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  1. I was doing veil missions (Lu-Yan) and the electrical status effect persisted for the whole mission after it got repaired, I could not used the tactical menu at all, and the map jittered the whole time. It even persisted if I went to another mission and even at the dojo! I noticed it also happened before with the ice shard comet, slowing my shop forever until the mission ends and even at the dojo, but I didn't grab a capture of that one, forgot tbh. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/295881887509905408/832792900789207110/Warframe_2021-04-16_21-34-00.mp4
  2. Railjack mission loads in with everybody but no objectives, enemies nor buildings spawn, so we're alone in empty space until we start another mission. I also had a few missions that loads without railjack, so we're floating around in archwings until we restart the mission. Didn't see any thread about this so I put it here for the archive
  3. Happened to me once, but I got the affinity back at random like 2 days after a recent update, kinda weird
  4. I experienced the same bug while playing Orphix, its fairly annoying
  5. Pardon for the delay, been busy. I'm MR 29 and my filters show all, still not sure what happened to my Mod, really wish I saved a screenshot atm, or if there was a way to check riven mod history
  6. Happening to me as well, can't find a cave so I can fish, smh
  7. Last week or so I unveiled an Athodai riven mod with ok stats, I tried to put it for sale on riven market immediately but the market said that mod didn't exist. I shrugged it off as a bug and a few days later I look up the riven disposition ingame and found it weird that it didn't show. So I go back to check the riven mod and its gone, unveiled it recently too, so I wonder if unveiling the athodai in general was the bug or what, I would like a decent answer because I feel cheated.
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