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  1. Sedk

    Loc-Pins are useless

    When these first came out, I was excited - "Finally", I thought, "A way to mark the Cetus/Fortuna exits so I don't have to open the map, as well as a way to mark fishing spots". I expected them to function like way points or objective markers - something that appears on the mini-map regardless of distance, so the player could orient themselves and find their goals easier without having to open up the entire map. I was hugely disappointed when I found out that the markers didn't act like waypoints, and instead acted like normal map markers, in that they disappear off the mini-map once you're far enough away. As it is now, 1) Loc-pins can only be seen by opening up the map (in which case, why use them at all if I need to open the map), or 2) by the time I'm close enough to my goal for the marker to appear on the mini-map, I can already see it from my arch-wing, making it useless Please change this! Make them like waypoint or obejctive markers that can be seen on the mini-map regardless of distance
  2. Just got out of a lith relic defense mission. When I clicked on the Lith mission, selected a relic to crack, but as the game was finding a squad, I changed my mind and tried to quit out by clicking "X" - didn't work, and the mission loaded anyway. So I continued - joined on wave 1, collected 10 reactant, didn't get the Lotus "You've cracked open your relic" message, but the screen said I had 10/10 and I got the "AHHHH" sound on my 10th reactant, so I kept going. On the upper left, it showed me that one guy hadn't cracked his open yet, but when asked, he said he was showing he had 10 reactant on his screen. So end of mission comes and . . . everyone can pick a relic except me, the game thought I ran the entire mission without a relic, yet acted as if I had one equipped.