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  1. You definitely got a point there. It is clear that people cannot expect DE to rewrite everything in order to feature native linux support. But DX in Wine made a lot of progress by now and I could not imagine how it could hurt just dropping a few comments on the common issues people encounter when trying to run Warframe in a Wine-environment. After all they do know their program code and what functions it expects from the DirectX-API.
  2. Far better when it comes to spying on you and your privacy. Really, it's absolutely sure that it will stop, if you just kindly ask for it...It is not as if Win10 was an OS that would ever do anything unwanted or hidden. After all it should definitely be called the new linux.
  3. This is not a network issue. Your machine needs too long to load the level you want to join. Solo still works because it lets you load as long as you need to. I had that 'connection problem' with my laptop as well. So far there's no other solution than switching to DX9. I had to buy a PC with a dedicated GPU in order to reduce loading times on directx 10/11
  4. Actually there were people having problems with DX10/11 when matchmaking in 2015 already. When dx9 gets ditched there is no more multiplayer for them even with a 64-Bit OS. I think DE should have fixed this issue before ditching DX9. So even though DX11 in general might go a little easier on the CPU, it certainly does not in Warframe. On my system the DX10/11 options double ram usage and loading times, cause the matchmaking error and as well lower the fps by approximately 30% in solo.
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