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  1. No idea regarding Equinox for now, I don't think I've gotten any contracts yet. And you think it's a wee bit stock? I tried to go more conservative with ears, worrying about player camera, but I can turn her into Hel if visibility isn't of concern. I'll push it today-tomorrow more, tis a early WiP project for now.
  2. Garuda changed a little bit, she's now less of a rabbit and more of a cenobite. Early WiP, but I think I'll run with this shape.
  3. Naaaaah, I'mma turn him into McLaren. This is a very early concept, and I already have some crazy ass S#&$ in mind. Will be good. THEN I can think about infested, need diversity in my portfolio anyway.
  4. Finally got my hands on Gauss files. Time to turn him into something interesting (small paintover)
  5. What do you think about the name Huracan for Gauss skin? It will be not infested. Here's some sketches
  6. Yeah, I'll probably go more in this direction. Giant ears made her look cute instead of monstrous.
  7. So, I had a stupid idea. I'm not sure if DE will approve of this head, considering how gigantic it is. I also simultaneously work on some other currently not ready to be shown projects.
  8. That's a whooole lot of frames I now need to do. I better start soon. P.s. Helmet is currently a bit bugged, it's emissive seems to be broken. I'm trying to resolve it with DE, but in the mean time - it's not supposed to look like this It's supposed to look like this
  9. I wonder... how many people play Garuda? Just, you know. Asking for no real reason.
  10. Yay, thanks. Now I need to work out what's wrong with Ash. He's been skipping his second round today. Maybe cutting off his tubulars, while being part of the feedback, also cut off some of his unique features...
  11. Typically, you throw your emissive map into another editor (I use GIMP, it's free and works fine, photoshop works too), use/add alpha channel and scribble some stuff and patterns on it. Now it should be flowing when you test it, for example, in Tennogen tool (don't forget to set it's movement vector so it actually moves). Don't forget to make your alpha seamless, or else DE will pursue you with a big stick for three days and three nights, because seams show up on animated emissives pretty hard.
  12. I did done a thing. Thing, most definitely, has been did doned. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844198623 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682068221&searchtext=
  13. Are you evil, tenno? You better be. (my rig |B|roke, so for now he's T-posing. I'll try to think of a nice pose for him)
  14. Ash V2 done. Hopefully, this one passes, will update workshop tomorrow. Now to make pretty images for Harrow.
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