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  1. Nova. She's a really great frame, I get why people enjoy her. I would never, ever steer someone away from her; highly recommend everyone give her a try. I just don't really enjoy her much beyond a fast-teleport Cetus Wisp farming build. Using either Slowva or Speedva just makes me bored and makes me wish I was using some other frame, even though Speedva's concept is an interesting one and I'm glad it's a thing.
  2. Out of curiosity have you logged-in consistently for last couple of days / weeks / months? I have heard the less you play the more common this discount is. Trying to figure out how true that might be. I've gotten a handful of 50% discounts and 3 75% discounts in 216 login days, without a single login missed (so far, knock on wood). Some days I just log in, but most days I play for at least an hour, some days for uh, quite a few. I don't put much stock in the "log in/play only rarely to get discounts" hypothesis.
  3. I didn't get the last 2 twitch drops I was eligible for (having actively watched the entirety of those prime times, and having never had a problem with twitch drops in the past that didn't affect everyone), but neither of those drops was a huuuuge deal. I'm hoping everything goes okay with the Nekros Prime drop.
  4. I just bought some Magus Husks to bump my Rank 1 up to Rank 2. Nope, misclicked because I'm an idiot and now have 2 Rank 1s. At least it's just a bit of lost standing (and waiting until tomorrow to be able to buy the replacement arcanes), rather than also crafting time and materials as it used to be. Still, I wish I could break the second one back down.
  5. He's letting Vomvalysts live and channel their pretty blue beam and doesn't realize that's the problem. If someone's doing that and not one-shotting limbs, it's entirely possible to get a bit of shield popping back up during the synovia vulnerability. I make this error occasionally myself when solo. Except I know exactly how I've screwed up when it happens. Self-directed swearing and murder of the offending vomvalysts ensues 😉
  6. I got it while working on getting to the point where I could solo SO consistently. That was my primary goal, followed by focus, followed by "eh, it'd be cool if the Khora parts dropped", so I didn't even really notice the wait since I hadn't yet really begun to actually farm for it. It just sort of happened while I was working on other things. Which, to be fair, means I got relatively lucky. However, over that same time period, I got a whole 2 Synthetic Eidolon Shards, despite a truckload of B rotation runs as I got closer and closer to being able to 8 solo rounds. Then a few days ago while doing some pub runs I got the 3rd and 4th within 2 runs of eachother, and one of those runs also dropped another Khora systems. I had a harder time getting the Kavat DNA as RNG decided it hated me that day. I went 32 Kavat scans in a row (I kept track in a notebook) in solo play without getting a single DNA.
  7. Are you sure you mean Energy Conversion? There is absolutely no risk involved anywhere, just reward. I am not sure what mod you do mean, but I figure you must have made a mistake with the mod. It sounds a bit like Rage/Hunter Adrenaline
  8. Each 100 days gives 3 hours, and it rounds to the nearest whole number whether up or down. A brand new, day 1 newbie has (3 * (1 + 1/100)) = 3.03, which rounds to 3 A day 100 player has (3 * (1 + 100/100)) = 6 A day 200 player has (3 * (1 + 200/100)) = 9 I'm getting 9 at a few days past 200, which is consistent with this. KCR has (3 * (1 + 1254/100)) = 40.62 which rounds up to 41 OP is getting boosters as though he's between 117 and 150 login days.
  9. Alright, just checking since the numbers roughly align and that's one that comes up occasionally. I'm sorry it wasn't any help to you 😞 I hope you get a response for your ticket reasonably soon.
  10. Did you just build Paracesis? That takes 1000 Ducats to craft.
  11. I was running the Ganymede disruption node solo, using Mirage Prime, and a Trinity Specter. This happened on version 25.0.7. On the first round of my run, I successfully defended 3 Conduits. 3 Conduits, 3 dead Demolysts. I then activated the 4th (I do not remember its color nor which buff/debuff it provided). Not long after, as expected, a Demolyst ran in. It had the special Demolyst map icon, it glowed red, its behavior was to beeline for the conduit as any Demolyst would. Its name was simply "Demolyst", with no other signifier such as "Moa", "Heqet", "Satyr", or "Machinist". Just "Demolyst" for a name. IIRC it looked like a regular Corpus crewman of some kind, rather than the Amalgam models of the Demolysts. I do not remember whether it fired its nullification pulse. I killed it before it quite reached the Conduit, so it never started its suicide animation, if it was going to. I killed it, and did not get credit for the end of the round, the timer was still going, the conduit still active. I stood around in confusion for about 15 seconds, when a Demolyst Moa ran in from the same corridor the first Demolyst had come from. I killed that Demolyst Moa, got credit for defending the conduit, and the round ended. The broken, duplicate Demolyst seemed to me like what I might expect a base/parent type for the other Demolysts to look like. I don't really know what one might do to repro this. However, this is the very first time I have brought Mirage to any form of Disruption node, my best guess might be weirdness with Hall of Mirrors.
  12. This is an overreaction to the Silver Grove issue. If the problem is the Silver Grove edge case, then address the specters, don't blanket-nerf frame abilities.
  13. Lots of people are reporting having lost the MR from their Kogake. You're the first I've seen report actually losing the weapon entirely. If you haven't yet, head own down to the Bug Report forums.
  14. Seeing quite a few reports of this in the main Jovian Concord patch notes thread. Everyone who's named a weapon has named the Kogake, but one individual appears to have lost credit for 3 weapons.
  15. Auras activate in missions, you don't see their impact on the frame modding screen. It should be correctly dropping your strength in missions 🙂
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