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  1. To be able to see a chat-linked riven's real stats for your weapon, instead of seeing stats for the base weapon which is sometimes REALLY misleading due to how vastly different riven dispositions can be between regular weapon version vs prime/wraith/kuva/etc versions. And I imagine they spam it because it's being ignored and things shouldn't be half-implemented, they wanted to split off disposition so they need to do it proper.
  2. For scarlet spear in particular? You can use Nova with high strength (check how much you need to reach the capped amount of slowdown) and duration to slow them down and provide double damage against them. Mesa can be quite nice for them as she can have easy damage output and damage reduction, but at the later stages in space she does need help (limbo, nova, frost, buffs, something...). Various other warframes can be used to give yourself some buffs or tankyness... you could start by saying what you currently have. Sentients use ferrite armor so you can use corrosive to get 75% bonus damage against them, however they're immune to status procs. Paracesis can reset their resistances and kill them well enough. Skiajati has umbra mod slots so you can use those mods to get some bonus sentient damage, but paracesis is better because of the damage res reset. Sentients are immune to procs last I checked.
  3. The mod doesn't say it ignores stagger, but it reduces it (and frankly doesn't reduce it enough, the fast stagger animation is still quite slow) I suggest you re-test without the mod at multishot=1 and shoot a few rounds at the exact same distance from your character and notice how BAD the stagger is, then add the mod and notice how less bad it is. Next test with multishot 2+ and the mod to see if it's on average worse or the same amount of bad staggers.
  4. One could say it's impossible... because there are no +100 zekti reactors 😛 At mk3 zekti have 70 to 80, lavan have 80 to 90 and vidar have 90 to 100 avionic capacity.
  5. Did you do this solo? Last I played this it doesn't complete if you didn't deal any damage to the specter.
  6. Playing with Khora to pick them up easier I also notice that sometimes I'm not getting any points from kills as a client when going around the body with venari alive, so pretty much desync. Other times the points just drop in unreachable places, especially in that new map. And frankly it's very annoying to pick them up manually, that's the main reason I started playing Khora in index.
  7. The aerolysts are actually bugged with limbo, they can't be damaged AT ALL if they're in the rift. Catchmoon does work quite nicely on them at least.
  8. There was almost always a limbo in murex, I've even joined a murex with 3 of them (I was mesa). However this isn't a nerf, it's a fix. Sentients adapt a lot of other abilities reducing their duration so why shouldn't they adapt to limbo's stasis. Regardless, if you actually kill the sentients and not just afk then it's still quite fine.
  9. Why is it extended on all platforms if it's extended because of early launch issues? Are consoles gonna get the same issues? (yes, I know they won't 😛)
  10. You sure it's not because of you have 0 remaining capacity? Others have reported that to be the issue:
  11. Also: aerolyst's vials can't be damaged at all if it's in limbo's rift. Specifically #4 ability, both the aerolyst and warframes trying to damage it were covered by the rift bubble but couldn't damage it, as soon as limbo closed the bubble we could damage it.
  12. So in scarlet spear I was hosting a squad of a friend and 2 people from recruiting, we played 2x5 murex so far and were going to play a 3rd, but the game decided nope. As soon as I started, everyone in the squad left and my friend screenshotted this: I tried inviting them again but all of them failed to join (at least that's what it said in my chat). Meanwhile another player joined through matchmaking as the session was public.
  13. Using rank 10 tactical's ability to teleport to a player, you can't close the tactical menu until the teleportation sequence is done, that makes you vulnerable to any enemy that might appear during that time.
  14. Were you in operator mode the entire time? Did you abort at some point or did it say mission fail? Were you host or client? Did you play with others and what was their intrinsics count? Were you stationary for a few minutes? That might've marked you for AFK and given you no rewards. And give other details too, don't just answer these questions only. People do get intrinsics and if you want it fixed you best narrow it down with as many details as you can.
  15. Happened again now, murex again as host, was waiting in the RJ for a ramsled to hit so I can wipe'em out, I casted nova's 4 preemptively and was looking through the side window (not controlling turret) at the ramsled coming... ramsled hit, bounced off a bit and then game closed, the end. EDIT: And they host migrated, I was able to join them back, got to finish the current murex and then we couldn't enter the next murex. New host didn't even see any of the ships, had to return to relay early but it was 20mins left when we started so we couldn't do one more to get the entire 5 murex anyway, ragequit at that point xD
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