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  1. Why do so many assume that it's 'rage quitting'? Because it rages you out? The optimal thing to do given the level design, is to rush through farming what you care about, and reset if you don't get it. No rage behind it, just efficient farming. Also keep in mind there are two things to farm here: Shedu parts, and the rare caches for captura scenes and Umbra Forma. The ones who rush through faster are probably not farming the Shedu parts. I think they should remove all other objectives other than the anomaly, and not show you what drops you got until the entire team is back at the railjack having completed all objectives. This would at least reduce the amount of host migration and such.
  2. I saw this was suggested before, but I think I have a couple of thoughts to make it a fair and viable implementation of the concept. It would be great for the game if we could change our load-out within the first, say, minute of loading in, assuming you have not used any active abilities, gear wheel items, or weapons (haven't fired a gun or done a melee attack). That would both allow us to change our loadout for a more appropriate team comp (useful in just about every mission anyway), and to make that one gear correction we realized we needed to make just seconds after clicking to join (which also causes quick leaves and host migration). And with such limitations, it's not a thing that could be used to effectively have two different primary weapons in one loadout and such. The game could even kick you back out and hold your spot in the squad for a reasonable time period if it's an issue of assets being loaded as you load the level or something. This would help in just about every mission in the game, including ESO. If you load in and see somebody has Saryn, you can switch off Saryn, making ESO instantly more diverse without having to nerf and entire frame over it. Bounty mission Eidolon hunts are another great example. If I see my team doesn't have a Trinity, I would love to switch to help them out, but I can't. If I'm farming for resources and I see we have 3 Nekros, I would like to switch to Khora to be of more help to my team. Examples abound of ways this would benefit the game and the community, so we all work more cooperatively.
  3. For the Eidolon issue, I think DE should allow us to change our load-out within the first, say, minute of loading in, assuming you have not used any active abilities, gear wheel items, or weapons (haven't fired a gun or done a melee attack). That would both allow us to change our loadout for a more appropriate team comp (useful in just about every mission anyway), and to make that one gear correction we realized we needed to make just seconds after clicking to join (which also causes quick leaves and host migration). For the sentient ship issue, I think the time window is far too narrow, and it happens too infrequently. Also I think in a lot of cases people just don't know what they are doing. Usually I get people just blasting through as fast as their void dashes can take them, trying just to kill the sentients (and leaving many behind at that), and totally skipping over the secret rooms. They have already host migrated me before I'm even half through the map, also invalidating me using Nekros (no fresh corpses to desecrate). In this case, communication on how the secret sentient tileset room doors work and what is inside them would help, though it would of course also spoil the mystery. Also if the time it happened was predictable, you could get into organized squads with a common purpose (like you can with Eidolons). Regarding archwing in Railjack being too hard... Get an Amesha. With the way the archwing combat is balanced right now it's basically the only way to survive out there. If you also use Hydrin, whoes shield gating passive works in archwing, you also have a buffer so that when you run out of stacks of Amesha's 1, you don't die within seconds (or immediately, as often happens). If you don't have Hydrin, you can just teleport back to the railjack, or enter a crewship, when you get low on your Amesha 1 stacks. Between that and a Cygnis modded for 100% status chance and radiation damage, archwing combat goes REALLY nicely. Also, you can get 6 revives if you have two max rank arcanes on your Warframe.
  4. I also don't like the control scheme for this new dodgy business. If you tap shift one microsecond too early, it deactivates your afterburners instead of giving you a burst of speed. That just feels lousy. Afterburner toggle and dodge should have a different command. Also dodge in its current form just gets you across the map in like 25% to 50% less time. I'd rather they just make archwings faster, and not task me with this boring monotonous button timing and meter minding thing to have do on my commute. But overall this feels like going from a hypersonic scram jet to a crop duster. Old blink was EXTREMELY fun. This is just lame.
  5. Setting aside the new dodgy nonsense (RIP actual archwing blink)... I find the new control scheme to be more comfortable and useful, but less fun. I miss the loop-de-loops and barrel rolls and such. It'd be nice if they could work out some way that we could have both.
  6. This change is terrible. The whole point of using Itzal for its blink was to spam it. So while making it not spammable but letting it still exist technically isn't literally removing it, but it may as well not exist at this point. It just very marginally increases your speed. The reason Itzal was so commonly used was that it was the fastest way to get around. That is STILL the case, since Itzal has the fastest movement speed. So the whole goal of the change hasn't been accomplished. In the DevStream, it was said that RipLine increased movement speed. With maxed out Hyperion Thrusters at least, it only slows you down. The grapple speed seems identical to the speed with max Hyperion Thrusters and afterburners. The difference is that when you reach the end of the grapple, it slows you down. But Itzal already has its 2, which stops you dead regardless. So the RipLine is a pointless ability. So for getting from A to B, Itzal will still be used by everybody, and blink has been practically removed from the game, and replaced with a pointless ability. There is nothing good about the Itzal change whatsoever. The devs need to make the "universal blink" actually worth bothering with. I for one would like to see it still be spamable, if you're willing to spend the energy pads (just like all warframe abilities are). At a minimum we need to be able to MASSIVELY improve it with mods, much like you already can mod warframes for parkour velocity and such.
  7. Two things I think should also be addressed, beyond what's noted in the OP of this thread: 1. Some of the Lich attacks basically one shot me no matter how much effective HP I have. This often despawns the lich, and feels like a dirty cheap shot to me, and excessively limits my frame choices. The attack where they throw you will one shot me as 300%+ power strength fire Chroma with max Vex armor buffs and Elemental Ward active. That's WAY too damaging in my opinion. Inaros with all maxed out health and armor mods survives this at least. The rad proc that instantly covers an area tens of meters in size basically one shots me no matter what, unless I'm using literal invincibility like Mesmer skin. The result is that I feel forced to use a frame with invincibility, which narrows it down to Revenant, Nyx, Valkyr, or possibly Nidus. From 40+ frames down to 3 or 4 valid choices. Not ideal in my opinion. 2. When a player in your squad doesn't mercy their lich for one of various reasons, yours cannot spawn. Some people go the entire mission without mercy'ing their Lich, at which point, depending on your progress, the thing for you to do is abort the mission, since you cannot do anything productive in the mission due to their behavior. This is anti-cooperative behavior which breeds toxicity. There needs to be some limit to the amount of time a player can just leave their lich around wasting their fellow tenno's time. Maybe that's a timer, maybe it's that they despawn after two or three times of the health bar going to zero and it not being mercy'd. Something is needed here though. I also don't like how the increased thrall spawns when a lich is present incentivizes this behavior. Also requiring requiem mods equipped in your Parazon to do a Lich mission would eliminate one reason players don't mercy their Lich.
  8. What DE needs to do is put in some sort of timer or similar. Perhaps if your team takes out the health bar twice with you just leeching, your lich goes away. They also should not reward players for doing things that hinder other's lich farm. So the "hords of thrawls spawn if you block other's lich farm" thing is horrible game design and should be fixed (they should limit the number of murmurs per minute you can get from this, to remove the incentive for anti-cooperative behavior).
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