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  1. oof, kuria in the gas tileset wasn't fixed
  2. You know the room with the 2 reactors with yellow energy and stuff? The kuria found there is stuck inside of the wall itself and it cannot be scanned.
  3. Most of these fixed themselves after a while. My octavia is still ugly though
  4. Well, I just checked and the pictures are all out of order, but you get the idea. Some of them have suffered very minor changes, in the case of Volt, for example, it's barely noticeable. In others, like Nekros, only the attachments changed color, not the frame itself. And finally, frames like Rhino, Harrow and Nidus, among others, are left unrecognizable. My fashionframe might not win any contest but it's still what I like and it sucks seeing it ruined time and time again. Hopefully you can do something about this.
  5. Yeah so this has happened to me before, and I saw other people in warframe having the same problem but I don't know if they reported it or what. After the second time it happened, I decided to fix up my fashion frame again and take pictures, so that I could have a frame of reference in case they got ruined again, and to post the before-and-after pictures here, since I can't see any discernible pattern or figure out why it happens. <Pics> Hopefully linking the pics from Imgur worked because I don't have an account on there
  6. I just logged on to post this exact thing. I hope it's fixed soon.
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