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  1. Why dont you guys just make it a guaranteed drop at void storms? Increasing the number of drop is useless when the drop rate is terrible. I have been doing void storm since the update and i only got 24 so far and yes i do veil missions. Its just so terrible when you spend alot of time in the veil and you dont see the holokeys as reward. 


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  2. 24 minutes ago, JunkL0ver said:

    PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the candidate spawn like the kuva candidates. It's completely annoying as how it is right now.

    For greeneer lich, you just need to
    1)Kill few enemies when lights flicker to spawn it

    For corpus candidate, you need to:
    1)Have some coins - and good lord, you need tons of them because you might get Tenet diplos 30 times in a row, which you already own.
    2)Have specific gear to get 25 kills in short period of time - unless you like to get stun locked in place, get killed, run out of time and spend your coin for nothing.

    This is absolutely stupid mechanic. Either just let them spawn like kuva candidates - or return the protection from double weapons - where the next weapon you spawn won't be as same as previous.

    Eh just use the xoris when doing the granum thing. Its easy to get 25 kills. 

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  3. Nah dont like this blacklist thing. I remember few months ago i was using saryn in hydron to level up some weapons. I was hosting and a guy joined cant remember what frame he was using but he was around MR 20ish told me not to nuke everything so he can kill enemies too. 

    So i gave him a chance, i just kill enemies normally. We go to 10 waves and he started dying while i help to revive him  the defence objective is taking alot of damage. At wave 10 he leaves or quit, leaving me there. I finally nuke eveything around cleared the wave.

    Problem with people hating saryn they dont see her as an asset. Same goes when i go to ESO as saryn. People message me not to nuke everything then when simaris yells at us to work faster they leave the game. 



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  4. I was doing a daily SP incursion the other day and it was a mobile defense. After we did 2 terminals the guy with the datamass was afk or just stop moving to the third terminal. We are waiting for him to the terminal killing enemies we even message him what is going on.

    After few min the acolyte came and the 3 of us in the terminal killed it. The 4th guy with the datamass then came. The point is going afk just to prolong the mission to spawn the acolyte is just disrespectful. We could have completed the third terminal the acolyte would have spawn eventually. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Deminisis said:

    They can tell what kind of person they're dealing with based on your offer. They buy rock-bottom low and sell sky high to maximize plat.

    But if i have plat i will gladly pay for the stuff. If they cant give a price then its their lost. They can waste  time fishing for idiots rather than doing a normal trade.

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  6. Sometimes when i ask a person for the price of an item they reply with "offer". I make an offer and they reply with nty. But when i ask them what is their price or offer they just dont reply. Sometimes i get ignored for just asking. 



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  7. Good day, i'm looking to buy a good affordable tipedo riven preferred to have range,CD or AS,CD. Does not need to have a harmless neg but if does have a harmless neg it will do also. Post your offers and we will see.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. i got same problem but, i cant put a stance forma on the dark split sword. i dont care about putting an umbra forma on it but i want to have a stance forma applied to it so i can use different stances. its sad that its a very cool weapon and i also have a riven for it. 

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