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  1. Is there any consideration to improving Tenet Diplos' alt fire? It completely cripples the weapon's useage. ADS to change fire modes just simply will never be less clunky than a push button mode toggle. Its a feature that has neutered Quatz the same.
  2. bump, I refuse to let this issue slide under DE's radar
  3. IDK who at DE thought ADS fire mode change was a good idea AT ALL. Suros Regime in Destiny 2 merely swaps to a slower fire rate but higher damage when ADS but maintains full auto behavior that matches the need for ADS situations. Quatz and Diplos have the WORST fire mode mechanics.
  4. So what your saying is Warframe is a Gacha game. You've chosen the easy money grab route. You're just okay with monetization by DE and players on all sides. You've chosen the route that has landed us in microtransactions being widely practiced. You've chosen the route that has landed us in a reality where major Triple A games are literal casinos. You've chosen the route that has landed us "pre-order so we can make money first and then under deliver to make even more money." You've chosen the route that has landed us in a world where "right to repair" is actually being argued about despite being a basic moral decision. Im sure they value your money. Corpus is dominate after all.
  5. DE I'm giving you a homework assignment. Research how Bungie has implemented the ability to focus down the weapons you can grind for through focusing engrams. Why do I need to spend LITERAL HOURS grinding the same incredibly mindless capture missions over and over and over just for the miniscule CHANCE for a specific weapon to drop? You have never addressed the insanely diluted loot pools in your game and in fact doubled down on it with Sisters of Parvos. You used to have the "no repeats" mechanic for Kuva lich weapon spawns but that was too far the other direction. There is a middle ground solution. I've seen people say maybe the Lich/Sister weapon type is decided by what you kill the lich with. That would be a nice solution or maybe let us fabricate "mechanical disablers" (something you've mentioned in some Sorties) from resources to lock in a weapon type. It's been 2 days of dedicated grinding for Kuva Grattler. I'm so frustrated I had to write all this for the RNG of reality that a dev will read it and take note. Goodnight.
  6. Bump I cannot let DE miss this. Tenet Diplos alt fire is INCREDIBLY clunky. Was there nobody play testing this? Why isn't the alt-fre full auto and why is there such a long delay between trigger pulls and lock-on reacquires?
  7. Tenet Diplos NEEDS TO BE FULL AUTO it simply does not have the stats to only fire 2 shots per lock-on and then force us to wait for it to reacquire targeting. It's very clunky and kills the potential fun of this super slick dual SMG. ADS-dependent fire mode switching also wasn't good with Quatz and it still isn't good with Diplos.
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