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    Hardcore Warframe

    I think that having ur warframe captured would be fun as hell. Imagine one veteran player dies in a mission and looses his warframe and has to farm its parts all over again. People would play the game way more carefully and realistic. Worrying about not having ur warframe after you die to a difficult mission and etc. But it wouldn't be possible to leave an acc. without a single warframe, ri? assuming some newbies would die a lot
  2. sathanux

    Why Do Players Hate Archwing?

    I see a lot of laziness on that topic too, but, for me? I dislike Archwing for its mechanics itself, even tho the engine is the same, I think somethings changes, I don't like the way the archwing maps induces you to speed the hell up but then puts a lot of objects on your way to make you crash and get damaged. It works great for open maps anyways. I have nothing against Archwings, I just think Archwing missions brings the players no fun at all.
  3. sathanux

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

    Thanks for that. I am very happy that you guys insists on making the game smoother for low spec machines. 🌜