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  1. The Xoris nerf NEEDS to be discussed in this, because the devs outright lied to the community. They nerfed it based on a strawman and a double standard. On top of that, they ignored almost 50 pages of feedback.
  2. Don’t forget, peeps: use a Riven for your stat sticks or you’re wrong! Wouldn't want to ruin player choice now, would y’all? 🙄
  3. Cool. Now reverse the Xoris changes.
  4. Devs, you must think we’re stupid or something. You are choosing to not follow up on this idiotic Xoris nerf because you are hoping that we’re just going to forget about it. You guys deliberately ignored over 40 pages of feedback on this idea before you even dropped it, because you didn’t #*!%ing care. “Doing something when things calm down,” GTFO
  5. First, this is a lie. Second, because of the Xoris changes, it’s now “use a Riven or you’re wrong.” Hey devs, play your own game for once!
  6. Goodbye Xoris! You were the latest victim of the devs not understanding their own game. 😞
  7. The damage provided by Xoris is ON PAR with most other weapons you would use for this purpose. The only reason people are using the Xoris so often is because the infinite combo timer is CONVENIENT, making it so you don’t have to reset your combo timer every 5-30 seconds by swinging your melee. Rivens have been doing what you claim the Xoris is doing for AGES, but you don’t seem to have a problem with them.
  8. Operator, Ordis has been communicating with the Foundry’s AI. I believe we have forged a new connection! ...I need more friends...
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