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  1. Today at ~5pm EST, I entered a round in the low risk Index mission with a group of random public players. The first two rounds went by smoothly, but on the third round, one of the players left, resulting in a Host Migration. Once this had finished occurring, there was only myself and one other player left in the round. Neither of us could find any new enemies to spawn afterward, thus we were no longer able to collect credits to score. Eventually a stray bunch of credits were found dropped near the side of the map and it gave us the ability to score enough to finish the round, but when this happened, it grayed out the warframe names, but never transitioned to the Leave/Continue screen. The remaining player and I waited until the clock ran out, but even then that did not transition it out of the index round. It was not until they had left, resulting in a second Host Migration, did it finally update and move to the Leave/Continue screen for myself. Unfortunately, I believe this caused the other player to lose his credits earned.
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