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  1. Please make the Pennant's buff proc on kills caused by slash procs, that were a result of a heavy attack. That way we can make sure the buff is reliably procable in a high level enviroment.
  2. I think the Ember rework in particular is heading into a good direction. However, I believe her 3rd ability FIRE BLAST still needs some work done. More often than not, it's rather detrimental to knock enemies away from you. Especially in FIRE BLAST's case: As its AoE is orbital, it usually ends up scattering groups of (or grouped up) enemies all over the place, reducing your AoE-potential and your kills per [timeframe], as a result. Though, with the planned changes to Ember, I do see some synergy between FIRE BLAST and her to-be ultimate ability INFERNO. Namely, lighting up a group of enemies with INFERNO and then scattering them accross the map with FIRE BLAST to spread INFERNO to even more targets. The one issue i see with this, comes with the management of the IMMOLATION bar that her gameplay will center around. To properly make use of the aforementioned synergy, one would always want to cast INFERNO before FIRE BLAST, however, INFERNO fills up the IMMOLATION bar, while FIRE BLAST is the only option presented, to use up a portion of it. I'm fairly certain, that there will be scenarios where one would want to lower the gauge, before casting INFERNO, to not completely fill up the IMMOLATION bar, in which case we would probably end up reducing INFERNO's effectivity (scattering enemies around you => less targets to be hit by an INFERNO cast). The alternative to lowering INFERNO's effectivity in that kind of scenario would, of course, be to have the gauge max out and losing all of your energy (or taking whatever punishment, in case this penalty is to be changed). What I suggest, is to turn FIRE BLAST into one of those abilities, where you have the option to hold down the button for an altered effect, making the ability suck in enemies when you hold down the button and knock enemies in your vicinity away, with a tap of the button (or vice versa). That way, when the IMMOLATION bar is close to being maxed out, one would be able to go for a big combo, where one gathers up a bunch of enemies, blasts them with the ultimate ability and then tosses the enemies into all directions to have even more enemies be affected by the ultimate ability (FIRE BLAST (bar goes down) > INFERNO (bar goes up) > FIRE BLAST (bar goes down again)). When the gauge is not as close to being maxed out, one would have to choose between skipping grouping up the enemies , not tossing them into potentially even more enemies or still go for both, at the expense of the IMMOLATION bar.
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