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  1. Maybe about 9? No idea. I think they are alright. Murmur farming is tedious but at least the whole process can be done in about 2 hours. I'm currently sitting on a lich with the kuva hind but don't really feel like doing it so it'll probably just sit around at level one for a while. I do plan on getting all the weapons, but I'm in no rush since I already got the ones I wanted.
  2. Seems pretty legit to me. Even though I haven't used the Brakk in a very long time I did use it a ton back in the day.
  3. 1.5 billion or something like that. Was back when Nova's antimatter drop didn't have a cap combined with a bug with punch through or something, and a Lanka. It was pretty crazy. Mind you that is on the low end of it. I heard of people hitting over 10 billion with the right buff and setup.
  4. C'mon we all know Warframe is just a collection of mini games. I have only gotten the equipment for it just to get the vasca kavat or whatever it's called, outside of that never touched it. So thankfully it's entirely unnecessary.
  5. Congrats! I'm still at 27. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm in no rush.
  6. Just keep pushing through it until you get out of newbland. I would suggest setting your matchmaking to solo unless you are having a hard time beating something until you get into higher level areas. This game does a piss poor job of explaining things so a lot of new players end up doing whatever.
  7. This mod works well with Harrow. Harrow can cut the latron's reload time enough to maintain the bonus as well as boost it's critical chance.
  8. The more enemies that negate abilities the more irrelevant other frames become compared to inaros. I personally would rather have teams not compromised of 4 inaros because abilities are rendered almost pointless. It's already sorta the case with Arbitrations, as most people I come across are running tanky frames with melee or AoE weapons.
  9. I think a live performance of the Fortuna intro song would be cool.
  10. Seriously. Imagine loading into someone's railjack that's loaded with anasa sculptures,noggles and loads of other stuff. It would be a total nightmare for optimization. If they do add the ability to decorate it should be restrictive like you said. Maybe they could give players to swap out different things in the interior like the consoles for different ones that are corpus or grineer themed or something.
  11. Yeah the earth defense and the mars defense are both awful. But do you know what is worse for me? Literally any excavation mission solo. The spawns are so just so low it's borderline unplayable at times.
  12. Would be cool. We have an infested doggo so why not a ribbon one? Also you might wanna drop the megathread tag, as that is supposed to be reserved for mods and DE staff.
  13. If people say thank you when I revive them, cool. If not, cool. I do feel like it was much more common for people to revive others and say thank you back in the day, but then again revives were a more precious resource and people also weren't self rezzing themselves the instant they go down. I generally try to make an effort to revive people, unless it's very dangerous to do so, which is almost never the case anymore with space tweens.
  14. When this comes out new players might as well keep matchmaking locked to solo. There still will be people running hydron I'm sure, but if this new hard mode is even remotely more rewarding and worth doing over the regular nodes then the regular star chart will be even more of a ghost town than it already is. Honestly I hope DE tweaks the new player experience to circumvent this but we will see I guess. In fact the same will happen with hard mode as well. Once most active vets speed through hard mode and move onto ultra, the hard mode map will also be mostly empty only with the most efficient nodes remaining fairly active, and again with the ultra star chart. Maybe the whole node system needs a rework but that's a whole beast of it's own.
  15. We don't need to go through that again. They were dark times.
  16. I'm surprised he doesn't just die the second you spawn into the mission. Tenno drops from grate. Lotus: Good job Tenno the target has been taken out....he tripped.
  17. Also I would like to add that there is a weapon that still does self damage that the community and apparently DE forgot about. Of course I'm not going to say what it is though.😁
  18. This explains why my Paris Prime was doing 600k+ crits. Not that I minded or anything.
  19. My only problem with it is the stuns on the weapons that didn't have self damage previously. Other than that I think it's fine. It's kinda fun to run around a mission as rhino or Atlas and blow things up point blank with an ogris.
  20. Bruh calling just about any melee trash right now is kinda silly. If I can slap a level 5 kuva lich around with an amphis then I'm sure the Skiajati is just fine.
  21. Yeah I've taken notice of this as well. Endless missions past rotation b is effectively dead in pubs it can still happen but it's going to be pretty rare. The mode that I usually see go longer is arbitration survival, but even that is usually 20 and done. I remember when I did an hour and a half survival run on Pallus Pluto back in 2013. May not seem like much compared to today but back then that was pretty good especially for a random pub group. The closet experience I had to that was an hour forty five minutes arbitration survival run a bit after they came out. Unless DE makes going past ten waves or minutes even more rewarding/efficient than I don't see it changing anytime soon.
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