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  1. The wreckage gets sucked towards you but just floats around you, like a pick up would if you were in Limbos rift. It never gets collected. I've even tried dragging it back to the Railjack and getting on board to see if that fixed it, but nope. Hope that helps. It's annoying when you get several drops in a mission / session that you miss out on cuz it won't collect them.
  2. Ah, so that's what's been happening. I play on PS5 and have had the rest of the party say they've been unable to ready up after I've selected a mission. Good to know, thank you... I'll wait a while before selecting the mission from now on!
  3. Did you collect your drop from within Twitch? You need to click on your user icon, then Drops, and redeem the drop from there. Once you've done that it should appear in the game. The last couple (last Noggle and Umbra Forma) didn't appear for me on next log in to Warframe, but did after I went back to the Drops tab in Twitch, so there are definitely still some kinks to be worked out. Make sure you claim your drop in Twitch within 24 hours too, otherwise it will expire.
  4. PS5 version won't load, just crashes at the "connecting to servers" screen kicking me out to a "Report Problem: something went wrong with this game or app" page.
  5. The Tuesday drops always seem a bit hit and miss for some reason :(
  6. Would have been better to have the Protea parts drop rather than the weapon parts. Would have meant new players would have got a great new Frame, and others would have got a spare to sacrifice to the Helminth. Makes even more sense seeing as the Stahlta weapon parts are tradable too... That said, for anyone who doesn't have the Stahlta, it's a nice weapon. But you'll probably end up with a bunch of parts for it while you're farming for Protea.
  7. Same ❤️ It's been on my wishlist for a while as it looks so darn cute!
  8. Same for me. I got Monday and Wednesdays drops fine, but Tuesday? Nope :( ah well.
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