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  1. Favorite Warframe 2017 memory? It would have to be loading into Cetus/PoE recalling memories from being at Tennocon. Honestly made me fall in love with the game all over again and puts weight behind the 4+ years I've been playing. Looking forward to the next few! (and Tennocon 2018!)

    So for my question, one of the things you guys wanted to do this year was make dojos/clans great again but we haven't seen any major changes happen like the kingpin system(Enemy Cells), decorations, etc. What can we expect going into 2018? I haven't updated my large thread in a while, so we need some new things to talk about! 


  2. ascqlu3.jpg

                                                                                       "You've located the VIP, time to go to work".

    I took some shots in captura and printed them to turn into cutouts '3' posed with popsicle sticks on the back. I've been excited for PoE since Tennocon, especially when they dropped the demo on us. Just can't wait to do this for real! 

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