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  1. Then that delux skin doesnt belong to what we understand for Revenant. As im trying to explain. A Warden? no problem. but for a Revenant? dont think so.
  2. I'm glad you give a #*!%ing S#&$ about in-game consistency, keep it up, bye.
  3. Reviews tend to favor the final product. But hey, I better keep quiet like a whore and let them #*!% me right?
  4. An error to be answering so many messages quickly. If you want I spend 20 minutes with each one. My idea of making a revenant prime that is in keeping with lore still makes sense and is still in keeping with lore.
  5. 1-thats why i always use ``-´´ or ``kind of´´. 2- Where on that skin, u see this `` getting juiced up on eidolon energy.´´? Nowhere. 3-4 is 100% sentient thing. 1 use sentient things also, some sort of cetis wisps. 2 Endurance is not rlly a vampire thing per se. only 1 and 3 (this inst rlly vampire thing neither) could be close to vampire things.
  6. Why try to maintain coherence within the story of a game, right? anyway,
  7. According to your argument, the feedback must also seem like a mistake to you. If you don't like something and you shut up, they will keep doing it and you will keep quiet. Anyway.
  8. Prime versions are original versions of an warframe. I have not misunderstood what a prime is, thank you. My proposal of a revenant prime, using prime for wearing something, is totally consistent with the lore of the game. If you don't like prime, you can use umbra or reforged or whatever you like. And the skin they have shown fits if they followed the original Revenant line, which would be a vampire-type warframe. But the reality is that vampire has little right now.
  9. At least I can try, even if it's useless. There is the option to shut up and be a sad conformist, or at least criticize it, despite not being able to change it
  10. We are literally talking about a warframe that has fallen into a kind of symbiosis with sentient energy. As much as the original idea behind Revenant was that of a vampire. The current Revenant has nothing to do with it. If they want to try to amake a real vamire style warframe, they should try with the original frame leading to Revenant, Warden. Like it or not, the first thing you think of when you hear Revenant is precisely sentient energy. And his skills focus precisely on sentient themes.
  11. 1-I didnt order anyething, just suggested. 2-I know there are some skins that not fit the theme, and i also hate them. 3-Mentaliy is: if i dont like it, i will no buy it. A very normal and logic mentality. Let's see if the one who has to look at the forms is you, PD: That you do not care about the lore or the explanations behind things, does not mean that I do too.
  12. I would pref then to came up with the Warden. Warden + Warden prime, then our actual Revenant. and get a Revenant Prime or Umbra from the Warden Prime by the Helmint system. I will not develop my rev prime diea here, i already did in other post, but thats the main theory behind to make somehow fit rev prim in the lore.
  13. Yeah, but a lot of them, in one way or other, fit the theme of teir frames. Not like Limbo or the new ``thing´´ for Zephyr.
  14. Yeah, i know that, but for trying nothing will happen to me haha. I think I came up with a good explanation, but got hard ignored by DE and the community, S#&$ happends.
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