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  1. Otherwise, fantastic stuff! Great to see the update release today! Looking forward to seeing the changes... And also getting Titania Prime. Soon, my Fairy Queen, soon! ❤️
  2. This... Companions losing their loyalty buffs is hella annoying! Having to keep putting them into stasis all the time when not in use to avoid this is stupid, plus it's nice to have your pet on your Orbiter ❤️
  3. Could you please tone down the volume of the explosions from the Kuva Bramma?! I don't have the weapon myself, but being in a game with someone who does is an absolute headache 😞 If not as a whole, then perhaps add a setting in options to turn down that weapon, as per the slider for other players Octavias Mandrachord? For some reason the explosions seem to be set about 3 x as high in volume as everything else. I literally have to turn the volume down as the walls are shaking. We get it, it's a bombastic weapon, but it doesn't need to be so obnoxious. Turning down the entire game/SFX volume isn't really an option either, as then you miss the audio clues for things like Hidden Caches, gold swirlies in Sanctuary Onslaught, and just generally all the other cool sounds of the game. But seriously, I played a load of ESO games last night and people were just leaving because it was a constant barrage of Bramma explosions. If you're not the one using the weapon, I think this is going to earn a reputation as the least favourite weapon for someone in your team to have... Not to mention they usually keep killk g themselves with it too! 😂
  4. Can you please tone down the volume on the Kuva Bramma explosions?! All those cluster bombs going off constantly is an immense barrage of sound... And it's not even me using the bow! I don't know if the explosions are the same volume when you're using the bow yourself, but having another player use it is headache inducing unless you turn the game volume down. Ideally, maybe give us an option to turn the sound down for other players/all players Bramma, much like the inclusion of the option to turn down other players Octavia music. It's always louder when it's not your own. Thanks 🙂
  5. Thanks for all your hard work DE! This update looks very promising... Here's hoping the Kuva Lich Murmur grind will be dealt with next. Oh, and with Titania Prime on the horizon, things are looking very good indeed 🙂
  6. @[DE]Danielle thanks to you and the team for the updates, and keeping us informed. Any news of a fix for the PS4 frame rate issues yet? They're still at bay and can cause certain games to grind to an almost flick book animation rate of FPS 😞 (as much as it was funny watching a Grineer make his way towards me using 6 animations, it does kinds ruin the game). Also, as others have said, can we have the old Archwing controls back for Titanias Razorwing please? (or at least an option for them?). The new controls don't fit that mode so well, especially the perms-boost if you're not in aiming mode. Other than that, keep up the good work, and have a great Christmas all!
  7. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't use a weapon unless I find it fun and have fun modding it to my play style. You mention the Catchmoon, I have it. It's kinda fun, but I much prefer the Pyrana Prime as I find it a much more fun weapon. Same goes for the Quatz. Primaries, I've been loving the Fulmin for its style and versatility, the Acceltra for it's neon fireworks and risk of blowing yourself to pieces. Sure, it helps if they're effective at killing at high levels, but that's part of why we're modding them, to make them viable. I have a Rubico Prime, but still prefer my Vectis. It just sits better with me. If you're not using weapons or Frames that you're finding fun then I feel sorry for you.
  8. Awesome stuff! I don't think anyone expected this update this fast, well done guys... Thank you! I scan read the extensive notes... Any mention of whether the PS4 frame rate issues have been resolved?
  9. It's been said so many times before, but why nerf Riven disposition in a PvE game?! It literally makes no sense. People are using weapons that they find fun, and if people manage to roll or buy a Riven that gives that weapon a nice boost then great for them...let them enjoy that. But why just annoy people that have invested time and effort into building a set up, when it has zero effect on how the game plays for anyone other than those players? I can totally understand buffing Riven dispositions for weapons that are underused, it gives people other viable endgame options. But the nerfs? All they do are serve to make your players angry. Please stop.
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