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  1. Generally, I think reworks are more feasible when you can keep all the animations and models the devs worked so hard to create, but I just can't see that with tectonics. Thus, the change I'm about to suggest will be a little unrealistic. Put Rumblers on his second ability, make them 50 energy. Dont think anybody will really disagree with that. Tectonics is now Atlas's 100 energy ultimate. Base health moves from 3750 to 5000, holding the ability charges rubble into it to give it armor, maxing at 600. Instead of a wall, Tectonics now creates a dome (a little similar to Khora?) centered around Atlas ( I know this steals Frost's thunder a bit but frost can cast multiple balls as well as get his globe up to 1,000,000 Max ehp while Atlas's will hover under 100,000 generally). Finally, and this is the kicker, allies inside the bubble gain grey health. Damage immunity, status effect immunity, the works. This might actually give him some niche usage against eidolons. However, you cannot shoot through the dome by any means, including aoe guns like the tonkor. Abilities of course still work, and nullie bubbles will drain it instead of instantly destroying it. Recasting from inside will create a boulder ( like the existing one just bigger) with a slight suction. Enemies hit are petrified, pulled along, and dealt 1500 base damage (affected by melee mods). Enemies petrified by the boulder drop double rubble. This isn't my most well thought out idea, nor my most likely, but I still hope something like this gets added.
  2. Gotta say I heavily disagree with this. Atlas, the Titan who holds up the world, is a hybrid offensive/defensive frame. If anything, DE needs to double down on his protective capabilities instead of neutering them. Are tectonics weak? Absolutely. But they should be strengthened, not outright removed. Having more of his abilities scale off of rubble is a great idea, but as of now piling up rubble is extremely expensive energy wise and it is this aspect that should be fixed first before expanding on its benefits.
  3. Oh yeah for sure there's no point in nerfing Atlas in any way, but I feel that the incredibly long duration is what's keeping DE from making it a cheap, spammable ability like it should be. I may be biased but the way I use petrify, I'm not gonna notice the difference between 5 seconds and 60
  4. Is Nezha now tankier than Atlas too? Dam, I was hoping he could at least be top 10 tanks lol. But yeah personally I have fun with Atlas and if I'm comparing him to other frames, well, atleast he's not Vauban
  5. There's no denying his rubble armor is weak when most of his tankines comes from armor in the first place. However I'm not looking to straight power up Atlas, just have 'working as intended'
  6. Let me just preface this by saying that I like where Atlas is at, and I thoroughly enjoy his current play style. He's not particularly tanky, nor is his damage nuke-capable, but he is decent at both and supplements this with cc and protection via bulwark. He's one of the few frames where you'll be using all of his abilities together. However, there's no doubt he suffers from a myriad of issues which end upmaking him extremely unpopular. The rework added rubble, which hoped to add a semblance of scaling to his survivability, but the problem is that it does the opposite. Because of how petrify works, the higher the enemy density, the greater the rubble gain. However as enemies get stronger you lose health faster, thus decreasing the amount of rubble gain. This goes against the purpose of rubble and should not happen. Make rubble heal AND gain rubble at the same time. Tanking abilities should become more powerful under pressure, not less. That defeats the purpose. ALSO, considering how petrify is meant to be used in his kit (petrify > landslide > repeat), its stats are completely backwards: - reduce petrify's duration to 7 seconds AT MOST. 20s is Heking ridiculous, and completely unnecessary when you're going to obliterate them with punches immediately after. - reduce cost to 50 energy, maybe less. Building rubble requires liberal use of petrify, which right now is incredibly difficult without an efficiency build. Harrow has a similar ability for 25 energy, Atlas's should not be triple the expense. The following are changes I would like to see, but don't view as absolutely necessary: - I love my Rumblers Leon and Curtis to death, but even they know they're not worth 100 energy. 75 at most. - don't force a glitchy loot physics mechanic on rubble, it serves no purpose. Just have it apply the moment the petrified enemy dies. Next are unnecessary changes that I want anyway: - increase bulwark size. It's just so small as it is. - there are some enemies who can't be targeted by landslide. Certain orbs for example, as well as stalker last time I checked. Maybe there's a design purpose behind this. Don't care. Lemme punch. - increase rubble/health gain to 75 and 100 on landslide. This is just me being salty about how similar yet more powerful wukong's new defy is.
  7. I disagree with this. Every major quest has contained elements of us "freeing" ourselves from control. Freedom from Vor, from the dream, from transference limitations, from the Queen's, from orokin limitations, and finally from our own dependence on Lotus. Considering even Teshin got his "freedom arc", I find it highly likely that the Lotus will also free herself, making the choice between Margulis, Natah, and the Lotus. Yes we don't design and plan our own missions, but we do make the choice of going on them. The final ball and chain we have to face is most likely the man in the wall.
  8. Meanwhile this ol' Atlas main here was thinking about how strong, quick charging, and cheap defy was 😞
  9. Holy crap never thought about Clem that's an amazing idea. For the bosses I'm reminded of betternamepending's video, if you've seen it. I forgot that Darvo also already has mission status voice lines as well.
  10. Just an idea, but I'm hoping that after we save/retrieve/defeat Natah in the New War quest we sort of prove our independence, "grow up" if you will. Basically just show that we can fight for our own beliefs. What this will mean, ideally, is that we don't need lotus as our mission voice-over, instead being able to choose who vocalizes the objectives. Voices could include Lotus, Teshin, Ordis, a faction leader (offering unlock?), or our own tenno. Thoughts? Edit: it would also be cool to have your clan's warlord tenno voice mission status. Or possibly random tenno from within your squad. Really anything to show off operator fashion 🙂
  11. I know this isn't a video, wish I'd done it at the time 😞 Posting it anyways in the hopes that multiple angles in pictures count. 🤞
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