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  1. All I will add is: Grendel finally has a use case! Yay! 🙃
  2. Or make defense objectives like cryopods invincible, and make the ESO/SO meter not decay, when host is not connected for more than x seconds or something along those lines, so that we don't fail missions? Maybe similar concessions are appropriate for survival missions, and maybe some others that aren't occurring to me at the moment? Also I feel like host migrations that aren't caused by the host straight up losing internet connection or aborting / leaving squad are far too common. Maybe I'm missing something there though.
  3. Yeah I don't think ANYBODY likes the riven system as it is now. I think that the riven/kuva system should have some way to make your progress more consistent. They've done similar things with lich weapon progression, anomaly shards, and the steel essence store. Rivens need a similar treatment - a mechanism that gives more consistent progress, without actually reducing the average number of hours spent to get a good roll, or reducing the long term progression aspect of rivens. The way it is now, it's hard to feel like I'm not wasting the hours I spend farming for kuva, because more ofte
  4. They're not pointless, as you admit in your own post. Yikes.
  5. By the time you get into 5x3 hunts everybody certainly knows where the shrine is and how to put shards in, even in recruit chat squads. I do wish though that anybody could just put their shard in at literally any time after the shrine becomes available for sharding, rather than only within a second or so of the previous person that sharded. Just designate one specific shrine slot for each player (they're already numbered in the order in which they loaded into the plains). Would make it totally obvious which player hasn't sharded yet too. But unfortunately DE doesn't care about eidolons
  6. No. Prior to scarlet spear, you only needed to look for voms for fast charging the first lure, and all the rest of the voms for the remaining 7 lures would come to you during the course of the hunt. Even in 5x3's and 6x3's. The lure manager spending basically all of the gantulyst phase just going around looking for voms due to DE's incompetence is a "new" ( 4-ish months old) thing.
  7. Yeah the lengths you have to go to in a hunt because DE is dog s**t at coding and doesn't care at all about eidolon hunters is really infuriating. And the problem is about twice as bad because of the vasca kavats diluting the spawn pool. Seriously, you need to find a vasca kavat like 3 times in your entire account progress, but you need to find voms more like hundreds of times to level up with the quills, even if you don't do any eidolon hunting at all. So it's absolutely retarded that the vasca to vomvalyst spawn ratio is anywhere remotely close to 50/50.
  8. Note they said "Vengeful shock epherema on your sentinel and on you DID in fact affect eclipse." (emphasis added) Note the use of the past tense in "did". And they're right about that. It used to work. Until DE deliberately took control away from us because it wasn't their design intent. We also used to be able to shock or heat proc ourselves with weapons to force the damage buff. Until DE removed self damage and self procs, and then furthermore deliberately patched out specific interactions used for that purpose, which they had missed. This all just makes me wonder if anybody has a
  9. Empower just gives me like 15% more damage dealt to enemies and similar increases to health and such. We can do MUCH better. Shock or Smite for their augments, Fire Blast for 75% AOE armor strip, Shuriken for full armor strip, Pillage to add crazy overshields for survivability, Titania or Nezha's ability for status immunity, War Cry to make him a melee master, Nourish for a little chunk of healing and a bunch more toxin damage on command, Energized Munitions to make him a bullet hose, Larva to one shot the whole room, Equinox's Rage (I think this is a separate damage multiplier that krep
  10. Yeah the drain on my inventory due to bile is REALLY excessive. Also Railjack resources are not balanced to where I will be using them for Helminth, and a lot of others agree. Of course that's probably because most people that put hundreds to thousands of hours into a third person shooter aren't the types to put hundreds to thousands of hours into space ship fighting games...
  11. Roar on my shield breaking volt allows him to one shot limbs consistently. Dispensary on Wisp is nice On Chroma: Shock, Smite, Shuriken, Fire Blast (75% AOE armor reduction) Tempest Barrage on Limbo (good for burning down nullifier bubbles from inside cataclysm) Fire Blast on Discharge Volt and on Saryn (found no Helminth ability for passively spreading spores)
  12. Primed Blunderbuss. I'm tired of using Laser Sights because DE hasn't yet gotten with the program.
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The trail for the Avichaea conservation that starts near the Cerebrum Magna starts very, very, far away from where it's supposed to. VISUAL: If you would support images in your forum in any way other than me personally hosting them and putting in a link that often just gets blocked anyway, perhaps I could be bothered... REPRODUCTION: Playing solo on PC. Every single time I've gone there, there hasn't been a trail starting in that location, and twice in a row I've found it starting from the same, incorrect spot. EXPECTED RESULT: Trail should start from the an
  14. 1000% agreed. I never have enjoyed conservation whatsoever and I've already spent several hours on this garbage and have yet to get a single one of the Rank 2 levelup requirement tags. Also, there are SO MANY BUGS with conservation that it's really infuriating. One of the Avichaea spots is bugged, with the animal tracks starting from the wrong place, and any conservation start point that is ostensibly in a cave is a complete nightmare to try to find (often these aren't actually INSIDE of caves, but they direct you through a cave tunnel to where the actual location is). On top of that,
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