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  1. Ok, thank you very much for pointing that out.
  2. Firts of all, I would like to say that I really like the changes that have been made with the arrival of the Melee 3.0 system, but there is one thing (maybe two) that I didn't like. As you may already know, in the new Melee 3.0 system manual blocking has been removed. As I've heard that, I really hoped that D.E. would not forget about the Vaykor Sydon. I was wrong. With the removal of manual blocking the Vaykor Sydon got broken and one of it's main features is now useless, since you can't use the radial blind charge because it can only be triggered on the release of manual block mode, which does not exist now. It would be nice if the Vaykor Sydon would be changed, so the radial blind would trigger automatically upon reaching maximum charge after 15 blocked hits. But for now I can only sit down and wait, knowing that one of my favorite weapons got broken on the next day after I got it. P.S. The guardian derision mod also got broken with the removal of manual blocking. Again, it was one of my favorite things in this game.
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