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  1. It's fixed yes, I've used napalm on kuva ogris for a few months now.
  2. Oh, the 2nd sentence was about this topic. Knowing that a player cannot get rid of items currently used by foundry in construction then how is this bugreport not a bug? Even if the item was removed by some backend system, it's still a bug because it didn't properly remove it by not considering foundry xD
  3. Yeah confirmed aswell with primed euphona, the parts vanish from inventory as soon as I start building, and it does return them on cancel yes. Only thing it doesn't return is argon crystals AFAIK. I'm confused as how any of this is not a bug, it's intended for parts to just vanish while building with them? xD
  4. Maybe the game should consume those parts on build start and return them on cancel, same way it does with resources.
  5. Not a bug, melee that can have infinite combo duration will reset their combo when used with melee-buffed abilities, this started with Xoris and was mentioned in the update notes when Tenet melee were added:
  6. Great. Malice was also already dead when I shot a rocket mid-air towards a group of enemies, I think I had magnetize on me from Malice and rocket killed me, and since I was mid-air I continued flying, right into the mobile defense objective... and killed that too... If you really want to turn our projectiles against us then change their damage values (when they change faction) to match the enemy's normal damage, because insta killing objective from BS like this is not cool.
  7. Well there is an inconsistency with Mesa's pacemaker and Kuva Guardian demolysts, Mesa can't target them after they lose their invulnerability staff... I don't know if this a problem only for demolyst versions of Guardians though, but it's kind of a sudden surprise that you can't target just that one enemy xD
  8. Oh, that kinda sux, so you're still very gimped in trying the warframe at its full potential from the get-go :/ I frankly really dislike the ranked abilities system, unlocking them progressively is one thing, but getting a really crappy version of it just makes it harder to use the frame in higher levels, where one of high MR would usually play... That's a nice one at least :}
  9. Killing (not capturing) a sister does give you an already built hound in the foundry which has the sister's name on it, not a generic hound head name.
  10. You choose to see it like that, but that's not what they addressed. They changed it to 23h to be easier to keep a schedule with building it the same time every day.
  11. Can we do something about sortie's rank 30 requirement too? It sucked not being able to bring Nidus Prime to sortie just because it wasn't fully ranked :/
  12. When I start RJ with myself as host it loads in seconds and when I'm already in a RJ mission as a client and they load another node it also loads fast. There's something really wrong with joining someone because it takes several minutes, and not just a fluke, it's pretty much every single time I join someon on a in-progress railjack mission, be it fissure, normal, lich/sister takedown, whatever, takes minutes to "load"... which it clearly doesn't load, there's some synchronization going on probably but it's very inefficient or buggy that it takes so long on so many people. I backed up EE.log maybe it has something useful there... but I dunno what section to look into even, what to look for when I join someone? I know when it ends loading because I wrote in chat that it took forever.. also, in this particular mission, it was RJ spy and the host was alone and they finished the entire mission just after I joined. I did have minutes-long loadings in normal WF missions too, but it's quite rare compared to RJ.
  13. Red boil? Are you talking about the Helminth Cyst ? That one is removable by Helminth in your ship, but if you don't have a Helminth Charger (dog) then make one of those first as the cyst is used up for it.
  14. Not a bug, there was a grineer invasion that won and they're occupying the node. Wiki says this invaded status stays for 24h from the invasion siege ending time.
  15. I've noticed that (in the past) the crafted things didn't have a price on the icon in NW store, but now that's been "fixed" and there's still no at-a-glance way to tell if I own them...
  16. All those RJ fixes but none of them fix the inability to swap guns in forward artilery position if you changed your "change weapon" bind to something other than F...
  17. Moved? It'll no longer be part of the survival rewards? I guess that's nice for people farming ash or whatever is in that survival. @(PSN)AbBaNdOn_ Not in orb vallis, they're raknoids in corpus RJ interiors, they're about as tall as you and don't have overshields. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Aurax_Atloc_Raknoid
  18. They haven't fixed the riven, I have no kitgun rivens and 2 shotgun ones (and played the alert twice)... but I think you can tell which one it is by using 'kitgun' in search, one of the shotgun rivens shows up for that. DE really needs to fix those rivens to show up as kitgun... that'll make everyone's lives easier, including DE's, to avoid getting bugreports and scam reports on this preventable issue.
  19. Can you guys change the previous riven to show up as a kitgun one? Would suck for people buying one of those fake shotgun rivens xD
  20. Someone mentioned in region chat that an enemy can shoot at Tenet Envoy's projectile and that will cause it to deal damage to you and your allies... that's probably what happens with Kuva Ogris too. I also got this issue quite a few times, viral proccing myself out of the blue or just outright suiciding with it :/
  21. Game's EE.log shows all deaths, this site can parse it to show only those: https://semlar.com/deathlog And save a copy of that log too to submit to DE in case they ask for it.
  22. It's now the next week and 3h after daily reset, Teshin again does not have the item... I just logged in aswell and I did try re-starting game and same thing. Last week I claimed it around 23h after reset, we'll see when it appears this time...
  23. My 2 cents: Forma is bad for diversity because it's an investment to lock you into a specific build. Forma should act more like Aura Forma where it allows you to make a slot halve the capacity requirement of anything you place there... hack, maybe even make a new infinite blueprint Universal Forma that takes 2-3 regular Forma to build, if you think Forma is too easy to get for it to act like so universal... The main reason I like level-40 weapons is because it allows me to diversify my build even if I place the wrong mod type into a slot, because there's so much capacity available.
  24. It's not that simple, there's so many ways people play that it's impossible to find stuff like that. I for example never experienced that particular issue in the 50+ sisters&liches I did since the sisters update. I also rarely seen liches/sisters get stuck, it must be tied to some ability or behavior... like, if you stab and the lich/sister leaves while a player is joining you're probably gonna break something, at least for the joining player because I've seen that happen as that joining player... and it's also nice to wait so that they can get the murmur too, which is likely how devs are gonna play-test :P Also, they're always playing the recent update features on their streams, and I know some devs also stream on their personal channels, like Pablo, so you cannot claim that they don't play their game... you however can claim that they ignore issues, because they're always literally overwhelmed by them xD
  25. I feel this is too much, it should have a falloff effect near the edge so only if you blast yourself in the face you get the full jump-backwards stagger. Stagger severity seems scaled by the gun damage, if I mod Kuva Ogris or Akarius for damage and crawl closer and closer to a wall while shooting, I get full stagger animation suddenly, no "hands in front of face" animation, which I can get if I completely remove all mods on the gun. This is especially annoying on guns that can't reduce stagger with mods, like Akarius.
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