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  1. Banshee is still serviceable for sure, one of my favorites along with Vauban who is still serviceable as well. She is probably one day going to get a rework regardless or something changed. And with the missions, Fortuna and Mot are still probably the only missions that remain somewhat difficult for specific frames when you solo for some time. I feel like they can do better in terms of such content though, something that would encompass all of which they have done in the game in terms of missions including archwing.
  2. I mean it is a good idea to have Soul Punch do that and I tried to place it within the updated rework in some way Even if its not an issue for you, I still would think its a possibility that can make the frame essentially worse than Banshee in pretty much every way or somewhat close to Ember.
  3. Hmm but wouldn't it always be better to recast Shadows, instead of constantly recasting Soul Punch for 1 Shadow and potentially losing all others? I can see that being used mostly when Nekros dies, but you won't be able to gain all Shadows back upon death so it's still a risk vs risk in terms trying to gain back all energy for Shadow of the Dead/Terrify and trying to gain Shadows one by one through Soul Punch/Terrify. And either way, Desecrate would require Nekros to still kill things which would be impeded by a number of weapons/lvl of enemies So would it be enough for just Soul Punch to change? I'm no too sure If his first 3 abilities used Health instead of energy, I think that would also at least help because you'll always start at full health to be able to cast enough abilities to get back your Shadows without the use of Desecrate/killing to gain energy based on rng. And also you'll re able to cast Terrify and Soul Punch more to get easier kills while managing your Shadows with energy, which is how Nekros most viable/versatile build for multiples types of content is played. I wish there were more updates to Warframes in general. Hopefully whatever they're working is good.
  4. Well what I meant was simply the fact that you can use Soul Punch as a way of not using your weapons to get new shadows like any player would do, because in your suggestion you’ll be able to create new shadows from soul punch without the need to kill as you say. This is not bad in the case you mentioned, which is one of his flaws. I too would like him to remain mostly the same. The only real thing I changed without adding suggestions was the ability to kill shadows and a greater ability to CC enemies to the point where it would streamline the process of killing them and getting new/stronger shadows. In terms of playstyle, I think he’ll be largely the same frame but a lot more use/management out of all abilities especially if going for the passive. If anything, I think your idea should be borderline for a Nekros rework. Although, I think it can be developed more within reasonable ways to solve other things that his kit doesn’t have such as the ability to kill shadows to make new ones or debuffs to enemies on a kit that relies on weapons.
  5. What if Tidal Surge and Undertow were just combined? Along with everything about the movement that you said Maybe damage could be increased when moving while Undertow, instead of evaporating What if Tentacles were smaller so that they won't have the ability to fling enemies around or throw enemies? Like they would just hold onto your foot or something and not let you move and it would be guaranteed.
  6. I think this suggestion is a very different point of view because it would allow Nekros to forgo killing enemies in some situations whereas I want Nekros to keep killing things with his weapons in order to manage the amount Shadows. I just him to do the killing part better. One suggestion that I read which seems to be a compromise to my general idea and your idea of Soul Punch is to have Soul Punch kill an enemy when the enemy is below a certain health threshold. Anyway I put down your suggestion because it would be better.
  7. The first line just depends on your view of it. I could even make it simpler to the point where it would seem like a non rework to me. I am aware that Nekros can be good when he can tank with the aug. I not saying with this rework that he is a bad frame, I am saying that he could be designed better like a lot of other frames. And to the problem you stated, I gave him a much better CC option with Soul Punch+Terrify with a buff to weapons and the consume mechanic for Shadows that would allow him to better get his footing back much faster when losing everything by dying. I've changed most of his abilities to affect Health and a part about the consume mechanic that allows Nekros to manage the Damage boost from Shadows and DR from the aug, if using it You'll still probably only use like 1 mod on duration, most of the game modes do not require 90% DR anyway especially with a better CC option and Health Conversion and if you can manage health with the passive, you'll probably won't need 214% for the 300+% boost to both Health and Damage. So you'll still largely be the same, maybe modding for more range in the same build that you mod for strength for the passive and CC. Again, I don't want to change his abilities because I mostly find them useful, just want to add more to them.
  8. I mean the Health and Damage buff that the Shadows receive within the ability. This would help his reliance on killing higher leveled enemies to get stronger Shadows, and the health buff would help in tanking more effectively while killing to gain new Shadows. And I know you can just put the Aug in and tank while killing, but I wanted to somewhat put more meaning into the use of the Shadows.
  9. What about combining Tidal Surge with Undertow? Leaves for a new ability and a more streamlined mobile/CC Undertow I'd say that Vauban's Vortex and Bastille needed less reason to be combined (and those did combined) than Tidal Surge and Undertow
  10. Suggestions: The casting animations seem unnecessary and problematic for survivability Bastille/Vortex: Bastille converts shields into +Armor Orbital Strike: Enemies hit by Orbital Strike have damage vulnerability from all sources that stacks with the Passive or that the Orbital Strike does what the damage amp mine does Enemies under the cast of Orbital Strike are slowed down Minelayer: The damage vulnerability from the Orbital Strike suggestion could replace the damage amp in Minelayer, in which maybe Tesla can be moved to Minelayer (casting multiple at once) The Speed pad affects enemies and sends them rag-dolling to the direction that the pad is facing for potentially faster Armor gain/Armor Removal from Bastille. Gain fire rate boost after using it. The Nail turret damages enemy weaponry/robotics and nullifies them Power Strength affects the amount pulled by Tether? New mine or new first ability: A short duration deployable shield that allows Vauban to take bullets/rockets with health of Shield based on Armor. Cannot be used on Allies/ cannot be picked up by allies.
  11. Someone made a Warframe based on dancing somewhere, maybe a year ago I saw it. Maybe it could be a new frame concept.
  12. Yeah, this is not too bad either and thematically reasonable Although something that could go better into Chroma's kit with this passive is turning all Spectral Scream abilities into an AoE projectile that lingers and deals proc-less self damage but maybe buffs allies that go through the lingering effect. Like the Toxin one could increase fire rate if going through it and what not. In this way Chroma would have access to use that passive without the need of a stat stick or specific enemies and help charge up Vex.
  13. I think for an ability that requires you to lose Shield and Health, a Healing Return like passive is enough reason for it to exist design wise. In my eyes, I think what you are saying is more fitted towards his 1st and 4th ability- where do those abilities work for his kit beyond thematic reason and so fourth, as they don't have much reason for existing in the way they exist
  14. I mean since hunter exist, wouldn't it be better just to equip that? I would prefer to have passive health/shield regen similar to Healing Return since Vex Armor requires that damage be taken but he has no form of gaining health expect for Element Ward which has its own problems if used to Heal.
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