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  1. Thank you! Custom settings for the deadzone are going to be a big help. I wasn't aware the deadzone was square, but that does kind of explain some things, especially in Railjack. Like others, I'm also seeing the blinding light on entering missions since a few updates ago. Hopefully that's being looked into.
  2. Your example of a swear in-game is the incredibly mild, arguably not even actually a swear badass?
  3. Limbo's flower is still either missing or buried so deep in the wall it might as well be. I've subsumed 12 frames, I can see 11 flowers. Limbo was my 5th subsume, he was in progress when the last script to fix flowers was run. He's the only frame I have subsumed so far which had custom colors, as he's the only frame I ever kept after I had its prime version. He's therefore the only flower I actually particularly care about, so it's funny that he's the one that's messed up ;) Seriously, though, flowers are still busted. They're still either missing or buried in walls, and for some peo
  4. My brothers and I started in a good, active, large clan. So had access to Ignis Wraith without trading, things like that. Later, that clan's activity requirements changed to needing very frequent logins to not get a kick. This may have just been a temporary roster cleanout measure, not sure, and anyway it's certainly their right to do so. Not a problem for me, but it was for my brothers. To be fair, one of them would have and should have gotten kicked eventually anyway as his super rural internet is unusable for Warframe these days. My other brother and I decided to found our own clan.
  5. Trinity Prime. I joined while she was available from Twitch Prime, so burned a prime trial for her and her slot. She's my oldest remaining frame (I got rid of my original Excal when I got Umbra), and I've always assumed that was why she's what Helminth popped me back into after a subsume.
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