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  1. I might be not so good in photoshop or english language... but I have balanced suggestion for Helminth. Some of subsumed abilitys... not so useful so what if Helminth's system allow us stack some of them together in one slot like in Vauban ability 'Minelayer' and we can cycle through two or three or four... not so usefull abilities? Thats not make them more usefull but maybe will give them popularity for their 'affordability'.
  2. Shade's alt skin 'Sprite' doesn't work with Lich's ephemeras.
  3. Okay fixed sintesis gaining bug from last hotfix but evacuation from Eidolon Plains (after evacuation lobby will be bugged and stuck and this problem seems to be not only for necramech owner) problem and host migration xp still not resolt.
  4. Yes its re-deploy mech but don't completely refill mech health or energy. If this cant help then... let him die and deploy re-filled mech.
  5. And yeah... That means you lose previous exp progress too.
  6. Necramech can loose ALL gained exp if he die or you deploy another mech. If you oncely use mech on Eidolone Plains and trying to leave by gates then ur session will be bugged and you WILL loose all loot and exp. Pls it need hotfix because necramech right now are unplayable stuff. UPD: host migration can losing already deployed mech which means reset for mech and exp progress losing too...
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