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  1. This is even worse when you consider that the deimos achievements don't exist on steam, if you played that area and got the achievements in the ingame profile, then it's very likely they won't unlock when they (or if they ever) arrive to steam...
  2. These shots are in the same mission, a few seconds apart.
  3. From what I can tell, imgur removed the metadata comment. You can upload them in a zip or just use the zendesk way as they suggest.
  4. That's pretty hard to tell where it is, if you're there again use F6 to get a screenshot with metadata:
  5. Oh, does that mean the sisters of parvos update is some time away? :(
  6. that means we have to wait for dog days to end first? ughhhhhhh, now I hate this event even more xD
  7. Still a problem, can't go into mdef because I know I'd have to wait around next to the first objective for people to join, solo is so boring and timed defense doesn't make that any better...
  8. I had a similar thing recently when I started using kuva ogris, at the start of a defense wave I shot it at some distant enemies and hit something nearby and downed myself (not staggered but downed, waiting for revive!), nothing else could've downed me as no enemies were near nor shooting at us yet. Also I lost all gameplay function when I got revived by someone else, I could not move, cast, go operator, could do absolutely nothing (except chat and open esc menu). I tried /unstuck and it just moved me somewhere else (didn't expect that to do anything anyway), had to just be useless for the entire mission xD
  9. You can master an item only once, if you had already mastered that warframe, building a 2nd copy won't give you mastery again. But not much context is given, we have to assume a lot of things about your situation.
  10. So far I've tried Vapor Specter (protea) and Corrupted Lancer Specter, neither of them wanted to sit still in today's interception sortie, and followed me around. The only one that did stay was the on-call railjack crew member.
  11. To reproduce simply use Cedo's secondary attack towards a melee enemy that can block, like the grineer guards from Ceres or some melee corpus found in Railjack. This stagger is normally caused by meleeing those enemies, but this isn't a melee attack so it shouldn't remote-stagger me from attacking them.
  12. I actually don't care about DS, seems like a huge investment for not much gain, from my experience. I'd prefer they spend some dev time making the migration system flawless, make it impossible to kick players to main menu because "lost connection" instead of migrating me solo so I can extract after a long farm... Or better yet, pause the game and retry connection to host with a popup showing a countdown to automatic migration to solo and a button to migrate to solo right away.
  13. I kinda want to be host sometimes too. But not as a permanent toggle, instead, something I can do while clicking a mission node to allow me to be host that time. There used to be this glitch that if you cancelled joining a mission, clicking it again would vote and therefore make you host, that is kinda impossible to do since the matchmaking improvements that join me lightning fast now. My reasons for needing to be host: - I have a simaris target and getting placed in a too-long-running mission means my target doesn't spawn, this is quite depressing to have to go out of my way to play solo because it always finds me someone to join and it's always too late to spawn it... - It's a sabotage that has those 3 caches and I wanna open them, but that means I'll have to backtrack quite significantly if I'm placed in an existing mission, which can be as far as the reactor! - For defense/ESO/whatever else that might go better with a certain build but I really want to use the support build for the main role, e.g. speedva or trinity or whatever relevant, if I could make myself host I can hit the "wait for players" and triggert a 20s countdown once the first player joins, then there's enough time for everyone to pick their builds before it actually starts. Recruiting chat would be overkill for this sort of thing, and take way too long when I can simply use the matchmaking system with a little time to prepare. - Railjack, I'd prefer to use my own ship if I can help it, because I've invested in it and makes missions less of a drag, and I also don't mind if someone else wants to pilot, but I do mind when joining a mission and their weapons are absolutely useless :/ Which is why Lavos ftw because I can bypass that with abilities, but still not great especially against corpus crewships that nobody bothers to take down and it's the reason I'm yet to even get Lavan Laith&Vort MK3 xD There might be a few more reasons that escape me right now.
  14. Why are you not adding the 3 new kuva weapons before sisters of parvos update? Would've been something to play until then :(
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