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  1. Only if they remove Perfect Animal Captures first.
  2. lol I think you mean the Brammaframe community 😛
  3. This such a great screen shot. It's an example of when the UX ceases to enable interaction and instead dictates specific interactions at the cost of the original purpose of the core UX...the game itself. In short, in this example the UI is playing you the player. Of course...this is also the result of giving the player maybe too much choice over their UX.
  4. lol. OP literally proposed making blade-storm more like peacemaker in his other thread. I agree comparing 1 ability to the other is not worthwhile. The intent of the frame's entire kit needs to be considered when evaluating it's performance on it's own. Revenant could use some tweaks. His 2 is fine though. It does not go away faster than you can cast it if you build the frame for it. It gives iron skin a run for it's money while still being it's own thing. I'll leave the debate regarding his kits theme to GearsMatrix.
  5. I don't think we are talking about the same ability. So yeah...really. Ash as to target each enemy 3 times directly. Mesa spins the camera. Admittedly you can wiggle the cursor a bit. But, even that is more interactive than current state Mesa. All of this is in parallel running a combo build.
  6. That's not what I mean 🙂 Blade-storm is interactive. It is my opinion that is good for warframe. That's just me though. I'd like to see more of this approach.
  7. She should have to deal with some kind of target-gating mechanic greater than camera spinning much the same as Ash. Ash is balanced. Mesa is a fun vacuum.
  8. How is your love for this weapon Low-Key if you are broadcasting it on the forums? Own your love! Double down on it! 🙂
  9. ESO = Easy Saryn Overpowered.
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