gukekeke

    Ivara skin process(update)

    Ok ,guys. Ivara wins~~
  7. gukekeke

    Ivara skin process(update)

    Deadline is next Monday,folks . First group of concept will be delivered on next Friday~~
  8. gukekeke

    Ivara skin process(update)

    dude,female only.
  9. amazing work!but a little bit Irregular?
  10. This time, I will do it carefully............I know the 4 hands added rhino and 4 horn loki are dead man to the 15th Tennogen ......Let‘s start with new concept. Ivara comes A little bit late,vote for your favorite one~
  11. about the helmet ,combine these two elements together. I don't want it looks like Teshin too much.but you are right,I changed title to"loki"
  12. you mean fit loki because of its horns? ah,I have to change all spining parts of
  13. I started the program a few weeks ago,and I got some problem first,I drew the concept just like this: A incense burner with yin-yang in it,like seth from sf4...........but,it‘s not like warframe,so i drew things below: I can‘t do 3d model,so I drew this to my friend: he told me he can't do it without details............allright then and now ... to inprove our work..........i should post it earlier... ... tennos,plz help us