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  1. Hello there ninjas, Idea 1:I would like to suggest to have more Alerts for PVP as first, for example exculusive stuff for the best pvp ninjas among all rewards get only 1 2 3 place, and for example into the pvp has to be everyone the same Frame so it will be balanced and with Automatic mods for the fairness into it, Second suggestion weekly or monthly PvP tournament buy ticket to enter tournament for example 20 plat should cost, Reward can be exclusive something + Title on the person like Champion of Monthly tournament or weekly depends the title will be like some aura around the player looking bad ass etc so people want to do this for real, second 3 and 4 will have also something alike it but less cool. Idea 2: Missions like murdering everything can become boring after certain time, but for example capture the flag vs hard Enemy or other players like a 1 chance for romance ( can't do team up on some like must be with randoms ) Idea 3: For Fun Gambler appears on random places each month or week you can sit and play some game like poker etc something and gamble into Credits and Exclusive for Plat, Person who wins a lot of Credits and plat gets special title or garment like the Ultimate Ninja Gambler. Idea 4: Alerts a.k.a new mission something like Huge Monster is Chasing you, so gotta show off you ninja skills by making to the end of the place for 1 min 2 min 3min depends where is the exit, if you dont make it monster gets you and murders you no Respawn gotta leave mission. Hope you like these ideas. ❤️
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