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  1. Whatever these were, the game looks noticeably better. Metal reflections for one, but there must be something else.
  2. Right, my mistake. Simply Nova and Trinity going back into vault and being replaced by Ember and Frost.
  3. Yes, Mesa's in order to get vaulted, unless they're changing something with how vaults work with this one.
  4. Exodia Hunt + Tempo Royale RMB+E + Gauss/ Wisp/ Volt/ Any warframe with Warcry that saryn can do this at the cost of energy isn't a bug, it's a feature
  5. While I welcome the stance combo changes, making it more intuitive, I don't find myself using Heavy Attacks. I still see Blood Rush as my preferred melee damage option. Channeling was extra damage at the cost of some energy, while Heavy Attacks now is 1 stronger strike at the cost of disabling my Blood Rush. Unless I'm missing something major, Heavy Attacks with the new combo counter system is more gimmicky than channeling was.
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