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  1. Okay, that's weird. According to dxidiag my PC has DirectX 11, yet Warframe shows the message about DirectX 10 not being supported anymore and I can't update.
  2. Well, it happened. Of course, we went from "Date to be announced" to "it has happened. Now."
  3. A Cedo set costed 4500 cells. That's 5 r0 Energize + Arcane Avenger + 100 more cells to spare. Run the math on how many tridolons you need to do to get that. Meanwhile it was around 2 Orphix runs to get that.
  4. So, basically, I wasted my cells on getting a Cedo set (since I had bad luck with it dropping from rotation rewards) and instead I could've gotten more arcanes? That's a bit disappointing and frustrating.
  5. I watched the stream yesterday for over 50 minutes and I did not get the drop.
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