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    PC | Rank 10 | Mountain | Casual | 100% Research | Alliance | Discord | Giveaways | Tenno on the Moon is a relaxed and CASUAL clan that recruits active and friendly players. We were founded in February 2016 with the primary goal to ensure Warframe never feels like a second job to our members. Only by working together can we combat the grind, generally awful trading community and other aspects of poor game design. With over 200 members, our emphasis on remaining casual doesn't stop us from obtaining a spot in the top 100 leaderboard scores during clan events with little effort. We also host weekend game nights! There are only two rules to keep in mind. One being that 60 days of inactivity gets you kicked for space unless a higher-up is notified you're taking a break. The second being that you're generally friendly civil if you plan on using any areas we communicate in. There are no MR requirements. If you'd like an invite, make sure you aren't in a current clan and then request to join this page. A moderator will allow you entry and send you a clan invite at their earliest convenience. If you're here from the advertisement in our Railjack Dry Dock, please post in the thread on the "Clan Info & Recruitment" forum tab!

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