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  1. Did you read anything the Eidolon hunters have said in this forum post at all? If so, then why are you not responding to specific things said?
  2. Good to have an alternative. I agree. What I disagree with is Orphix being far more rewarding for your time spent than Eidolons. As almost always with this game, they really suck at balancing things.
  3. Yeah Twitch is a dumpster fire now. I'll probably hardly ever watch anymore now. Just to get the drops I care about. YouTube for everything else. They let me skip the garbage ads that I would just mute and ignore anyways (Adblock FTW). If I could pay like 10 to 20 bucks a month to not get any ads on Twitch ever, I just might do that though. Oh well.
  4. But that's not what you actually asked me. SMH I probably wouldn't have gotten into Eidolons in the first place if I didn't consider them to be highly rewarding at the time. As I already explained, the issue is that new players will follow the reward structure, so if Eidolons aren't that rewarding we won't get new hunters and it will die with a whimper (and I've been seeing that happen for years now). Is there a specific part of that which you don't understand?
  5. A few observations: DE originally wanted to show off Diviri in last year's Tennocon and release it that year, but had to pivot at the last minute due to a change in philosophy of "ship what we show" - Diviri would have needed more time to develop between Tennocon and launch, so they needed to change to content that is quicker to complete. In the latest Devstream, #152, they mentioned some new stuff they were working on for some sort of new open world thing, then they became akwardly silent on that thread of the conversation. In the latest Devstream, they were REALLY excited t
  6. What are you talking about? I specifically said I wasn't going anywhere. Why are you projecting things onto me that aren't true of me?
  7. I think the plat economy is really overly crushing for a new player. I was super close to walking away for this exact reason. You have very little in the way of ways to earn plat and it takes something roughly around a thousand plat just to get all the slots you will need for a full arsenal. I suspect this chases away a lot of players.
  8. I assume you meant "DE is now owned by Tencent" rather than "not owned by Tencent"? The acquisition was finally completed in December 2020. It's not true that long term experienced players aren't a source of revenue. A lot of us (myself included) by a lot of Tennogen and Primed cosmetics. It is primarily to attract new players that DE creates new content, not to bring back existing players. While I do see your point, and that does seem to be the way that DE mostly thinks about things, my point in items 2 and 3 above is that it should be both new and experienced players that D
  9. Why do you assume we are greedy? As go the rewards, so go the Tenno. It's such an extremely grindy game, that it's the way Warframe is. So when they make Eidolons WAY less rewarding than Orphix Venom, nobody new gets into Eidolons, everybody does the extremely boring OV garbage, complain that Warframe is just a trivially easy boring grindfest, get burnt out, and stop playing the game. And of course SOME Eidolon hunters will quit at some rate per year no matter what. With no new hunters getting into it, it gets harder and harder to find squads, until it more or less just isn't a thing anyb
  10. People say that, but just about all of the toxicity in this game I encounter is outside of Eidolons. The fight itself is extremely harsh by design. If you just drop into a 5x3 hunt only vaguely knowing what Eidolons are or something, YOU are the one being rude to your squad. You should expect some unkind words in return for unkind behavior. What would make you so special that you get to be rude and others don't, even in response to your bad behavior? Maybe this is where it's coming from? I just went one step at a time, never taking on much more than I knew (from experience) that I could do
  11. Yeah there is ONE somachord fragment in one out of something like 40 different locations around the valis. I laid out an aerial course using loc-pins, and put on Loot Detector and Primed Animal Instinct, and flew around in archwing. Setting up the course took maybe an hour or two, and once I got a system all worked out, it took maybe an hour or two to farm out. Really ridiculous that it's so incredibly convoluted to get, but with a good system and focused farm, it's not all that bad. And there's some REALLY good tunes you get for your somachord :)
  12. First off: I am fine with there being alternatives to Eidolons for getting Arcanes, no complaints from me there at all. I personally have all the Eidolon Arcanes in R5's and have more plat than I know what to do with - this is not an 'I want a good source of plat for myself' thing. That said... Orphix Venom, and especially Scarlet Spear before it, have been DEVISTATING to my community (Eidolon hunters). We are (mostly) very kind, patient, friendly people that love getting together and playing our favorite Warframe content as best we are able. We are among the most loyal long
  13. I wish you could download some raw data in an Excel friendly format (like .csv). Would make things like what the OP did WAAAAAY more accessible, and I'm sure DE has a dataset they could sanitize a bit and upload for us.
  14. What I disliked most was the "murder mystery investigation" part. I've never enjoyed the "hide and seek" type missions in Warframe, and being forced to go SUUUUPER slow was absolute cancer. And it never felt at all like I was actually a detective. Just moving around like a geriatric tenno till I see the very slightly glowing thing, screenshot it, and drop it into a cheat sheet on my second monitor for later. No fun at all. Just an entirely boring chore. Supposedly some people actually liked it, but personally I don't get the appeal.
  15. It's never ok to hate on people for playing any frame if you're in public mode. But Limbo still is probably the frame with the most trolling potential. In my book, as long as you don't banish people without their consent, make individual enemies invulnerable, or block mission progress by doing things like cast your 4 on a mobile defense target before the datamass is inserted, it's all good. Maybe not optimal for my playstyle, but it may be exactly what works for the Limbo player, so who am I to demand that my way is the way for the entire squad...
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