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  1. Seems somewhat similar (though there are some differences), to this: This is almost certainly a bug (whether merely visual or actually applying the affinity), you should never be seeing numbers like 8k affinity for ability casts.
  2. What's the name of the Arcane, and are you playing in a language other than English? I'm wondering if this is localization/translation confusion.
  3. Ohh, please don't do this. Why would you replace the credit booster in that drop table?
  4. Have you tried checking for corrupted files? Open the launcher. At the upper-right will be a gear icon. Select that. In the upper-right of the configuration box, select the button labeled "verify." Wait for the verification tool to finish, then select the "optimize" button. Wait for that to finish, then try to enter the game. ¿Has intentado buscar archivos dañados? Abre el launcher. En la esquina superior derecha habrá un ícono de engranaje. Selecciona eso. En la esquina superior derecha del cuadro de configuración, seleccione el botón con la etiqueta "verificar". Espere a que termine la herramienta de verificación, luego seleccione el botón "optimizar". Espera a que eso termine, luego intenta ingresar al juego.
  5. Edit: Oh, I missed that you're prestige 30. Wow. Yeah, I think you've capped.
  6. The infested do have energy carrier units, they're mutalist ospreys, so look for flying units. It's just, as the others have mentioned, the spawns can be really awful, especially solo. It's nothing you're doing wrong, and the game is probably not actually broken, exactly, excav spawn mechanics are just frustrating.
  7. If your computer has both integrated and discrete graphics, is it correctly set to use your discrete graphics card? Would you mind posting your system specs? Motherboard, Processor, Graphics Card, RAM Amount, Operating System.
  8. Oh I didn't realize this had a duplicate thread, I'll repost from the other one: This really does sound like a sticky or toggle keys issue. Hitting 2-key combos is a temporary solution, so that won't help if the problem is that you're holding a key down for a long time or rapidly firing off 5 shifts in a row or something, as is not uncommon for a Warframe M+K user, and it's turning these things back on. Bring up your windows search and type in "accessibility", then select the "Ease of Access" panel at the top. Scroll down on the left, near the bottom you'll see a "Keyboard" option. Choose that. Scroll through and disable and uncheck everything except possibly the settings to show a warning and play a sound when Sticky Keys or Toggle Keys turns on. If this doesn't help, you may have something going on with keyboard/usb power settings, a keyboard that keeps getting suspended does weird things, and can cause the symptoms you're describing. Bring up search and type "Device Manager" and click on the device manager when it comes up. Expand "Keyboards" and right click your keyboard in the list. Select "Properties" and navigate to the "Power Management" tab. Make sure "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is not checked. It may be unchecked and greyed out, which is fine, and means this isn't likely your problem anyway (I guess a damaged cord could be at play, but eh). These are the only things I can think of (aside from physical settings buttons specific to your keyboard) which might be causing your issue. Maybe someone else can think of something different. Edit: Oh hey I'm a dummy and misremembered something for the power settings, sorry! I think I actually had you in the wrong place outright. Open search, type "Control Panel" and enter the Control Panel. Under "Hardware and Sound" select "View Devices and Printers". This will bring up a graphical representation of your hardware. Right click the USB Keyboard, select "Properties" and go to the "Hardware" tab. You'll see one or more "USB Input Device" listings. Select one, then click the "Properties" button at the bottom. On the "General" tab of the new dialog box this brings up, hit the "Change Settings" button. To go the "Power Management" tab of this new dialog box, and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." Repeat for any other USB input devices listed for that keyboard.
  9. For consoles right now (and PC prior to yesterday), the reward rotations for disruption can be different across different game modes. Since OP is on console and the rotations for the Disruption mission type are what they are asking about, it makes sense for people to specify the game mode. Fundamentally, OP is asking about the difference between the fissure game mode (which they did) and arbitration (which has the reward rotation they believed was normal), so people are specifying when they reply.
  10. ¿Tienes una llave de dragón equipada?
  11. Changes mostly look good, thanks! However, the aura mods really should be in the shop, as you only ever need to have one of each, if any. There are also still some issues with the revive system and not allowing a surviving player to opt out of picking up the revive tokens - increasing their chance of death potentially because somebody else made a mistake. But yeah, some issues aside, this is on the whole a welcome improvement.
  12. I've also had issues with Kavats killing enemies on the commander bounty stage in PoE on low level bounties. I don't even have a single damage mod on my kavat, but it just uncontrollably goes out and wrecks guys during the capture animation, or after, failing the bonus with its baseline damage. Any companion or pet should be a valid choice for doing bounties and their bonuses, but right now you're penalized for bringing anything except a robotic Companion with no weapon equipped and no damage precepts. I imagine specters may have the same issue, though I haven't tested that. I also had one in PoE where you're calling in supply drops. While the last one was up I had 29 kills...and it never spawned another enemy into the area at all, although I spent almost 2 minutes searching the area with Mesa. Finally I had to go ahead and destroy the supply drop before the timer ran out and failed the bounty outright, but as I only had 29 kills upon destroying that last crate I failed the bonus. It was nighttime and there was an Eidolon lure in the camp, I have no idea if that has anything to do with the issue but thought I'd mention it just in case that is the problem - perhaps it thought I'd had 30 enemies to kill, when in reality I had not.
  13. I used to use Nezha all the time as he's such a great generalist, but that dropped off as my roster grew. Still, I have a soft spot for him. But now I run a lot of Mirage, Equinox, Wisp, Gara, Nekros, Limbo (though only when solo), and I do bounties almost exclusively with Mesa. I use Chroma exclusively for eidolons and profit taker, but don't use him otherwise. Rhino's pretty much exclusively for Index these days, though I've got a soft spot for him, too. I use other frames fairly frequently, my usage is quite varied, but those are my go-to frames for most purposes these days. Frames I basically never use are Vauban (just seems like he's in a game of the wrong genre), Ash, Titania (though I'm interested in upcoming changes), Inaros, and Frost. Nothing against Inaros or Frost, they're good frames, I just don't enjoy them.
  14. No, OP's right. It has always been like this to some extent on the Eidolons, but not nearly like it is since the mainline. The entire game is now a flashing lightshow with Adaptive Exposure on, the screen constantly dimming and brightening (as though an assassin squad is on you, only with a larger range of darkness and brightness to the flashes) in response to the slightest light source, such as abilities or ally and enemy gunfire, but it's a blindingly overexposed mess with Adaptive Exposure off.
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