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  1. You can already report players for doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately for you, nobody else, especially at DE, has managed to confuse casting his main ability for doing nothing, so such a report isn't likely to go anywhere you'd want it to. While other people here have quite reasonably suggested areas for further improvement such as to the visibility of enemies in the opposite plane, your issue, OP, is that you just don't understand how he works at all (especially post-rework) and how to work with him. Instead of learning so you can cut down some of your own frustration, you choose the path of crying that anybody who plays a frame you just don't like should be punished. Too bad that's not how this works. "Discussion" indeed.
  2. Killing the Sniper before the ratels he spawns (or possibly as he's doing it) also seems to trigger this. I run into this issue a lot with Gara, probably due to splinter storm.
  3. Yeah, no matter how much I log out and back into the forums, mine won't update to my current glyph (the Solaris cookie). I've pretty much given up, it'll update when it feels like it I guess, LoL.
  4. I've used it for some over-gap jumps when I was newer and first learning those tiles (for instance there's one which leads to things like Coolant Cells which makes a C-bend where you can't jump straight from one side to the other), but now on those tiles I'm more likely to simply jump quickly from wall to wall without ever latching. I've never used wall-melee, not even by mistake.
  5. I got her the same day I decided to bother with her. I already had the Systems from some runs of Cambria, Earth so I learned Bode, Ceres and ran that until I got the chassis, which only took a few runs, then moved on to Kappa, Sedna which has the same vaults just with some extra enemies and such. I chose these because I was most comfortable with Grineer vaults at the time. I'd heard the drops could be pretty brutal so figured I'd just solo level weapons through 5-minute Kappas with Loki and not focus on the parts, but the pieces dropped within 2 runs of eachother within my first 10 runs, which I did not at all expect. I just got a bit lucky. You, however, have had fantastically bad luck. I'm sorry, man 😞
  6. Carrier, right now it's mostly because I can't be bothered to switch. 😉 But if I'm being really aggressive with the Baza on a longer mission it's helpful anyway.
  7. Thank you so much! That one could be really frustrating. Awesome! Hopefully other causes of Ratel-related unfinishable missions are being looked at, too. If the Sniper dies before a ratel it spawned, the ratels go friendly and the mission is unfinishable unless the host leaves; solo players have no recourse at all. I think radiation damage can contribute, too, but I've definitely had it happen without rad damage. Usually for me it's because I clip one with Gara's splinter storm before noticing it's a Sniper.
  8. One-shotting the Sniper Crewmen who spawn the Ratels can also cause this issue. If the Crewman dies before the Ratels, they turn friendly. It's really frustrating.
  9. The 1/1/1 is miles better than the Mote. It's absolutely night-and-day. If you want to build the 1/1/1 first, do that. The tradeoff for going straight for 3/2/3 is that you're spending more time with an utterly crippled amp. Neither choice is actually wrong, just decide whether you're more bothered by extra grind for materials (you'll eventually need the Prism 1, but you could skip Brace 1 and Scaffold 1) or a longer wait to be relieved of the useless Mote, and choose accordingly.
  10. Yeah I've basically skipped the Kitgun Riven gift because this keeps happening. Radiation damage and things which one-shot the enemies which spawn the Ratels both seem to be a hazard here, and it happens frequently - especially with something as low level as that Gift alert, as one-shotting the Sniper Crewman by mistake even if you're watching for him is very likely. Bump into him with Gara's shatter shield after he's already deployed Ratels? Have fun starting over.
  11. Had this happen a few days ago as well on a solo corpus defense alert. Friendly, unkillable Ratels rendered the wave uncompletable. I had no choice but to abort and try again and hope it didn't happen again. I was also Gara but that may be coincidence since she's such a useful and popular frame for Defense anyway.
  12. I didn't find Nidus annoying at all. The mission which drops him is the fastest-cycling solo endless mode in the game, I found it refreshing. TBH, I wish we had another Infested Salvage node somewhere on the star chart which didn't have his parts on its drop table. It's so much less annoying than excavation, and without all the dead time traveling across gigantic maps. And at least the cells for the vaporizers actually drop consistently. And unlike defense, the enemies actually come to you instead of screwing about at the edge of the map. To be fair, though, excav would be a ton less annoying if DE would finally fix the power cell drops. It's also fair to acknowledge that the way Infested Salvage scales for multiplayer is pretty annoying, with the time to process a manifest increasing as you add more players such that it's quite slow with 4. But for solo, it cycles very quickly.
  13. Try disabling color correction and maybe turning on dynamic lighting as well. Color correction has screwed that test up that way for some people before.
  14. It really does sound like you're overheating. Depending on airflow, location, and whether you have pets an air-cooled rig can get dusty pretty quickly. If the rig is reasonably clean and you're not overclocking, your computer may have poor application of thermal paste for the cpu heatsink, making it run hotter in general and potentially more sensitive to even small variances in airflow and dust. That would need to be fixed if so, but you want to rule out the simplest issues first. Dust is always the first thing to check with suspected overheating as it's cheap and easy to rule out and is most frequently the cause of the issue. Be sure to use a can of compressed air (always kept upright), and never use a vacuum as those generate a lot of static electricity.
  15. It's best to do the quest yourself rather than having anyone else access your account. However, see if you have a friend or family member who would be willing to sit next to you and hang out with you, watch and chat with you while you do the quest. You can talk about the quest with them, or the game, or even another subject entirely if that's what works best for you. But, basically, make the quest a shared experience with someone else and it may not seem so daunting. But yeah, definitely still mute the sounds. I quite liked the quest but I definitely see how it would bother some.
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