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  1. Um...this is a resource sink system. If you don't have the resources to sink, you are not yet a member of the target audience. That is not to say that some of the costs don't need to be adjusted.
  2. I figured Audrey II would be more popular. I can kinda see the Shai Hulud angle. I went with Baku, a japanese mythical creature that eats nightmares. Felt more "Warframey" to me. Also rhymes with Xaku which appeases my OCD.
  3. Vome & Khra pillars were the most reliable source of Necrathene for me, about 10 in an hour. As far as mining I got maybe 2 hits in 2 days to give me Necrathene 3-4 per hit.
  4. None of these methods are working for me. I can get every other time of mineral or gem, just not necrathene.
  5. No luck. Wiki also suggests the upper right side of the over world map. Nothing there either. I think some of us have just had a band hand of rng for this gem.
  6. Or just subsume Xaku and put it's Whisper on Excal Umbra In place of javeline.
  7. This phenomenon is known formally as "Bramma Drama". Also known as "Catchmoon Swoon".
  8. The difference in the other open worlds is you could generally avoid conservation and progress w/o issue.
  9. This decision to make conservation part of rep progression gives me pause. Makes me wonder if I am the demo DE is aiming to entertain. I know I don't enjoy it. I can only speak for myself.
  10. I really dislike conservation. The lure system annoys me greatly. I do not value floofs. Please remove this Floof content from the progression of rep. This is a looter shooter, not a looter floofer.
  11. I mean I don't like conservation at all. I would be willing to do it though, if the tag:son token ratio for turn in wasn't so absurd. As it stands...I feel like this content is a hard pass because of this. Update: Looks like they removed the daughter and son token requirements off of the first rank. Very nice.
  12. Conservation is the bane of my existence.
  13. DE is loosing money? Who are they loosing their money upon? Why do we want them to stop? I mean I heard DE was loose, but should we really be judging them?
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