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  1. DX12 + Enhanced engine This not happening with DX11 + Enhanced engine. It's happening ~15 minuts before daytime Hardware: Radeon RX590 Software: Windows 10 2004, Radeon Software version 20.11.2 (from 13 november .2020)
  2. I'm not alone. I thought i was going crazy
  3. You didn't read changelog carefully, you got ALL mastery points up to 40 level (8000) and you don't really need to uplevel voidrig to this level
  4. You broke the launcher! Tried to change language
  5. I see them in inventory, but not in foundry
  6. And i can't found this blueprints in forgery :)
  7. А если нажать кнопочку логи? Откроет логи или попытается послать в DE? Я бы посмотрел что в логах, лежать они по адресу %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Warframe\ прям так скопировать и вcтавить в проводник, файл называется Launcher.log
  8. I guess it will happen at september 15 or 16
  9. Same issue, this stage bugged as hell.
  10. Not all beam weapons. Glaxion (Vandal), Amprex, The Flux Rifle, Nukor - yes, Okukor - no. Too lazy to test another weapons
  11. Исправлено в последнем хотфиксе 28.3.3.
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