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  1. Do you demand satisfaction? If so, pray tell why you're begging pardon, sir!
  2. Actually it is. It is 100% factually and undeniably your fault. Also, life ain't fair.
  3. HUNTERS! We cannot let this synthetic destroy our kind. ATTACK! I haven't read most of these comments as they're lengthy, but out of curiosity: 1) For how long have you been playing Warframe? 2) For how long have you been playing Destiny 2? 3) Do you think you'll feel the same way about Destiny 2 after spending as much time with it as Warframe? Ultimately, this is not to deny that there are brilliant aspects to either title (I played Destiny, and loved what I played, but couldn't muster up the courage (nor did I feel keen on scrounging together the money, at the time) for Destiny 2. Huge Bungie/Halo fan here!), and I hope that the cross-pollination continues: when I started Warframe, it felt like I was playing the bastard lovechild of Destiny and Diablo (and I liked the Destiny aspect way more) and now Destiny 2's gone free, like Warframe. I think both can coexist, and I think new competition in the market - in this regard - is good for both Bungie and DE. When free Destiny 2 drops on PSN, I look forward to giving it a shot, but I doubt I'd be keen on dropping money on PSN+ nor any DLC if I have to pay for it. Warframe wins there, hands down, every time.
  4. Look, ultimately, for FTP game to have lasted this long and to not showing any signs of stopping... and evolving along the lines of Empyrean... and to have have broken into the mainstream like this... Damn, if that's not a testament to greatness, I don't know what is. And, as with all other things great, there's simply no satisfying everyone. It really comes down to a simple axiom: games are supposed to be fun, and if you're not having fun, nobody is forcing you to play but you.
  5. Really good points you bring up there, and I can't argue re Nitain and potatoes at all; that should definitely be looked at. Pity about your kids, but good on you for drawing them into what remains - in my view at least - a great game. Let's also consider, though, that most games do have a lifespan, so it's not unnatural for people to move on to something else or better. However, aside from the fluff, as you describe it, the only place you can truly argue that you're forced to play NW is for the credits, and I'm rather confident that even playing casually will net a newcomer enough credits during a NW season to be able to stock up on Nitain and potatoes adequately. Yet, I concede that this is the strongest point of your argument. Thankfully DE - at least in my limited experience and time with this game - do take player requests into consideration and adjust where or as needed insofar as - it seems to me - they're able or willing, within reason.
  6. Maybe I'll experience that at some point, but I still, most definitely, do not have allthethings, and it's gonna take some time still! Only games I've played this year: Hitman 2 and Warframe, with a dash of Prey in between to play the Mooncrash DLC (that then spurred me on to replay the base game). I don't know if I should feel ashamed, or impressed that between DE and IOI no other devs have ever managed to accomplish this.
  7. You were forced to play Nightwave? Tell us more.
  8. Thank you for this post! I just hopped onto the forums real quick to see where everyone was at, and while I've not been visiting for sometime, I find it curious that I've seen fewer and fewer "OMFG I HATE NIGHTWAVE SO MUCH FU DE!!1!" posts, which is great. Personally, I got a bit burnt out by Warframe of late - not sure whether it was Nightwave in particular, or just he game in general - so, I started playing less and less. I skipped maybe two or three weeks entirely, and some I skipped plenty of Elite Weekly Acts that just seemed like a boring grind to me. And I still got to level 30 with ease. And you know what? Now that this is done, I'm like "what am I supposed to do in Warframe?" Which is a bit of curse, but on the counterpoint also a blessing, cos it's making me brush off all old goals I have: ones that require more effort, such as making a Note on my phone going "farm this resource/that frame/that relic/this resource/etc. so that I can build this weapon/build that frame/sell for plat and buy that mod/etc." Tl;dr: just as with Nightwave Series 1, complaints around Series 2 were largely unwarranted and stem from entitled gamers that want everything for nothing. (Yes, I'm aware I've just riled a bunch of you up, but go on, change my mind, and prove me wrong with facts: getting to level 30 is piss.)
  9. Just skip it, honestly. I've been super busy, so I've gone a few weeks without playing seriously and I missed a lotta acts... and I'm still at Rank 25 of this Series, and I'll likely get to 30 without a bother. It's getting to a point where some players need to realise that DE can't bend to the will of each and every individuals personal needs or handicaps: it's a game, not work, and if you're not enjoying it you're doing it wrong.
  10. Can't see if this has been shared yet, but in his own words: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjHhQ3k4zQ2Y8-CPM7KpGww/community?lb=UgxqNCqyTtp1Dc20IWx4AaABCQ&ocd=1
  11. If you think so, then you should be recommending feedback for people addicted to the internet, virtually all social media platforms, smartphones, gambling, etc. Good luck with that. If you think that DE doesn't employ techniques that exploit people's psychological weaknesses to play their F2P game... and actually spend their money on it... you're the one who needs your head checked. And honestly, going around saying "people need therapy" just adds to the stigma surrounding mental illness - the plague of our times - and people who need real help. Don't do it.
  12. My hot take? A comment like this isn't helpful like this because you're talking down to people - you don't know - for having a condition you deem problematic even when you're more than likely unqualified to diagnose such a conditions. FOMO is part of Warframe's DNA; it's when the FOMO is to dependent on unrewarding grinding that it becomes a problem, and if DE can address that and maintain challenge and freshness for both newcomers and vets alike (not easy feat, imo) you'll see these complaints become less and less.
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