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  1. Most of the time you can preview them by typing something like "[imugi" in the chat and it will show you the fitting results.
  2. When Nidus uses his 3 he and the person attached to the tentacle get covered in infested tissue. I would like to have that look always on some warframes.
  3. As we have access to the Bloodshed Sigil I thought it would be a good idea to create an infested one as well which could use the look of Nidus' 3
  4. That was the same argument for the winged syandanas , which is not viable anymore since the release of the winged ephemera which becomes 75% transparent once you attack an enemy. So they could just copy paste that for the armor attachements/syandanas.
  5. As Nyx gets a mini buff I thought I might share my idea of a small buff for his iconic 4th ability. Effigy Effigy should have a higher threat level. If Effigy gets damaged while Vex Armor is active it should count towards the Fury proc. Reduced energy drain. The beam attack should connect to 2 more enemies. The melee explosion should do an explosion proc and not launch them away. It should have a damaging aura if Elemental Ward is active. Guided Effigy Effigy shouldn't move to the destination but instead teleport there instantly because it takes way to long for it to arrive, the movement is buggy as hell, it often doesn't move even if you command it multiple times to move and it gets stuck on the terrain. Still should do the scream instantly after the teleport. As a side note I think Guided Effigy should be standard and the augment should make it move around like the Wukong clone.
  6. I do all the content without ever dying, that's all I care about. I couldn't care less if my build is meta or not. But please share your build.
  7. Yes exactly. But that is not a freedom of choice because you would've either way only used fleeting expertise or streamline. So I don't understand how it is such a great benefit to not have to equip one of those 2 mods. My anwser was about that you're trying to oversell that point even though it isn't a great point. That is true but as his 1 already gives you energy back so that wouldn't matter at all and his 3 has to be cast very rarely as it has an insane duration. That would still be less energy per minute than what a Saryn would use in that time with her 1 and 4. But that could also be solved to just sacrifice health if you don't have stacks and add a short cooldown as a motivation to get stacks as the better way.
  8. He doesn't has freedom of choice because his 3 and 4 cost no energy. You just can care less about enegry efficiency which are 2 mods from which you always only chose 1. So you have 1 more slot than the other frames. And oh god what a GREAT benefit that is. I mean all the poor Saryn players that can't non stop spam their 4 because energy is such a gigantic problem in Warframe. It's not so that every veteran has Arcane Energize or Zenurik fouc tree. So thank god for that immense benefit. I do understand that it is a tiny complaint that his 3 and 4 cost stacks but it is such a terrible design choice. Look at Atlas or Ember which also have a unique ressource yet can spam all 4 of their attacks as much as they want and can remove an ability without the whole kit falling apart.
  9. It's more about consistency. I don't have problems getting the stacks in any mission it's more that it is sometimes more annoying to get them depending on the team and the mission difficulty. Also for example on a boss mission I would like to place the 4 but for that I would have to gather them first while everyone else rushes to the boss. It is a very unnecessary complaint of me but on the other hand I find the cost too very unnecessary. The fact that he gets revived should be reason enough to gather stacks. Also if the 3 and 4 wouldn't cost stacks I could swap his 1 for a helminth ability. I don't mind an extra ressource that affects a warframe ability but that you can't use an ability at all without having that ressource is just dumb, it is an unnecessary forced synegy.
  10. I find it very unnecessary that Nidus has to use stacks for his 3 and 4. It just makes the early grind for the stacks take longer and has literally no downside after you've gathered some stacks. The annoying part for me is that with the strong aoe meta it becomes even more difficult to get the stacks. At lower level missions it becomes even more difficult as using your 1 is going to oneshot the enemies. And I know people are going to say:"Well if your team is that good than your team doesn't need your 3 and 4." and I understand that but I'm playing the game to play it. I play Warframe for the Warframe abilities and not to finish the mission as fast and efficient as possible. I don't care if it's going to make a difference or not I just want to see it, that's why I chose that Warframe.
  11. In my opinion his abilities shouldn't cost stacks. They should just exist to gain more stacks. The cost of stacks just annoyingly slowes the gathering down at the start but isn't going to have an influence later in the mission. So I don't think it would make him stronger just a bit less annoying at the start of missions.
  12. I just don't get this whole mionion master argument that always pops up in those threads. Your argument is that it is a bad minion ability but what makes you think that it is a minion ability in the first place. DE designed the ability in a way that the thralls are supposed to die quickly. Rave deals bonus damage to thralls. If DE wanted them to be reliable minions they wouldn't have given them that extra damage boost against them or a damaging pillar after their death.
  13. In a good open map that works for sure especially if there are multiple floors like the void one with the elevator that you often see in the simulacrum. There are still so many maps where enemy spawns are limited to a couple of doors where the enemies can come from. So there are 3 entries for example meaning 3 groups I can affect. But guess what every of the three 3 groups are instantly dead. Now I did spread out the thralls like 2 at door A, 3 at door B and 2 at door C. New enemies come and get affected by the pillars, boom they are instantly dead again too and now there are no pillars as they were beta thralls and I have to begin the cycle again by spamming 1 which isn't fun. I see it similar to Ash before he got the "mark an enemy 3 times isntantly" buff. It was just annoying to mark enemies 3 times. The amount of times I have to use his 1 is just tiresome in a meta group. I just want like I said in a different post more of a passive spread. Like the pillars can charge Rev like the eidolon lures. If an enemy is within 20 meters those charges infect the enemy. The charges have the remaining duration of the Thrall that died. Also as you said, creating only "Alpha Pillars" would definitely be the simplest way to buff it and make it good enough in my eyes.
  14. I meant it as an addition not as a replacement for what it is now but I understand that it is written unclear. The fact that this thread manifests itself so many time proves that there is something wrong with the ability. The pathetic 16m radius of the pillars is not enough to infect a new group which are over 30 meters away. I don't disagree that there are maps where he performs perfectly fine but there are also maps where it becomes difficult to maintain the thralls especially with the aoe meta right now. His performance is inconsistent. All I want is that it becomes more consistent and to make it less annoying that I have to replace the thralls that all got killed in 1 kuva bramma shot. I'm curious why you're always lurking in those thrall threads if your opinion is not to be changed. You think that your opinion is above other opinions. we come here because there are pros and cons to this ability as with every ability. The fact that you have NEVER had a group where the ability was underperforming is just wierd. Also your comments about duration/range seem to be your answer for everything. I have 175% range, 183% duration and natural talent and still it underperforms with certain groups/maps. I also use mind control for 1 immortal thrall.
  15. If they would make them immune to damage it would just make the ability like Nekros' 4. At the moment the ability feels different as it spreads like a zombie infection which I prefer over Nekros. It's a cycle of life and death, dying and reinfecting. As I see it, the problem is that when we create a thrall and a player kills him, it is work and not fun for us to replace it again. So a solution could be that, if a thrall dies within the first 5 seconds, a drone will directly seek out a nearby enemy (boosted by range mods) and will not create a pillar. Also if no enemies are nearby, the drone will follow you until an enemy gets into the range. So this way you're not going to have to recast the ability as many times as you do now.
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