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  1. you're the one who came in here spouting lies lol, I'm the one who's salty? your perception that it's dying isn't based on reality
  2. nice recycled joke, stop pivoting and admit that your hate for Stadia is baseless and silly. Let people enjoy games on whatever platform they want.
  3. I don't know what metrics you have that you're saying it's doing poorly. The tech works perfectly for me and I've played hundreds of hours by myself and with friends.
  4. I didn't buy a The Stadia. Seems like someone calling people idiots for using a service that they don't understand might be the idiot.
  5. I'd appreciate we keep the Stadia hate off of this thread, thanks. Stadia is not dying, and is not desperate. The platform's doing fine and I enjoy using it, which is why I'm asking DE to consider it.
  6. Hi there— Stadia's coming out with Destiny 2 as a free to play game this month. What's the likelihood we can get Warframe on Stadia? Is DE looking into it now? If not, here's my request. Any other Stadians here? Thanks
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