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  1. I played wyrmius from ludoplex for like a minute until I died and it counted.
  2. This is still an issue in the recent hotfix. Pressing rightshift which is set to dodge/sprint makes it blink but that's not a solution... I somehow fixed it by fiddling with bindings. The binds were already exactly as I have them now: leftshift = sprint, C = roll, rightshift = sprint/roll. I changed leftshift to be sprint/roll and I disliked it so I went back to leftshift=sprint and rightshift=sprint/roll... but I also bound it to C again. And one of those things fixed it, C now blinks again. This makes no sense to me, I hope it does for you (devs) as you have more internal knowledge of the game and I hope you fix it.
  3. The intrinsic is not that useful, it only locks for half a second so you have to spam the click to keep locking. And there's a bug that the lead indicator is really inaccurate on projectile weapons, so makes it even more useless for me as I really like the projectile ones, the beam ones don't feel great to shoot and cryophon is really not that useful anymore. I'd downgrade if I could and if MRxp is based on intrinsics gained and not intrinsics ranked.
  4. Seems fine here. If you get more standing is it still stuck at tier 7?
  5. You're likely getting affinity from other people's kills, which don't matter what they killed with and it gets split 25% to WF and 75% to weapons evenly on your side. Record a video of a solo run and don't use the weapon that needs affinity. Also show the quick mission progress frequently so people can see the affinity gain.
  6. That's pretty much how it works. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity
  7. Both in RJ missions and PoE, pressing my dodge key while going forward (not the dodge/sprint) does absolutely nothing, blinking simply no longer works for me since Hotfix 27.5.3.
  8. It doesn't seem to be a skin, it says its airsupport releases powerful soundwaves destroying weaker enemies while stunning more powerful ones. Can't say I like the model, it's weirdly rounded and low poly... I would've liked some hard surface design instead of this oldschool mesh wrapping that looks not great IMO (which is what is used in a lot of models in this game 😞 )
  9. Probably due to deferred rendering being enabled on my end or probably because of flip-whatever optimization for borderless. Saw it in orokin and uranus so far but it probably happens everywhere there's that klind of glass (didn't see it in old corpus ship tileset). https://imgur.com/a/YiJ7lVW Easiest to replicate is to play uranus assassination, the last room where the boss fight happens has all the glass surfaces flickering, each at their own rate.
  10. Yeah not getting a lich just for that, would do that if there's additional content to liches... corpus liches when? Or simply some more kuva weapons.
  11. Airburst on corinth prime requires manual detonation by clicking again. As for the 2nd thing, ask in players-helping-players or submit a bugreport of your own if you went through all that and determined it is a bug.
  12. This wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't locked into a cinematic without any way of skipping or doing anything, there's no menu and esc key does nothing. And yes, I did see these dialogs before a long time ago when fortuna update dropped and I finished the quest and all that stuff. The Business and Legs have the dialog after finishing the fortuna quest. Smokefinger, Ticker, Rude Zuud and Roky have their first-time introductions. Eudico and Little Duck have their usual chats with no cinematic hiding the menu away, but Eudico is telling me about geology because of the event, I dunno if she'll also tell me about the quest once the event goes away. Images of the conversations and how the talk menu doesn't exist (NOTE: spoilers): https://imgur.com/a/Tnn1vpI
  13. Intrinsics are not avionics, don't use the words interchangeably. And to clarify, this is not a bug, just equip the ones you have and farm for the ones you don't (in incomplete tab marked as preview).
  14. I don't think this is a bug, the game probably detected it would be better if someone else hosted to help performance. Or maybe host had game set to laptop mode and it just picked someone else that had PC mode instead, because I think that setting is basically "I don't wanna be host" if set as laptop.
  15. Not sure what you mean, it's not tied to sprint. I have different keys for sprint and dodge and blink activates on dodge. Problem is the dodge forward animation was always quite useless and now it punishes you for trying to blink when blink is not yet charged (the HUD doesn't provide enough feedback when it's charged, it just fades away) or when trying to blink near some structure (murex/anomaly ship entrance for example).
  16. Playing Salacia(Neptune) shows all enemies everywhere on the map which highlights how really bad the spawns are and also how badly they navigate, and 90% of the time they simply don't move. What makes it worse is that players pretty much always go hunting for those enemies which means no shared affinity and if I want the loot (like in this event's case, cryprographic alu) I have to go back to wherever they all died... Fixing the AI and all that would take time, but in the meantime please add unlimited affinity range and shared pickups for all archwing missions (similar to RJ), this would make it less annoying to play especially in interception where people HAVE to be apart. After that, on mdef at least, the AI needs to spawn close to the objective only (not on players) and not get stuck on literally anything.
  17. Archwing gets staggered from too many things, in a fight especially I can barely do anything because I'm constantly staggered, this is silly. Archwing can't blink into places where RJ can't go, It shouldn't care about RJ's colliders, it should obey its own colliders and blink until it actually hits something. And if blink fails you just scuttle forward a bit which is quite a useless animation and it gets more annoying every time I see it. The old railjack drift+boost was great for long travel, now I have to farm a low level world just to get Cruising Speed avionic to be able to even fly between things at a faster pace... why does that not drop on all RJ nodes anyway? The avionic is also extremely situational because its 3km range of disabling sounds quite large (I wouldn't know because after dozens of earth missions I still haven't found that avionic). While I like the doubled regular speed, the boost and drift are feel so tiring to use because they run out so fast. I can only imagine how painful it would be to play Scarlet Spear on Murex with this boost setup, having to slowly move towards the next murex because boost runs out so fast... boost+drift was barely sufficient for that as it was. And cruising speed avionic won't even help there because there's fighters everywhere. Also the vidar engine is still king from the looks of those stats, the boost multiplier offered by the others is even less useful now that boost runs out so fast. Crew ships no longer get destroyed when their HP reaches 0, why was this removed? Now they just take absolutely no damage even if they still have engines up when that happens. Also makes BFG show 0 damage aswell but at least it does make them explode.
  18. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Velocitus projectiles get stuck mid air near structures. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: With velocitus, fly inside this structure where sometimes lootable rocks spawn: https://i.imgur.com/N9jWCBB.png and try to destroy the ore from some distance, you won't be able to because the projectile doesn't travel much, and you can see one in that image aswell. EXPECTED RESULT: I expect projectiles to not be blocked by things I can pass through in AW (ship-only collider?) OBSERVED RESULT: Projectiles are blocked. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  19. I disagree aswell, this will ruin pre-made squads for certain relics. I don't care if it shows for endless as that's a really slow mode, it should show for all mission types. If it gets tweaked for it to not show relics to matchmaking players joining then that's fine by me, just don't negatively impact premade squads.
  20. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack weapons, can't upgrade a built ~58% weapon with a 60% wreck, see image album for details. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/fVCSKrX REPRODUCTION: In above image. EXPECTED RESULT: I expect to be able to upgrade something that is clearly not maxed, even if the item I'm sacrificing is maxed. OBSERVED RESULT: Can't upgrade with a maxed item. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  21. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Certain pre-spawned items in railjack missions don't get pulled by vacuum VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Find where the item in the image is placed in RJ missions, one group in particular refuses to get vacuumed. EXPECTED RESULT: All items get vacuumed. OBSERVED RESULT: Certain items don't get vacuumed. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% if you can find this exact spawn group.
  22. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Archwing can't blink when near structures in space VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Fly near wrecks or boss asteroid bases, blink will at some point stop working and will instead dodge forward. EXPECTED RESULT: I expect blink to work regardless of what I am near. OBSERVED RESULT: Blink breaks when near some structures. REPRODUCTION RATE: ~75%
  23. Why do the new avionics have houses mentioned on them? You just said you got rid of houses! 😛
  24. In thrall missions, when a thrall spawns there's like a horn+drum sound. That sound only plays if you're the host, as a client I can see the thrall icon popping up but no sound.
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