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  1. Also same issue. Open worlds were smooth before the update but now FPS drops on all three open worlds. Normal missions still work fine.
  2. So, I'm a bit confused, I notice on my third Lich that the Node Levels are higher than usual. My Lich is still Lvl 1 but the Nodes are at 55-75. Was there is a quick change or does the level vary from lich to lich?
  3. I have the very same problem. It really hurts on the eyes going from dark to blinding white and back to normal.
  4. I love this! Only Companion event, please? 😊
  5. Hello! I'd love to join if it's still possible <3
  6. I do experience this issue as well. So far I notice it happens in bright areas like Void Missions or after heavy attacks. It only started a couple of days ago.
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