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  1. DE gave "Gamers" a new ability its called "Helminth" , it's absolutly incredible - you can do the Frame rework yourself.
  2. Thanks alot for your response! I give up for now. I have tried most of your tips and wasted a lot of forma 😀 And this mission is nothing like the normal Ophix mission's where the Sentient control % went all the way back to zero after every Ophix kill. I Think I need a long break from this Game.
  3. I use about 15 to 20 min to get to the primary objective and then I fail in less than 3 min. I have tryed this build- failed by around 5-10 sec. on a perfect run or else Voidrig dies and there is no time left to get him back.(45 sec) Buid. Voidrig -> Vitality - Steel fiber - Refuel- Stretch -Continuity- Redirection-Slipstream - Flow - Trusters - Efficiency - Intensify.- I do not have the Repair mod. Mausolon -> Electrified barrel - Venomous clip - Hollowed bullets - Parallax scope - Contamination casing- Charged bullets- Dual rounds- Primed Rubedo Lined Barrel. Btw i really hate timed (objectives) - So i hope this is not a new Warframe trix to try making things difficult(annoying) like stagger and knockdown.
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