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  1. As host they work fine, but as a client I found myself having to hit the item or move around it more until it realises there's loot in its range. This does happen to anything that can be grabbed at range by fetch/vacuum mods, mods, reactant, resources, everything, but it doesn't always happen and likely depends on the hosts' performance and ping to them. It's extremely annoying when trying to find statues, medallions or caches because unpickupable loot icons are a hint that it's probably one of the things I'm looking for, but it's just misleading and wastes time. Here's one example, I certainly have fetch because I picked up a lot of items at range, but this one refuses to get grabbed, I just sat there staring at it and it at me while I made the screenshot, then proceeded to pick it up the old fashion way xD ^ you can see 97ms ping with the host. This and the other medallion bug is why I play syndicate missions solo 😞
  2. I also didn't know there was a feedback thread on this, so here's my late feedback. I'm quite indifferent to this reward, it's not something I'll play distruption to get because I don't find the reward useful since Wukong's celestial twin is superior. What I would play disruption for is something that allows me to open relics faster 😛 maybe if disruption mode acted as a relic opening for every succesful node (so each player picks 4 relics and then they're opened) OR everyone picks 1 relic but everyone gets all opened relics rewards instead of picking one of them, but only if all nodes are succesfully defended, if one gets destroyed then it's regular 1 reward pick. The tricky part is reactant... as in any fissure mode, it's so wildly random that if you have no control over mission flow it's just frustrating. I had interceptions just not drop reactant even though we waited for enemies to get corrupted before killing them, but that's another topic :} That sounds good actually, at least there's gonna be something to do with that lens for people who already maxed all existing schools xD
  3. It might be a search issue, try searching for "prime" or try the game in english, to confirm the mod doesn't exist.
  4. Medallions get completely removed from the world when everyone picks them up which means anyone else joining later will get less than 8. Late joining players happen quite a lot in syndicate missions because they're not that frequently played. But I've also noticed that in defense missions people join around wave 5 all at once, this happened multiple times for me. I was on the small grineer ship defense/interception map and left the medallions for people to grab if they join, but not many people are aware of that and won't do the same and in survival missions with huge maps I also can't do that because I lose track of them and won't be able to get them afterwards. Please make medallions persist so that future joining players can collect them too without requiring players to not pick them up until squad is full. I also suspect the same thing happens with reactant for fissure missions, I've seen quite a few times people joining so late that we're already at the extraction and they find absolutely no reactant despite us waiting and them exploring the entire map, and no more enemies spawn afterwards either... As for other important pickups like ayatan sculptures and stars, I dunno if this issue happens to them aswell.
  5. I tried doing the chorus of this but with all the instruments WF has I can't quite get it. Craig Rempel - A Little Bit Closer, the chorus at 0:33 https://youtu.be/8E5YvivFNyA?t=33 Thanks :}
  6. In orbiter you're in a squad connection. However in dojos and various other public places you get a different kind of connection, a more data limited one. Did you notice how people not in your squad barely have animations? Also it kinda makes sense why dojo duelling requires a map change I guess.
  7. I also constantly get waypoints turning me back because I fly through doorways. Also the 3D waypoint doesn't agree with the minimap waypoint, sometimes the minimap shows the correct way but even minimap shows wrong sometimes. In some rare cases the game just gives up showing me room-by-room waypoints and shows me the objective or extraction directly. This sometimes happens at the start of the level to everyone as it was apparent that nobody knew where to go.
  8. I experienced the same thing a few times, the times where I was a client. Most likely it's the host's language.
  9. But why an arbitrary range which isn't printed anywhere ingame, IMO it should be either affinity range or map-wide, makes things simpler.
  10. In a 4-player recruiting-channel-made squad in excavation arbitration, it started with 2 of us getting instantly killed by I dunno what, at around the same time, and the excavator. Even though there were barely any enemies and khora's stranglehold and frost's bubble were up keeping them in check... one denial bursa was not, and it was slamming the ground when I died mid air. Then I got to really low hp instantly from seemingly nothing about 2 times. After that we noticed that excavators were being deployed when nobody was near them. And then the host also got insta killed by nothing, after which we extracted early 😕 Here's my log, hopefully the other players will also report this issue. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p41md7ta57j0gea/EE - arbitration insta killed.log?dl=0 The other player that was with me when we died at the same time was Red182, I parsed the log with https://semlar.com/deathlog and it says: 19:14:54 - <HunterDigi> took 1,197 damage at 3,252 health from a ELITE CREWMAN using a NpcThrowGrenadeWeapon 19:15:13 - <Red182> took 188 damage at 593 health from a NULLIFIER CREWMAN using a SniperRifle Which is probably not it, but I can't see any other place where we both got damaged... Then I only see one instance where the host got damage: 19:35:47 - <Lysergic69> took 526 damage at 2,084 health from a ELITE CREWMAN using a NpcThrowGrenadeWeapon And he says he was inside the frost bubble when he died.
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