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  1. So.... After trying on all 3 test clusters posts over the past few months, I got one for deimos arcana Problem is, I had computer problems recently and wasn't able to log in until and see the steam key until today.... Does this mean I won't be able to get steam keys in the future or I just won't be one of the automatic ppl who get into the next test cluster Its the last line talking about access being removed from not logging in which I'm worried about
  2. was already in place during tennocon, the forma/reactor thing should be there
  3. repost this after heart of deimos comes out. from the looks of things, its moreso a rework of vor's prize rather than a proper NPE overhaul
  4. what? it looks nice. press the plus button if ya want more info. stats arent even needed
  5. just try out frames and weapons. if it was MR20 i could understand but srsly? MR15? that rly isnt bad. this is an endgame system and 99.9% of endgame players are far above MR15
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