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  1. This is the behavior I've observed, too. If I have multiple I can turn them in while at the cap no problem, but anything I only have one of (so most often a 5k medallion) is a no-go.
  2. In the upper right you'll see a link that says "Submit a Request". Your friend needs to do this, you can't submit a ticket on their behalf. Have him explain the issue concisely and politely, without any unnecessarily flowery language nor any discussion of how much time or money he's put into the game - it's irrelevant and will just slow things down. He should also submit the ticket and then wait. It may be a little while (it can be weeks depending on how busy support staff is), but messing with the ticket and adding more tickets can slow things down. Joezone619 is correct that this is an account-specific issue which should be ticketed by the account holder. This issue cannot be resolved from a forum post. It cannot be resolved by somebody else on behalf of the account holder. They can't "reopen the case" without a ticket.
  3. I find combo duration to be an unfun mechanic in the first place. It's functionally just a penalty for the game deciding it's just not going to spawn enemies for a while, or for using guns for any length of time - and those at least perform reliably and consistently. But, if I'm being honest, the weapon swapping issue would probably bother me less without those weird, long gaps in mob spawn which occasionally happen. Combo duration being frustrating for me is probably more a symptom of that than a problem with the mechanic itself. But, between that and how unbelievably awkward using heavy melee is on controllers (pressing the joystick buttons is horrendous if they need to be used with any frequency - it's best for toggles like sprinting and a similar issue exists for guns with special attacks which aren't toggled), I find meleeing with any seriousness a bit unfun and unsatisfying anyway. Sure I'll slap something on and quickmelee occasionally, but between combo duration and the way heavy melee is triggered, it ends up awkward to play either style with any seriousness. Those of us who need it asked for the option to continue to trigger heavy attacks by holding the melee button when you guys seemed to have difficulty fixing the timing issues (I'd rather deal with those than spamming the joystick button - particularly with hand problems which are the reason for the controller in the first place), but you guys rather bluntly shot that down without any explanation other than that it's simply not going to happen. But to be more specific here, the Xoris' special feature allowed us not to be stuck using Naramon which is otherwise kind of lackluster (as is everything compared to Zenurik, to be fair). For Khora, at least, it was a nice QoL tradeoff to perform a less powerful version of something she was already well capable of.
  4. Blaze Artillery won't target enemies being staggered by the Impact procs of a Moa equipped with Hard Engage. I'm not sure if this applies to all sources of Impact Staggers, but it's very noticeable with Hard Engage.
  5. It seems to only be counting the Ghost clan right now. Which is kind of silly, since some platforms don't actually have a featured Ghost clan atm, rendering this impossible for those players.
  6. Yep. Unfortunately, OP's on Switch, which I don't think has a Ghost Dojo featured atm, but rather something like 2 storms. They're not going to be able to complete this act unless it's fixed to make any featured dojo count.
  7. You're right. That delay before you can shoot when coming out of a roll is very noticeable, and it's definitely not happening on other frames such as Mirage. I'm not sure if Protea's animation is ending too early (it's worth noting the start of the roll appears a little sudden and jerky, too) or the roll effect is lasting too long, but the animation and the effect itself don't seem to be lined up.
  8. 28.0 brought with it a nice new dedicated controller binding for Omni use without pulling up the gearwheel. On my Xbox 360 controller, this bind is Right Shoulder Button + Dpad Right, and I imagine it's the same or equivalent for other controllers. In a Warframe during a Railjack mission, this works perfectly, and is very convenient! In a Warframe outside of Railjack, there is no conflict, the Dpad fuctions as expected in all situations. However, in an Archwing during Railjack, all that is required to activate the Omni bind is to press Dpad Right, there is no need to press the Right Shoulder Button. This means that if one is using the default binding configuration and tries to use the dpad to cycle Archwing abilities right, they will instead teleport back to the Railjack. In an Archwing outside of Railjack missions (open worlds, Archwing specific missions), the right Dpad button simply does nothing, meaning that using the dpad to cycle archwing abilities right is impossible. This issue exists with all Archwings I tested. Though I use the default controller bind configuration, I have force-defaulted the binds in-game multiple times - this conflict persists. I don't know whether this issue exists with custom configurations as well. It's a relatively minor issue - I can still use RB + A/B/X/Y to manually select abilities. Though I usually prefer to use that only for held abilities it is nevertheless a viable workaround. But it would be appreciated if this could be looked into. The bind itself, like the dedicated tactical menu bind, will be a very nice bit of QoL once it's working as intended. 🙂
  9. I tried the featured Mountain clan twice and even explored around some, no dice. But the featured Ghost clan gave me credit immediately upon loading in.
  10. When you run relics in a squad, you get to choose from everyone's drops. So if the item you want doesn't drop from your relic, you can pick the item you like best that dropped for anyone else from whatever relic they were running. So say we were in a squad together, and I was running an Axi A9 hoping for the Ivara systems, and you were running your Axi V1. If my relic dropped the common Bronco piece, but you got the Carrier Systems, you and I could both choose to take the Carrier Systems and it would give each of us a copy 🙂
  11. Streamline isn't an aura mod, you actually have it equipped in your screenshot. It's the one that's giving you your 15% energy efficiency right now. You can get it to 30%, which will make a difference for you. I think you're thinking of the aura, Energy Siphon. You have Augur Message visible on your screen there, that would give you some duration until you can pick up Continuity. Mobilize is nice, but you need to squeeze out what power you can get right now. I promise it gets better as you progress further 😉 You'll be a walking nuke later. Yeah, the energy drain is a tough one, especially as a newer player. I do understand that. It's okay if you can't always afford to use it, just be thinking about it, it's good to be in the habit of thinking about where your energy is best spent and which abilities are best for which situations. Edit: I actually want to show you why I suggested the things I have. We'll use the example of one of your key abilities, Roar (3). At your current 130% strength level, your Roar is worth a 65% increase to all damage you deal. At your current 115% efficiency, it costs 64 energy (down from 75 with 100% efficiency). But with 130% it only costs 53 energy. At your current 100% duration, it lasts 30 seconds. With 124% duration, it would last 37 seconds. So now you're able to cast roar more often, and have it last longer when you do cast it. You have a higher overall uptime on that 65% damage increase and you're getting more value out of the energy you do spend. Right now you'd get 30 seconds for 64 energy, about 0.47 seconds per energy spent. But with those changes, you'd be getting about 0.7 seconds per energy spent, on a pretty nice damage buff. Spending less to get more. You mentioned wanting to kill things with weapons. Rhino's roar certainly helps you do that. I know you were asking specifically about Disruption here, but optimization of your existing resources (mods, energy) is valuable in just about any mission type you will do.
  12. No. Stomp is very much not worthless here. I understand that as a newer player you may be having some energy economy issues, but when you can, it may be worth saving up some energy for a stomp on the Demo from outside of its Nullifying pulse range - your Rhino has a 25 meter range on Stomp, which is more than enough to safely nail the Demo without getting hit by its 6.5 meter pulse. Rhino's a solid choice, but you need to make good use of his toolkit. His 3 will give you more damage overall and his 4 will give you extra time on the Demolyst. Rhino is more than Ironskin. Streamline is a really key mod for a lot of builds, so you should look to increase its level as soon as you're able. Duration will also help with your energy economy, among other benefits, so consider dropping Mobilize for Augur Message (or Continuity if you have it).
  13. You know, I almost suggested checking your USB drivers as well, but my post was getting super long and it sounded so much like it was probably a software conflict. So yeah, good call to look into that, as well. This is one of the weirdest controller issues I've ever seen, I really hope you're able to figure it out. Best of luck!
  14. Okay so looking at your other post on this in another thread, the reversal issue seems to be that trigger buttons are acting as shoulders, and your shoulders are acting as triggers. Just making sure as it was unclear from this post whether that was the case, or if they were left-right reversed, which comes up much more often in searches for similar issues. This occurs on both your Xbox controller, and the Afterglow which is in Xbox mode. So you're currently using the PS3 mode Afterglow, but that one has now developed a concerning issue where certain inputs cause it to power down in certain, specific situations, but those same inputs are not a problem in other situations. As expected, a voltmeter test indicates no issue with the batteries. These issues are super hard to search for info on, so it's no surprise you're frustrated. I may be way off base, but my first thoughts on reading your posts are that you may have conflict issues with something which is managing the controllers, whether drivers or higher level software. So lets go through some possibilities. Aside from reinstalling Warframe, I assume you've also entered its settings and force-set all controller configurations to default, to no success. Are you playing through Steam? If so, go to Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings. Look through there and mess with stuff. Double check which support mode is enabled, if any. Make sure it matches the controller you're currently using. Heck, even try disabling all of that and see what happens. Since you're on your TV and not primarily using M+K you may not want at first to disable your controller itself for Steam, so make sure the correct controller is properly registered. If multiple controllers are listed, deregister any listed controllers you are not currently using. If that doesn't help, it may even be worth grabbing a mouse and temporarily unregistering the controller in Steam as a whole and then testing Warframe again. Is the Afterglow PS3 controller wireless? Nvidia has a wireless controller service which has in the past been responsible for controller power and connection stability issues. If applicable, it may be worth looking into testing disabling that, too. If your Afterglow controllers came with configuration software, look into settings for that and even whether it can be uninstalled completely. The rest of this will assume you're on Windows since I know very little about Mac/Linux, their respective versions of Wine, and any complications those setups would add to troubleshooting this. When you mention reinstalling the controllers, do you mean that you have completely uninstalled the drivers for all of your controllers? If not, do so. You may need to temporarily use a mouse for some of this if you're currently using your controller as a mouse/joystick in Windows. Restart your computer, and plug in and reinstall only the controller you currently want to test. Can you think of anything else that might be attempting to manage your controllers? Such as, if you are using the controller as a mouse, you might have software which facilitates that. If you've ever used a non-xInput controller (such as a Switch controller) on your PC, you may software installed which is/was necessary to make those functional in Windows outside of Steam (which now offers native support for those controllers). Heck, the PS3 controller may have required software like that at some point. If you can think of any such thing, play around with checking settings on them and even potentially removing them if possible to see what happens. I really do think your issues are software rather than hardware related, though. Both of your Xbox configured controllers are exhibiting the same anomalous behavior. And the power down or disconnect issue for the PS3 configured controller has such a specific set of circumstances (it's not just any time those particular buttons are hit, nor is it random), and depending on how you trigger your abilities may also implicate some of the same buttons. Sorry this was so long, but hopefully there's something of some use to you in here, or at least a jumping-off point for you to investigate further. If none of this helps at all, you really should make your own separate thread for your issues. Best of luck, hope you can get things working again.
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