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  1. Update 29.3.1 Baurahn Prime Ephemera Changes & Fixes: We were originally a little conservative with the Baurahn Prime Ephemera as to not visually overwhelm. Based on your feedback post launch we’ve made a few changes: Aggressively reduced required idle times for the dragons to trigger. Enabled Energy colouring for the dragons metal textures. Previously the metal parts of the dragons were locked as gold. Now it takes the primary Energy colour, and if you have the secondary unlocked, the Energy element of the dragons will favour that - so y
  2. I'm just a bit disappointed, that it takes 12 seconds for the ephemera to actually show it's full effect. You're practicly never going to see it during the mission. The only time you see it, is when you're afk in a city or in your orbiter. I can understand that it doesn't show it's full effect instantly but 12 seconds is just absolutely ridiculous for a fast paced shooter like warframe. It should be 3 seconds in my opinion. That you can't color the golden parts is just the icing on the cake. Didn't we have that problem years ago with the prime weapons like Lex and Latron? I expected they
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