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  1. You fixed one Mirage ability and archwing stuff, but casting Eclipse and then entering archwing still makes you archwing look all messed up.
  2. Do stats still increase with level? Things like Health, Armor, Shields, Energy, Power Strength (on Nidus Prime at least)?
  3. Especially now that you're automatically unignoring people that we actually did want to ignore, we need to be able to leave a note as to why we ignored them. Some of the people in my ignore list have done legitimately awful things. Others, I was on the fence about ignoring them at the time. In the latter case, forgiveness becomes appropriate. In many of the former cases, it's just the sort of person that almost nobody will want to interact with. I think allowing us to make notes to ourselves in game as to why we ignored them will help promote forgiveness and help us manage who we end up inviting in a more responsible way. And inconveniently, given that people can change their in game name at any time for just a few hundred plat, it really doesn't work for me to maintain my own list outside of the game - it is a feature that must be implemented by DE, for us to actually have it.
  4. DE auto un-ignoring people in our ignore list, would be like us as players auto-unbanning people you guys banned. I don't think you would appreciate being on the receiving end of this kind of crap, so why do you do it to us???
  5. I got the gunblade, but suddenly I can't load any enemies in the Simulacrum to test it D: Every enemy says "Fully Scan to Unlock".
  6. Eidolons are the main reason I still play the game, and this bug takes all the fun out of it. Also, this is especially hard on more casual players. While this makes it super obnoxious to do Eidolons, we do have our ways of nevertheless doing 6x3's. For those that don't yet have Primed Sure Footed or who are not always in void mode except for the fraction of a second in which we one shot the shields with our amp, they will find Eidolons far more frustrating still than we do. You're always extremely slow to fix things that affect our community, or even to become aware of it at all, if ever either of those things even happen at all, but we're asking anyway: please fix.
  7. Yep. Done all that, but with Smeeta and Inaros. Pet AI is stupid and gets randomly caught on thing and focus fired when there aren't enemies near me. IDK how your results can reliably be any different.
  8. Ewwwwwwww. Shield gating abuse is bad gameplay design. Also that doesn't address the energy economy issues with carrying the revive points.
  9. Yes, premades also exist. But most people don't do premades, and DE should still design the mode in a way not as primed to promote toxicity. Regarding damage reduction versus invincibility... I am thinking of something like the Nox's for example. You CAN just brute force your way through, you do have that option. Savvy tenno, on the other hand, go with the optimal, cool kid strat of breaking the dome and going for the headshot. This is better in my opinion - having the slower brute force option available, and having the precision, tactical sort of option simply be potentially far more powerful. I do find it takes some doing to chew through a Nox without breaking the dome, and personally I prefer an enemy like a Nox over one like a Nullifier. Maybe 95% damage reduction isn't the right number, maybe it's 99%, or 99.9%, it would take some experimentation to find a balance that allows either approach but meaningfully rewards precision. I do think your take on drones would be a major improvement over what we have now though. Regarding your comments on companions... Hard disagree. In the entire rest of the game, pets (read: not sentinels) have the bleed-out mechanic, which allows you to run a pet, as long as you can revive it in the space of over two minutes, which is not a big as whatsoever. If by your comment you mean that SENTINELS feel not viable due to the limitations of the Regen mods, I do agree, that for endurance runs, they are not viable (other than Djinn), and that this is not as it should be.
  10. My suggestions and thoughts on things that I think would make Arbitrations feel much better. I really do like the 'hardcore mode' idea, but some of the ways that intent was implemented feel unreasonably limiting to me, and these details ruin the game mode for me. Code the revive tokens so you have to manually pick up each one, like with Ayatan stars. This way, when somebody goes with a silly troll pick in their build, they don't massively nerf their entire team unavoidably. Seriously, the potential for griefing here is so extreme, it really bucks against the overall "positive sum game" ethos most Warframe content is designed around, and it's so common to have that one team mate that's always dying, that singlehandedly makes the entire squad extract super early. When I'm incentivized to do things that are in the interest of everybody in my squad, it really encourages the positive vibes the community is mostly known for. This mechanic causes a lot of toxicity, and I think there would be less of that if the massive hits to health and such weren't just involuntarily forced on every team mate because somebody else screwed up. Also, reviving a team mate would feel more like me going out of my way to help a friend, rather than unburdening myself from the massive and unavoidable nerfs to my health, shields, and energy economy that were induced by the incompetence of a team mate. Change the pink arbitration drones so they give a substantial damage reduction (95% DR would even be a big improvement) rather than making all affected enemies 100% invincible. That way if I can just damage my way through it because maybe it's early in the mission, I have that option. As it is now, you just forget all the other enemies exist until you don't see pink anymore, which is just so... limiting. The mode feels like "that pink drone shooting mode". It's really excessive. Maybe a reduction in the number of drones spawning in, the number of enemies affected by each drone, something like that, would be an improvement too? Also maybe make it so Warframe abilities don't do literally zero damage to the drones? That also feels stifling. Make it so we can revive pets, just like in every other mission type in the game. As it is now, it feels very much like "Djinn or a Vulpaphyla or you're doing it wrong." Currently, any other companion mostly just doesn't exist by the half hour mark. This, too, feels incredibly limiting given all the options available to us in terms of companions in the rest of the game. To maintain the 'challenge mode' theme, maybe just reduce the bleedout timer by a lot?
  11. I would love to see some sort of game mode in which we get to play on older tile sets. Some of them I would never have seen, others would just bring back great old memories. I really miss the old IO map.
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