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  1. Ninja's still play free. These Ninja's just have railjacks, archwings, and necramechs at their disposal now. While it's been a bumpy road, I am excited to see where these experiences lead. The Core Ninja gameplay is still seeing iteration/refinement while these other experiences are introduced. I for one would be bored silly if the game never moved forward and was just parkouring in tunnels all day.
  2. Tactical Potato, Leyzar Gaming Views, and Quiet Shy are all upbeat, while honest youtubers that cover warframe.
  3. Amidst the sea of whiners. Hard to see all those white knights in this endless sea of salt.
  4. I suggest you find a game both you and your friend enjoy together and play that cooperatively. It something you can control. Proposing to push Warframe towards your perspective of what it's roots may have been as opposed to where it is headed is a rather fruitless endeavor. I stopped playing WoW years ago because it went to a place I could not follow. I made no posts about how the devs were wrong. I accepted that my wants and their vision were not aligned and I moved on. And yes I had to wrestle with the sunk cost fallacy to do so. For what it's worth I don't want to play the game you pro
  5. They should just rename the game to Tenno or something then. The game hasn't been warframe centric since 2018. I do not see that trend ending anytime soon and I am ok with it. Just speaking for myself, I am invested in my operator. I know there is an audience that would prefer to ignore the operator even exists, but for me the operator is what I am attached to. Warframes to me are no different than a rifle, a glaive, or necramech. I keep seeing this argument the game is called Warframe so it's not allowed to have alternate systems of progression, or non warframe based experiences.
  6. The OP is subjective. For me Deimos content is not something that engages me. For others it may be awesome. Content is flowing. It's up to you to decide if it's to your taste.
  7. Do what I did. Create a solo clan. Not too expensive. Doesn't take long.
  8. Railjack is what prompted me to create a solo clan. So i could ignore it. More clan content would be the same for me...research if interesting or ignore. Forced clan content is lame-sauce.
  9. Only speaking for myself. This is the first update to Warframe since I have been playing (mid 2018) that offers absolutely nothing to pull me back in. I hope it entertains most Warframe fans. I know it's rough to get things done these days so I don't want to come off as too harsh. The sad truth is I just don't care about new power creep weapon x (only to be nerfed into oblivion to make room for the next wave of mastery fodder) or the mechs that have zero reason to exist. I do think it's nice they repaired some old frames and gave glaives a pass. It's just not enough to pull me back i
  10. Honestly I don't think Loki needs a rework. He's great at what he's specialized for.
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