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  1. He's also being wonderfully unhelpful. "Nothing wrong on my end" doesn't exactly help anyone. I've never experienced the infinitely falling glitch, and the ropalolyst has never bugged out on me, but I don't go into those bug threads saying I've had no problems and implying the problem is on their end
  2. I'm not exaggerating when I say I ran it 20 times without a single chassis dropping - I've got the drops to prove it. It's not a stretch to say there's something wrong with the ropalolyst drop tables when the entire forum is pointing out various bugs on a new boss that was released 15 hours ago
  3. 7 Wisp systems in a row. Something ain't right with these drop tables
  4. I've run the Ropalolyst about 20 times now - never gotten a single chassis. I've got about 10 systems, 5 of them dropping the last 5 runs. Either I've got horrendously bad RNG, or the drop table is glitching out and swapping systems for chassis
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