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  1. I'm not the only one who sees some untapped potential for some new merch, right?
  2. At this point I'm just waiting for DE to screw up so bad that I no longer have to waste my life on this game ever again.
  3. can't wait for them to forget their own name
  4. yes please god this has been a thing for 3 years now
  5. Will there be any plans for infested proxima anytime soon? If so, will there be a rework for the infested corpus ship tileset like you did with the corpus ships? Can we look forward to the addition of resource packs in the foreseeable future?
  6. does this bug also apply ironbride or is it just arquebex?
  7. also affected, thought i was the only person on the planet that was cursed by this at first
  8. Necramech exalteds seem to be unable to gain affinity, unsure if this just applies to open worlds or also applies to other missions.
  9. That'd have some awfully weird implications assuming were using the same blueprint(s) for each one
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