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  1. Need help with riven price and willing to sell Zhuge 167 crit chance 102 status chance 99 electricity -52 zoom
  2. Increase reload speed -magazine capacity for secondaries and primaries. Like +70% reload speed and -30% magazine capacity +damage -magazine size Some corrupted mods needs buffs like the crit chance ones
  3. I mean even for a casual, they'll be able to reach the mr (if its mr locked) eventually. The game needs a goal anyway- Mr means very little past 16
  4. Exclusive universal cosmetics could be cool too with boss fights. Like Jackal Amor or helm. Kinda like a trophy.
  5. In an interview, they actually said that they had a Tier system when developing the game and that they might bring it back somehow. See you in 30 years
  6. Its based on the enemy level within the 3 defection missions. Tier 1 is 15-25 (Phobos), Tier 2 is 26-36 (Saturn) and Tier 3 is 30-40 (Neptune) Goodluck. Got mine from Neptune.
  7. Nice drawing, sounds really fun to play with. One can only wish 😢
  8. For solo use Octavia. Put mallet down and amp it. Just wait. Killed him a lot during solo vault runs.
  9. I can agree with that! I doubt it too, its just a suggestion. Oh me, I'll take that as a Yes.
  10. I think creating an infinite amount of riven slots could be bad, it would favor those with lots of plats or a decent amount in the way that they can buy however many rivs they want of one weapon (maybe potential primed weapons) and sell it for lots when the wep gets primed- they'll get all the supply and potential demand. This would overall make the game imbalanced as plat can be extremely easy to earn and exploit. Market will defiantly change in some way if capped is removed, and I think in a bad way for the game in general. Maybe it would be better to create another tab exclusively for Archgun rivs given the difference is that you get regular rivs from Sortie and Archgun from Arbitration. But hey, I'll gladly take like hmm like 30 of your rivs for free 😎 That way they won't be axed
  11. This is because he is a codex scanner 2.0 atm 😂 Would be better if when charged he would throw 3 out for the price of one or something and buff the damage. Creates more efficiency. They may likely give him a drone, I wonder how they'll manage to make it worthwhile at higher levels where if its like a turret that has health it could be one shot. Maybe it'll be duration based tho. In my view, we have already have lots of potential turrets in the game like sentinels- he could buff these sentinels passively to the point where they deal better damage and give him a survival buff that also applies to pets. What if he can use 2 sentinels? or maybe 45? 45 sounds good
  12. I would say that the drones should have a limit as to how many enemies it can be attached if it doesn't already. This attachment only applies damage reduction and not damage immunity, in this way the drone acts as a Trinity in some way. Drones have increased health and shield. Drone does not destroy everything it is attached to as it seems to do now. Drones should be bigger and have a small weak-point on its back that's not affected by punch-through, that allows it to be renders null at any level. (This favors invisibility frames with scoped weapons/sniper/ accuracy) Add in health stations like in Defection and ammo stations like in Cetus Drones drop cores that can be used in such health stations to ramp of the amount of HP gained for a frame (health stations has to come with a limit to revival) For every drone killed add in special buffs like plus Armor (additive) to go with these new debuffs in reviving people. Or reward people for reviving with additive Armor or some damage reduction mechanism. Or add in a screen selection where one can choose what power to increase (like an increase to strength, armor, or primary damage/status and so fourth). The selection would obviously ensue a time of invulnerability and have a limit as to how much you can select of each increase due to possible exploitation. Add new enemies in Arbitration from the new content added in game and for every faction in general, such as Fortuna enemies etc... add a little more Eximus/ Corrupted unit. Most use the Simulacrum against Corrupted enemies. Just throw everything you have. A flying T-rex? Add it. A dolphin with legs? Add that too. Introduce flying enemies like insects or insects that dig under the ground (in this way they will be immune to damage abilities) that will favor CC frames like Vauban or Hydriod. Maybe these insects (fairly large ones too) can heal the damage reduction drone. Maybe add in mini Bosses (for every 20-30 min) Maybe add in a enemie, a big bad boy, that also is affected by warframe buffs and what not- lets a a Rhino buffs the team but this big bad boy is in the range, he too will recieve the buff. GG, but this could favor CC frames, especially Nyx Anyway, increase sprint speed of enemies? Hmm, what about a portal like in ESO that takes you around the star chart every 5 minutes. Could introduce gas city and those new enemies quite well, I really want to look up in the game and find a spider staring down at me. I'm getting spooked thinking about it. Right now, weapons like the Arca Plasmor are favored heavily due to the drones and frames with high survivalbility are favored. This creates less diversity due to other weapons/frames being less efficient. This is a design flaw, but it addresses too much to change/rework. Endgame, if this is the idea of Endgame, should inspire most of the content/stuff created in the game. Endgame shouldn't derail players in using some frames, or some weapons. So in a way, I would like to see more of game mode that can put CC/squishy frames on the board, along with other or most weapons and the new content you are creating for the game. Some more: Normalize the duration spent in defence, survival and others that are impossible to gain rewards in under or equal to 5 minutes. Add better rewards such as Riven mods or riven mod components. Adding riven mods to drop table themselves could possibly make it too easy to make plat. Maybe have it as a reward for 100-150 vitus essence. If such rewards are added don't normalize the time spent, it will be too easy to get. Make riven mods craftable, with components coming from reaching a certain point in Arbitration. Or that a mini boss appears at a certain point (maybe an hour) in Arbitration that drops components (at a fairly low but high chance, like 15% or 20%). How about adding a new system (only in Arbitration as rewards with timed rotations) where faction based weapons (only those that are not of tenno) can be changed with additive stats? This would replace wraith/vanda invasions. It would be up to the player to wraithilze? or vandalize? the weapon. In a way it would be like the Zaw Guilding system but for Corpus and Grineer weaponry. Of course for some vitus essence, and maybe endo. This would be better becuase from my understanding, wraith are only obtained from invasions (with the expection of ignis) and at some point it would take many months to get wraith weapons? This would completely deny that from happening if thats how it works.
  13. I might do one too after playing him today 😀
  14. Warframes themselves are not the only problem, when warframes have to change in such a drastic way potentially then its also a problem with the games content. Theres no big content in the game that requires you to CC unless you could kill stuff with it. Theres defiantly a lack of diversity in that department where it cast its shine on certain dps synergised warframes, although I think they might bring Raids back. Frankly, when you have as much spammable CC as Vauban (with the rework potentially creating more effiency), giving damage buffs (all sorts of buff including range for Vortex and how damage is calulated) in a way that makes spam/hit enemies= ramp up more damage and a survialbility buff would make him staight up viable for any content and viable for high lvl content where you are trying to minimize the risk of dying. I'd argue he'd be on par with Nidus, cause of course CC is king afterall 😎. Yes Vauban is quite bad and deveres a rework. Lets see what they got cooking. I hope its a delicous omelette of railway DESTRUCTION.
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