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  1. WTB Spectra riven with these stats : + damage + multishot + crit chance / crit damage / fire rate / punch through - puncture Price : 10000p
  2. This was meant to bring diversity to the game, so that ppl dont have to use the 10 or so frames for every long run mission. Also diversity to modding, bcs ... well lets be honest everything is just viral slash .... As of now, this is just an idea, everything can be still tweeked / changed. The fact that you dont like it, doesnt meant that its bad, I also dont like some parts from the original post.
  3. Everything sounds very good, just needs a little bit of tweeking. <3 Now ... lets talk about the IMPACT ! As of now, how mercy kill / finisher works is, that it is a perfect execute, killing any anymy that has 5% or lower hp (be it 100hp or 100 milion hp). And since the proc would cap at 10 stacks and be X% to open them to a mercy kill, you in theory just roll the X% over and over again with impact procs untill you "get the right roll". This would be a huge problem, since : a) You in theory can kill even level cap enemies since the mercy kill ignores the amount of hp the enemy
  4. WTB Spectra riven with : + damage + multishot + crit chance / crit damage / fire rate / punch through - puncture Dehtat / Ooltha riven with : + cri damage + attack speed + damage / heat / elec - neg (almost every negative is fine) PM me with price and link (in-game or here on forums)
  5. Man 100p, maybe i can finally afford some forma.
  6. Hi there, i might have what you are looking for. dmg ms pt +rec gammacor What is your offer for it ?
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