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  1. I wonder... how many people play Garuda? Just, you know. Asking for no real reason.
  2. Yay, thanks. Now I need to work out what's wrong with Ash. He's been skipping his second round today. Maybe cutting off his tubulars, while being part of the feedback, also cut off some of his unique features...
  3. Typically, you throw your emissive map into another editor (I use GIMP, it's free and works fine, photoshop works too), use/add alpha channel and scribble some stuff and patterns on it. Now it should be flowing when you test it, for example, in Tennogen tool (don't forget to set it's movement vector so it actually moves). Don't forget to make your alpha seamless, or else DE will pursue you with a big stick for three days and three nights, because seams show up on animated emissives pretty hard.
  4. I did done a thing. Thing, most definitely, has been did doned. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844198623 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682068221&searchtext=
  5. Are you evil, tenno? You better be. (my rig |B|roke, so for now he's T-posing. I'll try to think of a nice pose for him)
  6. Ash V2 done. Hopefully, this one passes, will update workshop tomorrow. Now to make pretty images for Harrow.
  7. I might, when I finish these skins. I need to increase my production one way or another. For now, focusing-focusing on Harrow and Ash.
  8. So far it seems like Hydroid, Wisp and Revenant are the most popular. You know, Hydroid kinda sounds appealing, even though I typically don't really like playing him. ...Oooor, alternatively, seeing as I haven't made an Excalibur skin, now would be a perfect time to release twenty or so of those in a row.
  9. I have some ideas in my head. I need to get myself in shape after great Summer Depression of Overheated Couch Slobbering. I definitely want to make a chest piece, and currently working on two syandanas, one of which is mental looking (it will look kinda like vampire squid). I need to start concepting stuff for the next frame too, but not sure who to pick yet, so that's entirely open for suggestions.
  10. I'm reworking Ash a bit. Here's new head. He'll glow less too. P.s. regarding Equinox - I have a hunch, you won't need to wait for too long.
  11. Lower is always better (and appreciated by DE), but polybudget for nikanas is 7.5k
  12. Oh my god, we can soon model armor tennogen. What about Glaives in the future?
  13. Hey, sorry for that, I've been bringing it up with DE periodically, it's something that needs to be fixed serverside. I can't really do anything on my side, as all files are provided to DE. Sorry again.
  14. Sorry, but I can't do anything with abilities, or effects. I can only skin the model itself.
  15. Early WiP of Harrow's hammer. Not sure what to call it yet. Main premise - callous and hardened outer shell, soft and glowing inner core.
  16. That just means he'll get better. Nikana got in, though.
  17. Actually, his head is similar in size to his default Ash helmet, which is pretty pinheaded for his massive body. Main bulk comes from his horns, and big tail that attaches behind, but it's balanced out by his neck addition (not visible on the screenshot here). He perhaps looks more massive there because of layered neck that slaps on top of Ashe's normal neck. For now, I'd say I'm content with it's size, but if more people and DE note that head is too large, I'll probably change it.
  18. Nikana released here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1687855678&searchtext= And now, to start immediately work on Harrow! He's gnarly, he's twisted, he lost his Sunday school license - and now he's officially in works! Super early sketchup.
  19. https://skfb.ly/6IE9J Rip, cleave and tear. Nikana is very close to being published, but here's a link to a rotatable and swooceable and movable model.
  20. Reworked blade a wee bit, now scabbard flows a little nicer.
  21. Ash Enenros now officially released. Short teacup of celebration, and back to work on his katana. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682068221
  22. Speaking of Ash and his blade. Might redo scabbard again. Too thicc, might alert the guards with clap of it's chitinous plates.
  23. The skins are actually finished, I just hesitated uploading them yet because I was learning posing and rendering on them. Here's a quick little non-colorized render of the sword, btw
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