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  1. Constantly seeing a white hexagon with a small white shape inside it in the corner of my eye makes me think there's an ayatan dropped nearby but in fact it's octavia's roller, it's very distracting! Make it colored blue like every other ally icon out there, there's no reason for it to be white. Here's a shot with both of them in the same image, I hope you can see how similar they are when you're not looking directly at them, having to be constantly check if it's a roller or an ayatan.
  2. I'm not seeing this video you mention linked anywhere in your post :P
  3. I got the same thing with octavia's helmet after I claimed it the day after, but the thing is it added it to the twitch's claimed list and also gave it ingame... So whatever error twitch has there, seems inconsequential xD Check ingame if you've received them to see if you had the same thing as me (it takes a few minutes for inbox msg to arrive after you login btw). EDIT: It took ~30mins to get ingame message with them after I claimed 2 noggles when I posted this message, I got the error aswell but as I said it seems to not affect anything =) It's just scarry.
  4. I missed the "crafted" part in the tooltip, even though I checked it. The "Hide owned" really needs to stop showing bps for crafted things. It's getting tiring, and I'm sure support is also tired of people buying stuff they already have and contacting them to revert.
  5. The low FPS seems to be the dojo props being loaded/spawned in realtime instead of during loading screen. And the more props the dojo has the longer that low FPS state goes. I'm not sure if this happens for host player in the squad too, but it certainly happens to clients.
  6. I tried with the cadenza helmet to watch stream and not claim it then claim it now after about 20h, it's giving me the most "useful" error ever: "Error occured: drop was not claimed" and I'm stuck with that unclaimed drop there... is this how it's supposed to work or should I have been able to claim it? I don't really care about this drop in particular, all I care about is being able to leave my PC running for the 2am prime time like I was doing before :( EDIT: I just got ingame message with the helmet bp, it did actually give it even though it still shows up as "claim now" an
  7. I know, that's why I'm not a fan of it, it's just bad. Let sentinels get down and be revived manually!!1 :}
  8. Can you guys do re-runs (with drops :P ) for players who have to sleep during your stream schedule? Prime time for me is at 2am for example :/
  9. I can't stay for prime time because it starts at 2am so it's not really fair (same for a lot of other people that should sleep at that time). Maybe have a re-run scheduled 12h after so that people can tune in and claim drops too? (excluding people who already got the drop in the live one)
  10. Are you talking about manual resummon like venari or automatic respawn after a while, like dijinn's mod? I'm not really a fan of the venari system either, I never notice when it dies until I actually need its effects, like in index where I use khora to pickup points more lax. I suggest instead that sentinels go down like other pets, they'd drop down from your shoulder onto the floor and be revived with use. Additionally, dead pets should all be revived when you force-revive yourself, right now only sentinels are revived with you but cats/dogs/moas are not, would
  11. So that you can complete them before they exist on steam and thefore be unable to complete them on steam? :P
  12. You gotta give some details on the graphics settings and your hardware... Not sure what blur you're talking about, the stuck motion blur or dynamic resolution reducing your rendered pixels? Both are sideeffects of the freezing you're getting. But at first sight that looks like shader caching (or whatever it was called) from DX12, which they did mention will be a thing (but they underestimated how bad it can be for some hardware). Like online multi-streaming? That's not a fast operation, it very well may be the cause for your freezes, depends... without de
  13. Except you can't trade the cosmetics, so if you want everything they can offer you must swap sides. Or if you just want all the mods, trading would be just insanity because of how many there are =) EDIT: I should really read the entire thread before replying as there's a high chance someone else is saying the same thing xD
  14. The bug here is the description not being the one you see in helminth screen for the ability, check that one out too.
  15. Yes, but I want to explode it, that's why I'm reporting this inconsistency :} Any downsides to having heavy and secondary on same key? I might just do that, because pressing both at once manually isn't great because if I press the return one before the explode one it will not explode :/
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