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  1. Oh? Fake faceless? It ain't matter man. If your precious faceless didn't do this to him in the first place. This whole scenario won't happen. You can't disprove what wrong and right. It's photoshop era. Plus, if faceless really didn't do any of that, you don't have to be wary about that either. Since DE themselves can track it real time. PLUS, why in the first place that he change his name? Afraid of backlash? LOL. It seems like more backlash happen after he change his name. Well, he deserved it.
  2. Yap, people got their own time, goal, and schedule. If you want to spent 6hours everyday, good on you mate. But not all of us want to do that. Not because we are to lazy to do that, but remember... time, goal, and schedule.
  3. I know right, reading his post really wasting my time. All i can see is, he's trying to misleading people. Making people believing that he's at the right side. And why the heck did he even comparing "SMELAR english is bad, faceless is better". LIKE WHY? What are you trying to prove from that? Just so stupid! (((And i am pretty sure that he's going to change his old dumb post))) HEY MAFIA DEALER RIVEN, what are you guys? an old virgin man that don't know how to debate properly? Granted what semlar did, by using BOT, might be "wrong". But if that's the case, so all the bot that we've been using is "WRONG" too. I totally agree with riven having a regulate price. There's nothing wrong in it. If people do disagree with this, is just the people that can't leech more plat from newbies anymore.
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